Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Blood Throne

Being winter, mealtime was not long in coming, 16 hours at night, it was the favorite time of the vampires.Bookmark here

Each meal was like a feast for any normal person; Like royalty, everything had to be sumptuous, and his father, Emperor Dragos, was not going to allow anything to damage the image of luxury and authority his family held over the rest of the vampires and any other magical race. Bookmark here

Sometimes he wondered if it was really necessary, they all knew they were in a poor country, whether it was their homeland Romania or Moldova.Bookmark here

The wealth was nothing more than the accumulated of the good vampiric years. A long oak dining room stretched out making the place seem very small. Bookmark here

50 chairs perfectly carved with figures that evoked fangs emerging from each of them. Countless torches hanging from the walls. Because the Emperor did not finish approving electricity, for him, he made them dependent on the human world.Bookmark here

And that would take away the point of having a castle in the middle of the water.Bookmark here

Mihail held a sigh, in his opinion, it was better to know how to use every human invention in his favor, if not, they might not have a chance against them. Bookmark here

Even with the speed and strength of vampires, he doubted they could escape the warlike development that the human being had, clumsy, mediocre, but effective.Bookmark here

This stupid rule means that he has to charge his cellphone and laptop in school and precharge videos or something he wants, like the movie from today.Bookmark here

At the head of the table, with a particularly high chair, sat a man with hair as red as blood, his long locks slipping over his neat white shirt, giving the impression that blood was flowing over his body. Bookmark here

His white skin had a very attractive glow to any living being, and his aura was so imposing that it was normal to look down and want to hide just by being close to him. His bright violet eyes fell on Mihail.Bookmark here

"Soon it will be the winter solstice, I hope that stupid place you are attending does not interfere with the celebration of your surgit"Bookmark here

The surgit, that's how it was called when a vampire comes of age and begins to drink blood.

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"Your Majesty, it was the previous Emperor who established that we must mix with humans to have a secure identity, spy, and be able to influence human society in our favor. Going to university is a necessary part of infiltrating"Bookmark here

"Although that applies to everyone, you are the next Emperor, there is no need to mix with the unclean"

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Unclean, the word they called humans.Bookmark here

"I am only fulfilling the last wishes of the past Emperor, Your Highness. It won't take long, plus I learn a few things about politics"

"What can you learn from the unclean?"Bookmark here

Dragos said with clear contempt in his voice. Mihail wanted to point out that human royalty continued to reign openly unlike them, but he would never dare to contradict his father, he knew very well his stubbornness and the power he possessed was no joke. Mihail was already very strong for his age, but he still did not go through the surgit, he could not touch the hair of Dragos.

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"They have some good points, I enjoy reading Machiavelli"Bookmark here

He said trying to sound sure of himself.

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"Of course, you do, he was a vampire. Although he lived with unclean people, he knew how to bring glory to our race. His death brought sadness to many unclean and vampires alike."Bookmark here

"Mihail can show us that he has learned so much at the next Consilium meeting"

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His mother, Empress Lenuta, intervened, she was a small woman with green eyes like Mihail's and jet black hair, her brown skin contrasted with Dragos's whiteness. Her dress was particularly open in areas he didn't want to see on his mother, but she never missed an opportunity to show off in front of Dragos.Bookmark here

Her father had a vast harem, and he didn't have much of a preference for Lenuta. That thing made Lenuta try his best to get her attention, using Mihail to do so was one of her favorite cards. And Lenuta hated everything imperfect and did not show beauty, her sister Ana was an example of imperfection that is why she distanced her, for her mother having her close was a matter of little prestige, something that distanced her more from Dragos who only sought strength.

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"It's a good idea, let them see that soon we will reign again as the supreme race"Bookmark here

The vampires had 3 important meetings, 1 each time every 5 years, the Foedris, the meeting of the most important vampire clans. The Consilium, the meeting of all the leaders of the magical races, every 17 years or when something important had to be discussed. And the Foedris Maximum, in which the kings and queens of vampires met with the Emperor, is happening every 33 years. Precisely the meeting of the Consilium was near.

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Her mother's comment suggested that she wanted Mihail to attend, accompanying his father, to show the next leader, it was not anything.It would be evaluated by all races, one misstep, and the vampire race would be at risk.Bookmark here

 It was also an honor to be introduced but at this moment what he felt was anxiety. Bookmark here

He was a good vampire, strong and intelligent, his appearance was good, but he constantly felt like a fraud, someone who only appeared to be the perfect heir.Bookmark here

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What do you think up to this point?Bookmark here

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