Chapter 1:

Hi, I'm Aimi

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

Hello, I'm Aimi. I am 13 years old and my biggest dream is to become an idol. But nobody wants me to be an idol. I can't make my dream come true either. But for singing, which is the most important thing to be an idol, I adjust the tone of my voice, because to be an idol one has to sing. 

It was 19.00. I ate my food and went straight to my room. Every day I set the tone of my voice as I sing in my room. Two hours passed and I fell asleep and when I got up in the morning I washed my face, washed my hands, ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth and when I went for a walk I said to my parents, "Then I sneaked in.  

It's my biggest dream but nobody wants me to be an idol. Kioko said, "I'll take you to the room." There were a lot of girls when we entered the room. I think they all came to fulfill the same dream as me. One of the women asked me, "What's your name?" I said, "Aimi Chiaki", one of the women said to me, "Welcome to the group.

"There were 10 people in the group. I didn't know their names. I asked the woman sitting on the couch. It's called Fuyumi. Blue-haired Mana. Brown-haired Tsubaki. Black-haired Yoshino. Pink-haired Naota. Purple-haired Rikiya. Orange-haired Mei. Green-haired Noriko. Thank you very much. I'm sorry, Miss Kioko," I said. “You can call me Kioko for short,” said Kioko, “Okay,” Aimi said happily.

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