Chapter 2:

Aimi's Working With Idol Group

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

Aimi said "Hello", her friends said "Hello". Later, Aimi asked her friends in the group, "What have you been doing all this time?" Mana, the most successful among them, said, "While the audience watches us, we try to sing and fine-tune our style.

 Aimi hears this and says, "I was doing what you do at home." I congratulate you because you have such a desire to work, but those who come here to be idols do not want to do business. ” “I'm going to ask you something,” Mana asked, Aimi “What?” and Mana said, "Can you? Aimi is (naturally) upset. When Aimi woke up the next day, she felt bad.

 She said to herself (Unfortunately) "I won't be able to go to Toyama Center today. Mei was the first to arrive at Toyama Center. While she was thinking what to do, other friends came. 

They practiced as usual. But there was a difference, and only Tsubaki had noticed the difference. They took a break after practice and Tsubaki told his friends, "Guys, no Aimi" And the others were surprised. "Why?" They all asked at once. After finishing their education, they all made a decision. This decision was to go to Aimi's house. 

But no one knew where Aimi's house was. Mana "Should we call Aimi?" When asked, everyone said, "We don't know Aimi's phone number." Then we were looking for someone trying to come up with an idea because maybe someone might know Aimi. We asked everyone, but no one knew Aimi. While we were listening to music, someone was walking in front of us. So we wanted to ask him. When we asked her "Yes, I know Aimi, she's even my best friend. Mana said, "Well, do you know where Aimi's house is?" 

When Aimi's best friend Yuzuri asked "Why?" Mana replied, I can't explain right now and do you know where her house is?" Yuzuri said "Yes". Aimi was lying ill. Haruka was worried and said, "If this situation gets worse, she may not join us." Yuzuri also said, "Can't join where?" Fuyumi said, "We are Aimi's. We're idol friends and we didn't want him to push himself so hard because he's new. When Aimi didn't come to the center, we got worried too.

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