Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Blood Throne

"And how is your training going?"
Asked his father.
"As always"

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Mihail lied. Today he had seen that movie with Victor instead of training. Mihail as a vampire who had to live in the current age was hidden and at the same time, the heir of the vampires had a strict schedule since he was 3 years old. He not only had to attend a human school but also take fencing, martial arts, history of the magical race, history of vampires, government studies, etc.Bookmark here

His father put great emphasis on knowing how to handle a weapon, Mihail rebelled a bit and instead of choosing the sword, he trained with a halberd.

Although he felt comfortable using it, he frankly didn't see how he would help him in a firearms fight.Bookmark here

 Sure with a vampire's senses full, he could use the halberd and block bullets, but would the weapon hold up? He sometimes wondered if they should use guns too. But they were supposed to be a superior race with reflects more like a bad Chinese movie, just not credible for an average human. At times Mihail had somewhat human thoughts; it was probably because he hadn't passed the surgit yet, and he was just a baby vampire.Bookmark here

When they passed the surgit, they not only began to drink blood, their body also changed and they developed some special power or ability. In the case of vampires who were not noble, they became sensitive to sunlight and had to live at night. They began to age more slowly, only then did they become true vampires. Before the surgit it was a dangerous time where they were most likely to be harmed. That is why in ancient times, baby vampires were hidden until they reached maturity.Bookmark here

"Well, you must not neglect training, you must not only be strong, but you also have to be the strongest of all, so that no one dares to question you. Rule with an iron hand"


After dinner, his father used to have audiences like the kings of old. All the nobles gathered in a large hall, watching the Emperor on his throne listen to trouble. It also worked to discuss laws. But it was a bit of a joke, the current Emperor did not allow himself to be questioned; rather it was a tradition and a moment to show the greatness of the Emperor.Bookmark here

Count Popescu, a man of more ambition than height, to the extent that he had sent his daughter as the Emperor's concubine; he bowed before the throne.
Last year Mihail had to attend these hearings, preventing him from getting enough sleep. They were usually short, but Count Popescu always found a way to be in the center.

"Your majesty of him, this servant has something to say"Bookmark here

"Speak"- said Dragos with a bored tone

As for Emperor Dragos, he let this man be for a simple reason, his daughter Narcis, his favorite concubine, a voluptuous, blonde woman with honey eyes, and the mother of one of his sons. His mother Lenuta hated the woman and her entire family with a passion for her, but there was nothing she could do, the Emperor liked the difference, and for him, black hair was common as a Romanian. He was lucky to have bright red hair, but most Romanian vampires had black hair. Mihail was also an exception, but that did not indicate anything. According to his father, it was the first sign that they were destined for greatness.Bookmark here

"These days some young werewolves have been observed at the border, we must send someone to get rid of them, we must not allow them to approach our territory"Bookmark here

Frankly, it was an easy problem to solve, he couldn't understand why he hadn't taken it on himself.
The Emperor had an annoyed face but he didn't say anything, that only meant that he could continue.

"This servant thinks that it would be easy for any of us to kill them. But why not take the opportunity for the young prince to prove his worth?"Bookmark here

Mihail made a face inside, this old wolf, without a doubt is up to something, but it would look bad if he said something, it is assumed that among young people he is already the strongest vampire, but still, werewolves were more violent in their youth than when they reached adulthood. And Mihail still didn't have all the power of a vampire.Bookmark here

Dragos remained unmoved and spoke.

"It's a good idea. Mihail, leave right now, take Victor, Caleb, and Altair. You can lead the newly graduated squad. Although they are new, failure is not an option"Bookmark here

Those 3 and Mihail had been friends since childhood, Victor was his right hand and his best friend, being a second son, he would not inherit a title for which he was free to serve him. But Caleb was the heir to the Marquis Stoica, a family that for centuries took care of finances. And Altair, the son of Count Radu, who was the Captain of the Guard. Being important positions they were always together. Bookmark here

For centuries, every time the birth of an heir was announced, the other families had to rush to produce children, so that all would grow together and there would be unity. Vampires were a well-organized race, although they were almost immortal, they prepared for everything since some previous leaders had been carried away by their passions creating some chaos in their closed society.Bookmark here

Mihail hurried to bow to the throne.

"I listen and obey, tonight I will bring the heads and present them to you, Your Majesty"Bookmark here

Although he had said that, he did not feel sure of himself at all.

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Mihail ran to his room to get ready, when he closed the door she felt his vision blur.

'Damn, not now'.Bookmark here

Mihail fell to the ground in despair.

'Control yourself'.Bookmark here

He didn't know how much time passed but it was clear that his will failed again. He was sitting surrounded by cupcake wrappers, potato chips, and other snacks.
For several years, Mihail had been very hungry, but usually, he managed to control it. But more and more, he lost consciousness at times, and when he came to his senses he had eaten everything in his path.
He heard Victor's familiar footsteps nearby. He was quick to hide everything, and in a moment his friend made it clear from him that he opened the door without knocking.

"Why haven't you changed? We must hurry, even if you say that tonight is over, we are quite far from the area, and we do not even know exactly where the werewolves are"Bookmark here

"Don't bother me, I was looking for something"

Mihail wore black leather pants and a green silk shirt for the banquet, so as not to waste time he just put on a black robe over it. His halberd was very large so he only had to carry it in his hand.Bookmark here

"Let's go"Bookmark here

"That's what I say, Altair must be like crazy because we haven't left"

Altair was a tall and stocky young man, with black hair and dark brown eyes, and although he was calm, his brain was full of battles, he always wanted to fight someone stronger and be the best. Therefore an opportunity like this should thrill him.Bookmark here

On the contrary, Caleb, taller than Altair, with brown hair and light brown eyes; was not interested in anything that was not a profit, surely he considered this a waste of time.
Victor and Mihail ran to the entrance of the castle; Caleb and Altair waited in the same clothing as Mihail, only Altair carried a spiked 3-ball mace at his waist, and Caleb a graceful crossbow on his back. As for Victor he used a traditional sword.

"Damn, were you getting ready for the dance missus? Or why did you take so long?"

Mihail rolled his eyes.Bookmark here

"Let's just go, I want to end this soon and sleep"

In this way, the 4 began to move, followed by 18th vampires.Bookmark here

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Sorry to take so much time updating, my grandma died so I was a bit moody, but I am back and with many ideas. Thank you for reading.Bookmark here

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