Chapter 2:

The bloody road

The Untold

“Oh Miss Cindy we were just waiting for you…”

“Hi. But could you please do the formalities later and tell me a bit about the cases? I would like to take a look at the case files.”

“Well yes sure. Here you go and basically these files have all the personal information of the victims as well as their supposed missing information provided by their family and friends.”

“Do you have any suspect in mind?”

“No. Not until now. But we are trying our best.”

“If you actually were trying your best then weren’t you supposed to get at least some information? But it also doesn’t seem like everyone in this team is really that serious about the case to begin with as everyone seems rather free spirited. Just how many more victims do you need to fire up the spirit?”

“I’m sorry if you thought about our situation in that manner.”

“No need to be sorry to me. But we should work hard so that we don’t have to be sorry to the victims family. And then still we haven’t found a single body in the past 3 months of the disappearance of the girls. I know when a girl goes missing at night by herself then the first 72 hours are the most crucial time as after this time passes the chances of the victims to be alive also starts to become slim. But we weren’t reported of any dead body found anywhere it seems like we still have a bit of hope.”

“Yes. We are also going this way by the help of that hope solely.”

“But don’t you think going on with such a serious case just by hope is foolish too. We need to find definite evidence and not just some fairy tale hope.”


“Ma’am isn’t she I bit too rude to you? And you also just keep answering her even though she is being so rude to you. Are we really that hopeless? Can’t we just solve the case by ourselves?”

“Yuta don’t get overly emotional. This isn’t a case we want to solve to spend some extra time but we HAVE to solve the case. Now try to cooperate with her and help her with all the information that we have. I don’t want to talk with you on this matter anymore.”

“Looking at the files it seems like the girls do have some stuff in common. They were all really popular girls. I mean popular among the people around them and then also on social media. They have quite a following too. And it seems like in terms of appearance they also are attractive. So it looks like they are targeting the popular girls. And they are all in their 20s by far.”

“Yes. We also briefly talked about this in public today.”

“Oh yeah I was there too.”

“But from what it looks like I have go to the areas from where it was reported that the girls went missing from. Let’s go then.”

“This place seems rather isolated. Wonder what they were doing here that late at night. But this area surprisingly wasn’t being monitored or there weren’t any cars around the area either. But how come they came here when this place isn’t anywhere near their house. I mean did you even check the files or the cases?”

“This is the area where supposedly 9 girls went missing from and how did you find it? An old man was passing by an abandoned factory and at the front driveway there seemed to be some blood so he called to police and magically you find blood samples from 9 girls.”

“But the factory itself has nothing, no blood, no DNA of any kind. Just clean. I mean are you really dumb or are you not really interested?”

“Ma’am why do you keep talking down to the chief like this? She has been really serious and enthusiastic about the case and all these information on the files were found by her. So please be a bit respectful to her.”

“If you really want to be so damn emotional about this case then just step down from your position kid. This isn’t a joke and you say your great chief is the one who filled this file? That must mean that she must be the one to tear these pages from to report too right? You thought I wouldn’t notice?”