Chapter 1:

Chapter 0.5 (Mayu-san)

Maou-kun Wants to Serve Someone Nice

On the walk back from the subway station, there was this strange pen in my temporary locker. It was a pretty fountain pen, with a purple rose designed onto its body, and the cap had a similarly purple heart on it.
So, I quickly walked home. I REALLY WANTED TO WRITE WITH IT!
After all, you can't really fault me here, such nice pens are a rarity in my frugal life.

“Hello, Shirasaki Mayu here. I would like to enter my apartment.”
“Good evening, Shirasaki-san, I’ll unlock the door for you.”

A metallic click came from the door.
A polite old man waved at me as I walked into the tall building.
Once I entered my apartment, I hastily dropped my bag on my desk, and grabbed the fascinating pen in question. It looked to be a very promising note taking tool for class! It was light, pretty, and looked very sophisticated. I set my notebook on my desk, and tried pulling the cap off the pen. It was really on there, but I pulled it off with some mild effort.
Then, all of a sudden, a cloud of purple smoke bursts out of the pen!

“AHHHHHH!” I had to act quick so I put the cap back on, and tossed it outside. I am a bit disappointed, and mildly depressed. It was a really nice looking pen.

 “Room 243? Room 243!?”“Yeah, what’s up!”
 I think that’s one of my neighbors, they must’ve heard me scream.
The walls aren’t exactly the thickest.
“I heard you scream! Is everything alright?”
"Oh, don’t worry about it, I was just mildly startled from something dropping, that's all. “Understandable, are you hurt in any way?”
"I’m completely fine, you can head back to your room now.” Alright, have a good evening.” Phew, that was an awkward brush with one of my neighbors. Anyways, I decided on going to sleep to the sound of rain, I was tired after classes today, and that pen really sapped the energy out of me.

Note: the number 4 is considered a bad omen in Japan. As, 4 can be pronounced “shi” which could mean “death.” In fact, the number 43 can mean stillbirth! So 4 is quite the spooky number!