Chapter 3:

Confusions at the end of time

The Last Light We Saw Before The Battle Begins

The school was flying.Bookmark here

While the school flew even higher, smaller pieces fell from its structure hitting the ground until it stopped and in the sky the school stayed there.
After a few seconds of staring at that unusual event, we all started looking at us with serious faces until I broke the mood by saying:Bookmark here

"You know I won't question what's going on anymore, there are so many bizarre things going on that if I try to understand I'll go crazy I'll just accept." I commented with a little smile.Bookmark here

"I think you are a little bit right" Hana agreed with a small smile too.Bookmark here

"Hey" Saya took our attention "I'm a little uncomfortable with this building on top of us can we leave quickly?" she said with her head down as if she was too embarrassed to speak.Bookmark here

"Satori" Keita spoke "you were the one who lived closest let's see if your house is still standing"Bookmark here

"Shouldn't we just stay here and wait for help?" Rika questioned.Bookmark here

"What if another skinny like that shows up?" Hana supposed.Bookmark here

"Satori can use his eye to kill him." Rika Stated.Bookmark here

"It's better not to risk" Hana said this with a "let's not talk about this anymore" face. Bookmark here

"Satori we're going to her house and if she's still standing we'll stay there until someone comes to rescue us are you okay with that?" Hana asked but it sounded more like an order in her tone of voice.Bookmark here

"I think we really don't have a choice" I replied with an embarrassed giggle.Bookmark here

"We can't go now" Rika complainedBookmark here

"Why?" I asked 
Bookmark here

"I forgot my cell phone in my backpack we have to get it." she wasn't kidding
Bookmark here

I ignored her and started walking towards my house.
Bookmark here

"Hey don't ignore me i can't live without my cell phone" Rika Screamed
Bookmark here

At that moment Hideki giggled because of Rika.
Bookmark here

"Why are you laughing you stupid blonde?" she asked angrilyBookmark here

"I didn't laugh I think you heard wrong" Hideki Lied with a little smile
Bookmark here

"Hideki Come here let's talk" I called him to get rid of the problem.
Bookmark here

Hideki ran to my side and we started talking about the situation while Rika was very angry I started thinking about how she wanted a cell phone that was flying and who knows how many meters high in the sky.
Bookmark here

While we were walking Hideki asked:
Bookmark here

"Satori how did you shoot that laser through the eye?"Bookmark here

"I just concentrated and screamed the word that voice had spoken in my head" I answered. Bookmark here

"So i must have telekinesis!" He looks excited.Bookmark here

"Why don't you test?" i asked.Bookmark here

"Now?" he looks even more excited.
Bookmark here

"Yes, Try to move that rock right there" Bookmark here

I stopped walking and pointed to the stone then Hideki stopped and raised his hand towards the stone it took almost no time for the stone to begin to float.
Bookmark here

"I did it i didn't even need to say anything" Hideki looks happy and surprised.Bookmark here

"Oh, to shoot my laser I had to shout good job Hideki." I praised him.Bookmark here

Hideki made the stone fly towards him and held it in his hand and then threw it far away using his power. I looked back and everyone was standing there looking surprised at Hideki I thought for a moment and said:
Bookmark here

"This confirms my theory." Bookmark here

"Which theory?" Keita AskedBookmark here

"Although it's obvious that voice we heard in our heads was talking what our power was for example i can shoot laser through my new eye" I explained.
Bookmark here

"The voice had said Strength to me so my Super Power is Strength or maybe something like that" Keita began to understand.
Bookmark here

"Exactly" I confirmed Keita's statement "instead of talking let's test." Bookmark here

"Shouldn't we get to your house first?" Hana questioned me.
Bookmark here

"I really don't want to destroy my house if it's still standing light and also if another one of those skinny ones shows up we better be ready right?" I answered.
Bookmark here

Hana just looked away and said:Bookmark here

"I think you left me with no choice let's do as you say."
Bookmark here

"I didn't agree with that" Rika complained.
Bookmark here

I ignore her and say:
Bookmark here

"As no one is against, let's go to the test" Bookmark here

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