Chapter 1:

The 17 girls

The Untold

Walking fast while constantly looking back and heavily sweating the girl suddenly trips. “Aah! What do you want? Who are you? Is there anyone? Please help me! Help me!” Finally after several unfruitful events all she could do was to give out a blood curdling scream resonating and then fading away in the darkness

BREAKING NEWS: “Another missing person report was filled today to the central police department. It is the 17th missing person case reported in the past 3 months. All the family members of the missing person are protesting in front of the police station demanding further details on the ongoing serial disappearing cases but the police remains silent the whole time. All the victims were women in their early to late 20s. The missing person files were submitted as they failed to show up to return to promised appointments. The families are worried about their loved ones going missing as nothing is being released to the public by far. This has been Yuri of RST News reporting from the scene.”

“Hah, another person went missing last night.”

Slamming the case file on the table, “This is getting more and more out of hand. But how come there aren’t any clues anywhere around? I mean even someone invisible also leaves some clues behind but what is he?”

“Ma’am our full team is trying everything to find the suspect but it hasn’t been going on as planned. We basically hit the rock bottom. But we can’t even express our feelings to the public either. It’s suffocating us to the point of which it feels like we have a dead end.”

“Stop talking shit! We need to be positive or else how can we console the victims family? We have to give them the support and the answers they are looking for. Stop thing all these negative things I’m going to go out and talk with the reporters. Instead of wasting your brain on these junk like thoughts just give the cases another look. Try to see if there are any similarities between them or not. I’ll be going now”

“Chief really is amazing she has been handling the cases as if she is also a family member of the victims.”

“Right. She has always been very enthusiastic in terms of solving cases and she also used to be the top of her batch. She is the definition of perfection.”

“Hello everyone today I came here to talk about the recent case that has been surfacing all over media and among mass regulars too. People seem to be still having a lot of problems and discomfort regarding the investigation as well. So I would like to enclose a few details regarding the cases we received so far… By revising all the case files we have found out that the girls that went missing were pretty popular among the people around them. So from these cases what seems like is that the suspect is mostly targeting young and popular females from around the capital. From the cases it seems like the cases are being taken place in the capital so it seems like the suspect is from the capital. But by far it seems like the girls who are going missing seem to go missing late at night. So we would like to warn everyone to be very careful and not to go out late at night as it might be very dangerous to do so. We the police department has been working hard on the case and you would be happy to know that a former FBI agent from the States has decided to help us with the case and will be joining us really soon. So I would like to reinsure the families that they will for sure get the justice they are looking for and we will continue keeping the family of the victims safe by giving them special protection and we have also increased the security system of all areas so if there are still areas that aren’t being watched on then please feel free to inform our police department. Today I would like to end here and I will not be accepting any more questions for now. Thank you.”

“Please miss we would like to ask a few more…”

“What happened to the victims? Have you heard anything from any of them?”

“Do you have any clue of who the suspect could be?”

“What do you think the motive is?”


“Ma’am, please answer…”


“What are we possibly going to do? The family members aren’t ready to leave us alone any time soon and then on top of that there are all these reporters always bringing crazy articles. Ma’am when did you say the FBI agent was going to join?”

“Excuse me, is this the special division? I was looking for the chief.”

“Hi! I’m the chief. Are you Miss Cindy from the FBI?”

“Ah yes. Nice meeting you. I’m Cindy McAdams. I will be joining the team as of today.”