Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 - News


7.00 AM Monday - March 15
The News.
"First case of D virus confirmed in the country".

It is the title that appears at the bottom of the newscast having as background the driver, a man who looks calm wearing an elegant blue suit, black tie in its entirety and hair to one side, hands clasped near the chin, serious voice and look shows how he follows the words behind the calm.

- as is well known a new virus emerged in the city of Wuhan in the Asian giant China, this virus has unleashed a great controversy because it became a pandemic that has swept near all continents and it seems that the time has come to our country, Erick Guardia has more information about the measures that are being taken and how it is that this was discovered? Erick I give you a pass.

His window shrinks and another screen appears next to him, a middle aged man with microphone in hand, combing his hair in a camel colored jacket, a well pressed turquoise shirt and a worried look with a white mask covering his mouth.

- Thanks for the pass Adrian, I am at the INTERCONTINENTAL airport along with some experts on the subject, as you rightly say the first case of virus D has been discovered, patient zero would be a middle aged man who was returning from his trip from Spain, currently the airport has been quarantined and everyone inside is also locked inside, A record has been taken of the people who have left the airport given the record, the medical staff has gone out in search of these people in order to control this situation, here next to me we have a doctor specialized in virology, Dr. Almenara can give us more information on the subject.

A man in his 50s, wearing green overalls, a white mask and glasses that barely show his gray hair, takes the floor.

- Yes, patient zero was detected in our country, he was evacuated in a special ambulance. According to what is known about the D virus is that it is usually very contagious with a percentage of 95%, patients have an incessant pain in the head, fever and an immense desire to vomit in addition to some pulmonary complications, but that's not all, it is known that there are asymptomatic patients who can not present these symptoms but are just as dangerous as the others.

- okey thank you very much doctor almenara well Adrián these were the statements d....

The driver continues with his transmission

- First they started talking about what was happening in China in December, then about how it was progressing in the other countries and now the news is getting worse and worse, how they fuck up so much bad news, don't you think, Adán.

My roommate starts complaining sitting on the sofa with a bowl of cereal in his hand, his name is Marcos, we both go to the same university, we study in the same school, we both know each other since high school, he is a great and athletic guy, but his eyesight is a bit bad.

- mmm well it is but ... it's a bit worrying isn't it, imagine it's a new virus, I can't imagine what problems it could bring if it reaches more extreme points.

I answer in the best way , the most sensible way I can have while pouring some bittersweet black coffee in my striped cup , the coffee is very hot as I can see the heat emanating in the form of steam .

- I guess the president or the minister will have caught up in case this happens ....

The TV reporter ducks his head slightly, puts his index finger to his ear and listens intently, his face full of astonishment.

- Breaking news message, it is reported that from tomorrow a mandatory quarantine will be applied nationwide 24 hours a day, because the control measure on passengers has not been enough to control the situation.

- Quarantine, what the fuck?

Marcos exclaimed stupefied with his mouth open, almost dropping some cereal on the floor.
It is logical, for them to do that the problem must be very serious, but this is very sudden, these are drastic measures for a single infected person, unless the cases have been found for days and the government just wants to reveal them.

- You see what I mean... come on, today they don't have classes at the uni, surely they will give us more details about the issue and how everything will continue.

( uni refers to university )
We walk to the faculty, I go with blue jeans with a blue jacket that combines with black sneakers, he as always goes with a cooler style, a short and a polo shirt with the symbol of as very sporty and his hair well groomed with a touch of hair gel, I am envious of how he looks I would do the same with my hair but I get lazy having to fix it so much and I don't want to do it again.


The news of the quarantine left something strange to the paintings I noticed it in his gait, he was no longer as relaxed as before now he looked more tense plus the aura he emanated was contagious infecting you with his concern.
- Adam!

The voice that pronounced my name came from behind me, someone was saying my name with the intention of shouting at me but it disappeared because it was too high pitched.
There is only one person with that kind of voice and the only one I know who calls my name.

I turn to look at her my friend from class - I don't see anyone - I make a boring joke but I like to make it because of its size.

An angry charged stomp is what I get accompanied by a sharp reproach that makes me laugh.
-Who are you calling little a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ....

- no one Alicia could tell the difference between you and an elementary school girl.

In otaku terms she would be a loli, small in stature for me as I exceed her by 15 cm, with a small chest, I think she has a minimal cup.
(otaku is a term used to refer to people who like Japanese animation).

I direct my gaze to her breasts that I could see a little between the neckline opening of her cream colored blouse.

- Don't look too much or you'll get the canine police now.

I avert my gaze elsewhere but can't help but notice her nice slender legs covered by a sexy leotard and jean shorts.

- Eee well you know a few years doesn't sound so bad.

She let go of me with a little heat at my words, looking at me flirtatiously, caressing my face with her soft hands.

- I accuse you - he replied with irony adding - but you are sleepy again, the truth is that I don't know how you pay attention to your classes.

He said with a mocking tone, in his smile was reflected that one of his teeth was not well fitted which gave him a more childish touch.

- Ahh, I don't even know - I scratch my head showing that even I don't know how I pass all the subjects, it's something I have to find out.

Marcos grabs my shoulder - brother I leave you my classes are about to start, take care of yourself and don't get caught by the police - I pat him on the back and he said, "I leave you".
With a pat on the back and a laugh he says goodbye leaving me next to Alicia.

- Goodbye - I raise my hand in farewell.

- Your friend doesn't love me, is that...?
- Not at all, in fact I'm surprised he hasn't thrown corn at you since the first time he saw you.
( maiz in my country's terms is called cortejar )

- I see, well are you going to the dining room?

she asks with a burning look accompanied by a stomach growl.

- You haven't had breakfast yet, it's 8 o'clock in the morning.

- No, I woke up late but I slept the necessary hours - she smiled - you're coming with me.

I already had something to drink before coming to the uni so I don?t care if we go to the dining room, I check my analog watch on my right wrist and I see that there are thirty minutes left before the chemistry class starts.

- Yes, why not, besides I love the juice they give in the dining room.

- well we are leaving - she exclaimed clinging to my arm, I could feel her small breasts pressing against mine, that made me nervous as she started to pull me in the direction of the dining room with a fast pace.

she always so energetic.

- Hey wait, slow down please, can't you see I'm a little sleepy - a little complaint tossed into the air.

- And I'm hungry.8.00 am dining room

She ate breakfast pleasantly, today they gave quinoa, bread with cheese or avocado any of the two options to choose from and for the only thing I come the assorted juice. Although the quinoa was hot, I could see the pleasure she felt in her palate while drinking it, for my part I just took the juice, it is the only thing I like about the breakfast in this place. I waited for her to finish, it took about 15 minutes, but we still had time.

8.25 a.m.

We arrived at the faculty, the time we had was over and there were only two minutes left for the class to start, when we arrived, going up the stairs we ran into another classmate.A colored guy, who for the simple fact of being a colored guy was bullied in a good way, his name was Steven,

He is the typical boy who is always late to class, it doesn't matter if he lives near the uni but he is late even though his grades are better than mine.

He wore a blue jean, black polo shirt, with a jean shirt, and the classic afro hair, always with sleepy eyes but very cheerful.

- black ! - she exclaimed in a good way

- hello ... pe, my dear loli - she reciprocated the joke with a big smile that almost shone.

I knew I wasn't the only one who thought she was a loli although it's kind of funny to see someone else say it.

- Adam are you late too? -

- ah yes man, I had time but I don't know where I lost it - I knocked on the classroom door.I'm still a little sleepy, as I rub my eyes with my forearm.I knocked on the classroom door

- you lost it in the dining room with me - exclaimed Alicia sarcastically hugging me.

- They went to the dining room, they know what's there, I haven't had breakfast yet

he stretched his arms and yawned loudly showing that he was sleepier than me and hungry, very hungry.

You're seriously late too and you still haven't eaten breakfast, does everyone have a problem with that or what?

- Well today there was quinoa, bread with cheese or avocado and juice.

- I hope it's still open when the class is over, changing the subject, you saw what happened in the last few days, the video they talk about ¿ who ? and how they massacred a couple, also today in the morning news, mandatory quarantine starting tomorrow, I swear that if someone says March surprise me, I'll break his mother's neck.

he was talking very euphoric, a radical change for the mood he was in a few seconds ago, the truth is that steven never ceases to amaze me.- The video - I look at him strangely - yes I remember it, but I don't know what you are talking about, I remember having seen it but I only saw montages and a gray spot on the camera but you have to give them credit for it, it was better than in the movies.

- Did you see it," asked Steven, "I was looking for it but the only thing I found were opinions about it.- Yes I saw it but the quarantine thing is really pendejo.(pendejo is a term to refer to something annoying).

The door opened, the old and withering look appeared first, accompanied by the hoarse and tired voice of the engineer, he looked at us and exclaimed - come in! - He had the same look of being a bitter person, but deep down he is a good guy even if we don't say the same about his exams.