Chapter 68:

Vol. 5 Chapter 3- Revealed Class Part 1

Hour Empty Child

Inside the guild house, glamorous and spacious, called the Alpha Heart, Kudo was in disarray as he just found out that he would be a part of the most powerful guild in all of Roprase.Bookmark here

Hikari held his shoulders, wielding a grand smile which sparked a crooked grin on his face.Bookmark here

“Mother… how did I join up in the first place?!”Bookmark here

His face contorted into shock, eyes widening, as he looked back at her. Hikari, in response, laughed heartily.Bookmark here

‘Why, it’s obvious that my son will be joining my guild!”Bookmark here

Kudo gaped far and wide, his face whitening up like a ghost.Bookmark here

The other guild members see this event transpire, and in response, they unified together and shouted ‘OOOOHHH!!!’ in a merry uproar, standing from their seats in pure elation.Bookmark here

The members surrounded Kudo like a pack of wolves, asking all kinds of questions that seemed to fly out at him like a volley.Bookmark here

“Where was he all this time?!”Bookmark here

“He was in this place called Peranim.”Bookmark here

“Is he really your son?!”Bookmark here

“That’s right.”Bookmark here

“It’s obvious, you dumbass! Just look at his hair and eyes!”Bookmark here

“I’m waiting for more proof later on, but that’s pretty much the case.”Bookmark here

Kudo felt overwhelmed by their intense friendliness at the first meeting. In his stead, his mother, Hikari, answered for him.Bookmark here

He wanted to turn back and asked her about the proof she was talking about, but he was bombarded by more questions from the other members.Bookmark here

“Wow, Dale, look! He looks so cute! How old are you?”Bookmark here

The one who asked was a young looking girl who was actually part of the fairy race. Wings affixed to her back that glittered in small sparkles.Bookmark here

“Yeah, he sure does, Kris. Hey, you, what level you are? You’re an adventurer, right?”Bookmark here

The man who responded to the fairy girl called Kris was part of a dragon race, a race called Dragmer who had an appearance of a human partly covered in hunter green scales on the sides of his face, forehead, and muscled forearms.Bookmark here

He felt the pressure of their overwhelming confidence to strike up a conversation, causing Kudo to react by stepping back. However, he felt that a sturdy wall impeded his path which made Kudo look back to see Hikari forming a grin on her regal expression.Bookmark here

“Ooh! So this is Master’s mysterious son?! No way!”Bookmark here

A high booming voice pierced his eardrums. When he looked at the source, he became smothered by someone’s bombshells.Bookmark here

Standing at an incredible 2 meters tall, this woman was basically a mountain in all regions, if it wasn’t for the baggy white button shirt that barely covered the massive proportions of her chest. Thanks to the apron casually worn on her, Kudo was saved from nearly fainting. Her pants, black and equally baggy, swished as she hugged Kudo tightly whose hands were covered by thick brown gloves. A red bandana with the marking of the guild crest on it covered her forehead, the ends of it swaying about as she was about to devour Kudo with her body.Bookmark here

—*Fuun!* Kudo’s face pressed against her glorious mountains, disabling his throat from breathing. He would usually be keen on receiving such warm softness against him, but his life was nearly on the line as the woman in apron squeezed him harder, squishing his windpipes.Bookmark here

“You’re so small! As I expect’d of her kid—so tiny and squishable!”Bookmark here

Thanks to the experience from yesterday, her endearing comments on his body size drained whatever was left of Kudo’s manhood and dignity.Bookmark here

His body blanking out, the woman released her grip, giving him air to breathe as she introduced herself.Bookmark here

“Da name’s Paragon Smithers—but you can call me ‘Par’! It’s pretty mouthful, and I like the simplicity~”Bookmark here

Giving her name, she flashed a smile, her blue oval-shaped eyes went along nicely with her long wild-looking blond hair which emphasized her heart-shaped tanned face all the more.Bookmark here

“I-It’s good to meet you…”Bookmark here

It was too much for Kudo’s brain to fully rationalize, but without warning, Hikari pushed Kudo through the crowd, making him go through them and headed towards the counter on the left side of the guild hall.Bookmark here

The counter itself was quite well-decorated—small pillars made out of pure brown marble supported the roof over the glossy-exterior counter. Kudo felt hesitant even stepping towards the regal-appearance of the counter where behind it was another maid wearing the same uniform as the ones in the mansion.Bookmark here

This time, it was a dwarf girl. Unlike male dwarfs, who always showed an image of rugged old men with their thick beards, dwarven women were smaller compared to even short-sized Human girls. Their frames were slender, like a young child, though their real age sometimes betrays such youthfulness. Bookmark here

This dwarven woman, specifically, had short hazel-colored hair with a slight curl at the end, wearing colorful ribbons that tied the hair that frames her face while adorning her classic maid headdress. A beautifully woven smile appeared on her face, responded to the young future member.Bookmark here

“Welcome to the Alpha Heart! My name’s Liria. Is there anything I can do for you?”Bookmark here

The springiness in her voice and a beaming smile on her face made Kudo fumble in his mind, his jaw left hanging up and down like a fish.
“Liria,” Hikari answered for him once again. “Kudo’s gonna join the guild. Give him some papers and then mark him.”Bookmark here

“Certainly, Master! Please wait just a moment!”Bookmark here

Liria exclaimed joyfully as she left her counter to go to the back, but the words spoken by Hikari left Kudo in a daze before he asked:Bookmark here

“M-Mark?” Kudo asked, blinking his eyes.Bookmark here

However, it was left unanswered as Liria have already came back from the door opened by her at the back revealing her carrying a stack of papers on her thin arms, seemingly looking weak, but proved that she was a dwarf by heart as she carries it with no issue at all. She put them down on the counter, causing a small thud which made Kudo flinch in response.Bookmark here

“Master Kudo, all you need to do is sign a few papers here and we’ll get right to the marking!”Bookmark here

From Liria’s instructions by the glinting look in her eyes, Kudo’s mouth ran dry at the amount of papers which would usually break his upright stance. However, as he looked back at his mother, her eyes glittering at the exciting signing, Kudo knew that he had no choice but to assent his situation.Bookmark here

Thus Kudo began signing the papers. Reeling in his embarrassment in showing his messy handwriting to the giggling dwarf girl who seemed to enjoy watching him write, Kudo decided to ask Hikari to pass the time.Bookmark here

“Mother, what exactly… is the Alpha Heart?”Bookmark here

He asked as he might as well, since he would be joining in anyways. He heard about their exploits, but Kudo does not know exactly what they are, or what they stand for. Hearing it, Hikari flashed a gentle smile that seemed to know exactly what he needed to hear.Bookmark here

“Alpha Heart is a collection of adventurers far and wide who come together to be part of a big family,” Hikari said as she looked back at the members who were chattering excitedly over the new member. “Like the name implies, everyone here is an alpha—there are no betas or omegas. Each one here is a leader in their own right, and sees each other as equals, no seniors or juniors. Though, there’s nothing wrong in asking for advice from a seasoned adventurer~”Bookmark here

Hikari turned back and winked at the end, leaving Kudo to feel his face grow hot as he knew that she was talking about him.Bookmark here

“However,” Hikari looked back at him. “There is only one prerequisite for joining—and that is to have a Special Class, a rarity among adventurers.”
“Special Class…?”Bookmark here

In response to that, Kudo took a moment to look at his front right hand. On it, there was his mark of his own class, and a Special Class at that. However, unlike most, it was unnoticeable ever since he started on his journey. Not once has he ever made sense of what it could mean.
“Kudo, that mark of yours…”Bookmark here

Hikari eyed at his mark from above him, a widened look in her eyes. Kudo then realized that his Class had something to do with his original family, and right next to him is his biological mother.Bookmark here

Questions started to form in his mind. Dozens of them, actually. They began to surge the moment he connected the two together. After finally finishing his last document to write, Kudo turned to ask his all-important question.Bookmark here

“Mother, umm… the thing is…!”Bookmark here

But before he could, his left hand was grabbed by Liria, and—*Thud!*—his front hand was pounded by something hard held by Liria’s dwarven strength.Bookmark here

“Gih!”Bookmark here

Kudo winced sharply as he retracted his hand, seeing the supposed damage she has caused to his hand. To his surprise, there was no wound at all, but instead, a new mark was placed on his skin.Bookmark here

It was the Alpha Heart guild’s emblem, the one from the front of the guild hall, that showed a heart with fully-stretched wings.Bookmark here

“Finally! This is what I’ve been waiting for!”Bookmark here

Hikari suddenly hugged Kudo from behind, ignoring his personal space while also being crushed by her joyful strength. The other members who heard her mighty cry cheered in response.Bookmark here

As soon as he was let go from Hikari’s grip, before he could heave out a sigh, he heard footsteps coming towards him, making him react by turning to him and noticing the presence.Bookmark here

It was a beastman—a catman, so to speak from his brown, furry ears flopping up and down, and his bushy tail swinging left and right, but not because of excitement.Bookmark here

As the beastman wore a sleeveless brown shirt and black pants that showed his skinny body, he also wore a scowl on his face, his bright yellow eyes looking down on the young teenager.Bookmark here

“So this is the fabled Master’s son, eh?”Bookmark here

The man told in a slightly gruff voice, lowering himself face to face against Kudo.Bookmark here

“He doesn’t look all that impressive.”Bookmark here

He finished his remark on the boy’s features.Bookmark here

Kudo felt his glowering eyes piercing through whatever confidence he had left in him. His knee’s started to shake, nearly about to buckle as he felt his demanding aura surging from him.Bookmark here

“Back off, Fitty,” Hikari warned. “He’s nervous enough as it is.”Bookmark here

“Hey! My name’s Fitarous! Just cuz’ Fitty rhymes with kitty doesn’t mean you can use that on me!”Bookmark here

The catman, Fitty, snapped back at his guild master, his scowl shifting to annoyance. It became even worse for Kudo as he snapped back even to the master. Bookmark here

“Hey, Fitty, you better do as Master says…” Par commented, putting her hand up to him to stop him from further agitating Hikari.Bookmark here

“Hey, I need to take a better look, can’t I? It only makes sense as a member of the Alpha Heart!”Bookmark here

Fitty put his hands into his pockets as he made his remark, getting Par’s sweat to trickle down her temple as a wry smile was left on her face.Bookmark here

As Kudo was nearing to lose his standing, Fitty turned back to Kudo and started to glower at him even harsher.Bookmark here

“Come on! Why don’t you answer?!” Fitty shouted, his eyes narrowing into a dirty glare.Bookmark here

Kudo’s face turned blue as he felt all his courage being drained away in an instant, and then—Bookmark here

“Aaaaah!”Bookmark here

It broke Kudo’s final straw.Bookmark here

“Kudo!”Bookmark here

Fallen into a pit of fright, Kudo turned tail and ran for the doorway. Hikari called him out while stretching out her hand to stop him, but he was already far enough to go through the doors in a hurry.Bookmark here

The rest of the members were left stunned by this event. Especially Fitty who remained gaping at his reaction.Bookmark here

“I-I didn’t think he would get that scared…”Bookmark here

He uttered, left agape at the sight. But then, his ears and tail suddenly stood up straight, his back stiffening as he felt a chilling presence behind him. He slowly turned around, and saw the very master that he retorted back.Bookmark here

Her brows furrowed, and the aura she emitted from her presence blew up into a rage of maternal fury. Her jade eyes let off a stream of light as she turned to Fitty.Bookmark here

“Ah… that’s what you get, Fitty.” Par shook her head in disappointment, a sigh escaping her lips.Bookmark here

“Fitty…didn’t I say that he was nervous?!”Bookmark here

Faster than the speed of sound, Hikari grabbed Fitty’s waist, and with her vast strength, flung him upwards, straight to the ceiling.Bookmark here

“Gaaaaah—Phh!”Bookmark here

He screamed like a poor animal before his head crashed through the stone ceiling of the Guildhall. His body now had an appearance of an ornament which left every member to sweat and somewhat admire at the new scenery.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Kudo ran out with all his might, getting away from the guild hall as far as humanly possible. He stepped out into the streets of Triun, away from the district altogether which left him ragged and breathing haggardly.Bookmark here

“Hah…” (I don’t think that was a good way to introduce myself…)Bookmark here

His face felt heated as he just made an embarrassing escape which would haunt him forever, realizing how mean it was to leave everyone like that.Bookmark here

He wasn’t a child. He knew that they were being friendly. Even if that catman was being mean, it wasn’t mature of him to act in such a way. But everything seemed like it was moving too fast—mostly because he has joined up a ridiculously strong guild without any merit.Bookmark here

(Now I’m a part of them… it just feels way too unreal…)Bookmark here

He glanced at his hand, his new guild mark brandishing itself like a still flag. It was the same marking as his own Class mark on his other hand, so it couldn’t be taken off even if he wanted to.Bookmark here

Knowing no other choice, he opened up his Magic Bag and took out a single piece of a black finger-less glove. He wanted to cover it up as much as possible to not show off to other people.Bookmark here

His mark hidden away, he looked up to see the wide and broad city for himself.Bookmark here

(Since I’m here anyway, might as well go ahead and explore.)Bookmark here

Kudo decided to let free his childish side once again as he moved his feet forward to the inner city.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Finally free from his overbearing mother, Kudo roamed the city of Triun, seeing the sights for himself and not from inside the Ame. Thanks to that, it was as if the city has expanded to massive heights, leaving Kudo’s breath to be taken away as he looked up at one of the most towering buildings he has ever seen, made out of stone and steel covered by glass windows. The very air he breathed felt so stuffy and cramped from the bulk of citizens and adventurers alike walking through the busy streets.Bookmark here

Compared to his experience in Vipory and even Olinia, there was a large gap. Those two cannot even come close to winning against Triun in sheer size.Bookmark here

He kept moving around, noticing each area as he stepped onto the clean sidewalk. Near the sidewalk was the so-called street that vehicles ride in. Different varieties of Ames drove on the wide street with one going on the one side while the other drove past it on the other side. He discovered that there were devices on the side of steel poles that were shining different colors at timed intervals and the Ame following it according to the colors.Bookmark here

He learned that the red color stops the Ame, and the green color gets them to move. He took this chance to get to the other side of the street following along some citizens who had the same idea. The more he looked, the more excited his heart was as it kept beating at a rapid pace.Bookmark here

Usually, this would be the exciting part in Kudo’s career as an adventurer—to explore different cities and learning their culture. However, nesting inside the back of his mind was a small fear. He was someplace so massive that he feared that he could get lost and never be found.Bookmark here

It made him stop walking, standing aside the sidewalk to let the other people go through. He tugged his collar, and grabbed the pendant hanging around his neck with his hand. He clutched the dazzling ruby pendant tightly, and began to whisper to it.Bookmark here

“Hinota, I’m in a really big place… it’s starting to feel a little scary.”Bookmark here

He knew that he wasn’t speaking to her directly, but doing so helped him calm his beating heart and racing mind—and it did.Bookmark here

After seeing his surroundings, his fear and his excitement converged together into a fueling spirit in his eyes. Becoming passionate, he spoke to it:Bookmark here

“Hinota, I’ll keep my promise on becoming stronger.”Bookmark here

He knew that the only way to survive in this big world is to learn their ways and grow stronger, and more importantly, move forward.Bookmark here

If there’s one thing adventurers frequently visit, it is the marketplace. Though he had no idea what it could be called in this strange city, he began to search around for it.Bookmark here

After various struggles, he managed to find somebody capable of giving him directions. It just so happens that the person is dressed like a Knight.Bookmark here

Despite the modern feel of the city, there were still Knights adorned with heavy armor, bearing the mark of the city on their right side of the chest armor and on their left arm. Though, unlike the usual, there were neon lights shining blue on the joints of the armor.Bookmark here

Bringing his courage on point, Kudo moved towards him and he asked him with surging confidence:Bookmark here

“Excuse me, can you point me to where the marketplace is?”Bookmark here

Grabbing his attention, the Knight looked to see Kudo, but then notices his appearance. Behind the slits of his helmet, he looked up to down, and then up again on Kudo’s body, finally noticing the essential item for Adventurers, his Magic Bag holstered on his hip.Bookmark here

—*Keh* the Knight made a slight scoff which caught Kudo’s attention.
He pointed at one side with his thumb, “Over at the west district—you can see banners and stores over there just a few turns to the left. You can’t POSSIBLY miss it.”Bookmark here

The Knight added in a bit of sarcasm in the end. Kudo definitely felt his hostility flowing from his tone.Bookmark here

“T-Thank you.”Bookmark here

Kudo bowed in respect and then left to the direction where the Knight pointed at, but not before catching another hiss of hostility from the Knight.Bookmark here

“Tch, damn adventurers.”Bookmark here

Kudo could hear those venomous words clear as day with his high hearing, but he didn’t feel good doing so.Bookmark here

(I guess Knights really doesn’t like adventurers here…)Bookmark here

He thought as he considered not bothering more Knights in the future.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Thanks to the mean Knight’s instructions, he found the location without a hitch.Bookmark here

He was met with an expansion of people that seemed to flood the entire marketplace to the brim. Hardly any Ames drove by as several citizens crossed the street many times, so it would be difficult for an Ame driver to go through.Bookmark here

Seeing this for himself, he realizes the differences in their cultures. Rather than being in stalls, they were inside their own buildings, and each building seemed to have a glass showcasing their products, such as fashionable clothing and jewelry.Bookmark here

However, as he kept walking, he was soon met with a location that speaks directly to him.Bookmark here

This section of the marketplace was designed on the idea for adventurers to come in. Instead of citizens, it was adventurers clad in their armors and robes that flooded the streets, chattering up a storm with voices that kept overlapping with each other in Kudo’s ears.Bookmark here

He kept walking on the right sidewalk, eyeing at the stores to see check the current market in Triun. As an adventurer, he needed to know the correct pricing in this large country, otherwise he would have a difficult time in his career.Bookmark here

Finally, he sees a store that is by far the most essential for any adventurer. However, it adopted a strange name called a ‘pharmacy’.Bookmark here

Bewildered at such a name, he enters into the slightly plain looking building, but was caught by surprise at the amount of product that were on the shelves ready to be taken and bought. The yellow-colored walls and the clean gray floor made it somewhat pleasing to the eye as he went up to the counter, bypassing the shelves while gripping onto his pendant for a confidence boost.Bookmark here

He marched towards it, seeing the Human male behind the counter looking dreadfully bored with his chin resting on the butt of his hand. His lazy-looking eyes teared up as he made a small yawn.Bookmark here

“Umm… can you tell me what you sell here?”Bookmark here

Kudo slowly asked, making the bored pharmacist look up with a raised brow.Bookmark here

“You can tell that we sell top of the line medicine and potions here, crafted by our great alchemists.”Bookmark here

Kudo figured that they would be selling potions here from looking at the various bottles put up behind the glass. However, the somewhat unenthusiastically sudden praise for his alchemists made Kudo interested.Bookmark here

“Then, how much are the Crimson Potions here?”Bookmark here

“That?” The pharmacist asked in surprise. “Crimson Potions are about… 250 jib, I believe.”Bookmark here

“Just 250 jib?!”Bookmark here

Kudo’s sudden shout made the pharmacist step back in shock, making his body alert now.Bookmark here

(That’s so cheap! A Crimson Potion in Peranim is about 3000 jib! How can they sell such powerful potions so cheaply?!)Bookmark here

“Unless…”Bookmark here

As Kudo thought, an idea formed in his mind as he mumbled, getting the pharmacist’s attention as he asked:Bookmark here

“What’s the most expensive potion you have?”Bookmark here

This cause the pharmacist to raise his brow once more.Bookmark here

“W-Well, our most popular product right now is the ‘Elixir Drop’. That single potion alone recovers your Health, Mana, and Stamina. It also acts as a total cure-all for any status ailments.”Bookmark here

The words passed through Kudo, leaving him flabbergasted, his jaw dropping in a daze.Bookmark here

“A-And how much do they cost…?” Kudo feared at the possible price.Bookmark here

“A single potion costs 250,000 jib.”Bookmark here

His heart nearly stopped beating. He felt the room spinning in his head as he grabbed hold of the counter before falling off in complete shock. Rather than surprised, the pharmacist expected this kind of reaction with a simple nod.Bookmark here

(That’s enough to get a well-crafted AND enchanted cuirass armor!)Bookmark here

Kudo remembers Hinota and himself selling this type of equipment at such a price. However, Kudo believed that it was too much for the people, and it was at some point.Bookmark here

However, that was for equipment. This was a potion, and it’s only usable once—a consumable. He would be broke before he even gets up the next quest rank if he buys those instead.Bookmark here

But then he realized the effects of the potion, seeing the advantages of having a potion that heals so much by itself.Bookmark here

(That’s why it’s so expensive. It can even heal ailments… but what’s this about Stamina? It also increases your physical energy? But still, it’s so expensive…)Bookmark here

Kudo, mustering all his strength into his arms, picked himself up onto the counter, his chin on his arms as he met the pharmacist face to face.
“Umm… can you tell me more about your products?”Bookmark here

Kudo hoped that his mind can handle such absurdities.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Kudo went on a streak of visiting the stores in the adventurer’s marketplace to learn more about the new prices in Triun. However, he was shocked and appalled by the fact that the highest level consumables and equipment in Peranim completely pales in comparison to even the common quality of Triun’s products.Bookmark here

He learned that there were different kinds of potions other than for Health and Mana that fixes up several issues, including the same medicine that Hikari used on him for his burning scar.Bookmark here

What’s more, the equipment in the armor stores for adventurers he visited were not only high quality, they were also enchanted which boosted the price even further. Hinota was not the only one who took up the Enchanting skill.Bookmark here

He also learned that there were stores called Material stores that sells exactly that—materials. They were the loot that monsters drop when adventurer kills them. As a crafter, he took an interest in it, and was surprised that the materials weren’t as high ranking as the other products sold here. When he asked, he realized that the material stores were more or less used for beginning crafters who started on raising their Crafting skills.Bookmark here

(Why can’t they just hunt the monsters themselves? What’s the point of buying materials if you can’t gain experience on top of that?)Bookmark here

Kudo felt that they were missing their chances to gain extra stat points and level their skills.Bookmark here

On another note, he learned that their main source of electrical energy came from the mana crystals. Since mana crystals constantly let out mana naturally, the people of Roprase use them in their everyday lives, such as a stove for heating things up, and even the baths that Kudo used last night.Bookmark here

He enjoyed learning this fact from the old man selling snacks called hot dogs, hot sausages boiled in his own portable stove wrapped in a bread bun, which Kudo took the chance to partake in one himself.Bookmark here

(It’s so good!) Kudo thought in pure bliss.Bookmark here

After taking a small snack break, walking along the sidewalk of the busy street of the marketplace—Bookmark here

“—Kudo!”Bookmark here

He hears a powerful voice from behind him, turning him around to see his mother running towards him. He saw the slight desperation in her eyes, her ragged breathing and sweating face as she finally caught up to him, looking quite anxious.Bookmark here

“Don’t run off like that!” Hikari admonished him. “This city’s humongous—you could have gotten lost or worse!”Bookmark here

She grabbed Kudo’s shoulders, slightly shaking them a bit which got Kudo surprised.Bookmark here

She didn’t exaggerate. From Kudo’s experience, this city was quite huge. Even the marketplace was too big for him to comprehend as he didn’t even get to explore it all after so much time passed.Bookmark here

Seeing her nervous look on her face, Kudo could tell that she was worried for him. He began to feel remorseful as he didn’t think of his benefactor’s feelings.Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry…”Bookmark here

He apologized. Hikari noticed his sincerity in his words as she responded with a smile:Bookmark here

“It’s okay. I knew that you were going to be around here as an adventurer. Looks like my blood truly run in your veins.”Bookmark here

Hikari said as she smiled, showing her inner happiness of having similar tastes.Bookmark here

“But you know,” She continued with a frown. “I can’t relax if you’re out here without a phone on you.”Bookmark here

“A phone?”Bookmark here

After seeing a practical question mark over his head in her eyes, Hikari’s frown turned upside down as she got excited to explain.Bookmark here

“Inventory!”Bookmark here

Suddenly—*Bleep!*—a screen similar to the status menu opened up, shocking Kudo as those aren’t the words used to open up the status menu or the skills menu. His breath was taken aay in wonder after seeing the slightly light-blue colored screen in front of him.Bookmark here

Then, suddenly, she put her hand into the screen, disappearing into it. Kudo was left gaping as Hikari pulled her hand out, and, just like a Magic Bag, items came out.Bookmark here

What she took out was what looks like a Magic Bag, only slightly bigger and had an extraordinary black design, an identical version of the Magic Bag holstered to her curvy hips, and a similar looking object.Bookmark here

It was a small, black-colored device, covered with a plastic case. The front showed a similar screen like the television, only the size of the small device itself. It was the very same device Kasara showed before yesterday.Bookmark here

Kudo’s eyes began to glint as Hikari hands over the two items to Kudo, getting him to grab them.Bookmark here

“This one is called a Mana Phone,” She points at the black device. “It uses the mana ley lines in the air like the Avian, using it to send signals to other phones and different types of devices. It can even look up online for information.”Bookmark here

Kudo tilted his head when she said the strange word ‘online’, but he puts it aside for now. Hikari then said ‘Swipe the screen with your finger’, confusing Kudo, but did as she told, swiping the screen upwards.
The screen suddenly lit up, showing an image of the Alpha Heart crest, and several icons which rattled Kudo’s mind.Bookmark here

“W-What can I do with this?”Bookmark here

“You can call anyone from a long distance,” Hikari explained. “You can even receive electronic mails called texts, which is like receiving a letter in your phone.”Bookmark here

Kudo caught his breath when he heard that he can receive letters on his phone. Does that mean that there’s no point in handwritten letters anymore in this country? He couldn’t believe it.Bookmark here

“Look in the contacts menu—you’ll find my private number.”Bookmark here

Hikari pointed at the icon that had looked like a tiny person, getting Kudo to press it like he would to his status menu. The screen then changed to that of a list of names and numbers.Bookmark here

“W-What are these other contacts?” Kudo asked as he searched.Bookmark here

“These are the other guild members’ contacts. Every phone from the Alpha Heart has each other’s contact information because we’re all a family and we look out for one another.”Bookmark here

Hearing such a passionate and seemingly obvious response, Kudo reconsidered his view about the guild at first. Turns out that they really were like a family.Bookmark here

However, he doesn’t believe that he belonged in that family.Bookmark here

As he searched on, he finally sees the private number as dictated by Hikari. But he saw that instead of her name, her contact name was called ‘Mommy’.Bookmark here

Kudo felt his soul cringing when he saw that, his face contorting into shame.Bookmark here

“Anytime you want to call me, I’ll always be ready to take it!”Bookmark here

Hikari, however, didn’t notice his embarrassed state, forming a glinting smile which got Kudo to smile wryly with a twitch in the corner.Bookmark here

“Okay…” He managed to say. “But what’s this?”Bookmark here

Forgetting his awkwardness, Kudo pointed out the other item, the bag similar to Hikari’s.Bookmark here

“I know that you have your own Magic Bag, but it’s severely inferior to the one in your hand,” Hikari pointed at the bag. “This is called the Magic Bag X—it’s an improved version of the one you’re using. The inventory slots have increased to become nearly infinite, and what’s more, sorting your inventory out has become even easier as it comes with its own screen similar to the Status Menu.”Bookmark here

Hikari now pointed at the gem embedded at the center of the bag. When he saw it, he recalls inputting his ownership to his own bag using this gem, looking up to Hikari as she nodded, making him right.Bookmark here

Since it was a gift, Kudo outstretched his index finger, and pressed the gem. Pouring in his mana into it, the gem glowed the same bluish glow that he saw before, making the Magic Bag his own.Bookmark here

Then—*Bleep!*—the same screen from before showed up in front of him. Kudo shrank back in surprise as he sees the so-called inventory screen for himself. It showed numerous square slots which he believes where his items would end up in.Bookmark here

“Kudo,” Hikari spoke gently. “Put your phone into the screen.”Bookmark here

Hearing her order, Kudo did so while tilting his head in confusion. He moves his new phone towards the screen. The phone started to submerge itself into the screen, completely disappearing into it as Kudo widened his eyes from the experience. Taking his hand out, the phone disappeared, but then he notices that one of the slots was filled up, showing a small picture of the phone that used to be in his hand.Bookmark here

He pressed the slot where the phone was, causing that image to enlarge itself. Seeing Hikari nodding her head, Kudo moved his hand towards the picture, and just like before, his hand entered into the picture, similar to the experience of using his old magic bag. He grabs the object within it, and pulled it out, revealing to be the very phone he just placed inside.Bookmark here

“Whoa! That’s amazing!”Bookmark here

He exclaimed in glee, getting Hikari to give a chuckle as she explained further:Bookmark here

“Now you can sort out your inventory and quickly find the item you’re looking for. You can also make different ‘tabs’ in your bag, putting for example dropped items in one tab, and equipment on a different tab. It even shows you exactly how much jib you have on the left side of the screen.”Bookmark here

“Whoa, you’re right1 I see the jib number!”Bookmark here

Kudo shouted as he sees the bar that showed the jib sign, and the number beside it that said only ‘0’ as it was still empty.Bookmark here

As he was filled with excitement over this incredible inventory bag, he felt the heavy stares coming from different sides all at once. He spoted flashes of light coming from their own phones directed at them as their whispers were getting loud in his ears.Bookmark here

“It’s Hikari Valkyria!”Bookmark here

“She’s really here!”Bookmark here

“I can’t believe she’s here in this kind of place!”Bookmark here

Kudo now realized just how popular she was in this city. Several citizens and adventurers alike started to gather around them like moths to a flame, making their remarks and kept making their phones flashing at them. This sudden attention and the bright white flashes caused Kudo to shrink away, his heart beating restlessly.Bookmark here

“Kudo, we should leave,” Hikari whispered. “I don’t think things will get easier for us if we stay here.”Bookmark here

Hikari smiles warmly at him as she grabs Kudo’s hand like a child, getting his face to heat up as Hikari led Kudo away from their spot, the citizens no longer caring about their behavior as they keep flashing with their phones at them.Bookmark here

As she briskly walked along with Kudo, who has been trying to pretend that he’s invisible, Hikari looked back at him with her usual smile.Bookmark here

“Kudo, remember what I said about your class?”Bookmark here

She caught Kudo’s attention, getting him to look up at her in surprise. Wrinkling her brow, Hikari showed a determined look.Bookmark here

“It’s time for you to realize your true Class.” Bookmark here

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