Chapter 0:

Prologue (Maou-kun)

Maou-kun Wants to Serve Someone Nice

 Service Demon Clan: a noted clan of demons who specialize in serving humans. They're summoned to the human world through rituals or objects.

Man, the life of being a Service Demon is rather strenuous. Well, I mean it’s not particularly hard, it just gets tiring the more you do it. It's just the usual, I get stuck in the human world with a tactless summoner. The contract that they make stipulates that if I'm not charmed by the end of the week, I take their soul. In fact, I’m semi-proud to say I have 45 human souls in my belt, even if senior members of the clan are rumored to have thousands of souls.

Demon Knowledge: Demons are able to use any magic they feel like using. However, the magic is limited by the strict guidelines placed by the Demon Laws, and the contract holder's own will.

When being summoned by a potential contract holder, one must be able to do anything they ask. So, I’m rather well versed in most tasks, cooking, magic, swordsmanship, party tricks, anything a human could ask for. However, the human world is still quite foreign to me. Kuku, it’s pretty hard to learn about the world when you’re only present for a week. But, I can confidently say I know what an internet is, and a TV is.

During the tutelage of my parents’ tutors, I was told that humans could do anything, and to expect the worst to happen. But, when I asked the masterless senior demons, they said most humans asked for housework, and cooking. Which ran contrary to common demon belief that humans asked Demons to do actions deemed horrible or undoable in the Human World, rather than simple tasks that suit a homebody. In fact, most demons are usually bored with these mundane tasks. I could only find a few demons who enjoyed housework, and most of them were in a transitional period after their masters died of old age. I would like to experience such an interesting master, but all of summoners I've ever encountered were simply murderers or criminals of some sort. One of them was a old gambling parlor running during the 

Generally, most demons are indifferent and cold. I’m no exception to that rule, but I dislike killing. Most demons are again, indifferent to killing. However, officially murder of humans is discouraged, as the soul is sent somewhere else, and it wastes a potential contract holder for other service demons. I prefer to be by the book, so I avoid killing at all costs. Although, I once had a close call with one of my previous contract holders. But that’s a story for another day.