Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 - Help


8.30 a.m.

We entered the classroom, brown ceramic tile floors, blue walls, large windows that were covered by red curtains that tinged the room a reddish hue as they reflected the sunlight.

Steven and Alicia sat in the front, two seats away from the blackboard, I simply took a free seat near the window.

The engineer started the class, today's topic focused on the first law of thermodynamics.

I feel unfocused, I can no longer pay attention to the class, from my backpack I take out a bottle of water for thirst and drink it, I play with the pen to relax but even that fails to put me in connection with the class.

I spontaneously look out the window, I see that some students from the university were planting a kind of beacon outside the faculty.

Among all of them I recognize someone, he is the person who seems to be in charge, it is most logical that he is in charge since he is the president of the student community, his name is Willian who is with a double valve mask hanging from his neck, he is also wearing a fancy jacket that would be used for exhibitions.

There was a time when we both worked together but at that time we didn't get along so I left the community.

With an elegant and organized aura he gave the indications of how to treat the lighthouse, a motorcycle came in with a red one with a gas tank that was without any card that indicated the level of danger that it could have and also loaded with connection implements.

The students connected the tank to the headlight, a little nervous, they acted suspiciously as if they did not want anyone to observe them, and when they finished they left quickly.

Before leaving, Willian made a call turning in small circles, checked how everything was, after a last check he left the scene.

What is he planning, if I remember correctly the anniversary of the student community is in May and there is no reason to celebrate, besides there will be a quarantine or maybe he wants to have a farewell party, but that would not be something very common for him.

- Adam student ... Adam listens to me.

The call brought me out of my thoughts, when I realized that the engineer had been watching me the whole time, his old voice asked.

- Could you tell me what the first law of thermodynamics is?

A quick question was what he asked, damn, I should have paid attention to him but if I remember correctly it is .

- It could refer to the conservation of energy, engineer.

- well if it can be - he went to the blackboard, picked up a pen and started graphing - something else to write down .

- no engineer .

11.30 a m

The class was coming to an end and we all started to take the last notes, gather our things so we could leave.

Behind me some classmates were whispering as quietly as possible thinking that no one could hear them but it was a stupid idea, their topic of conversation was to go to a party at night as a reason to say goodbye before quarantine starts.

I find it amazing how they can have a party at a time like this I bet they will take it as the last supper, I continue writing the last notes while the engineer finishes.

But if there is going to be a party, that's why William planted the lighthouse in the morning, I didn't think a man like him could do something like that.

-So using a simple equation we can determine the amount of energy that is transformed.

The engineer ended the class, giving the end of today's subject - now you have to bring me for the next class exercises based on the laws of thermodynamics, which will add a couple of points to the final grades and do not forget the total laboratory report.

A tired tone on his part with slight tinges of excitement, as he made his way to his desk where his briefcase and class documents were waiting for him.

- Engineer! - Someone in the class raised his hand, he was 4 seats in front of me, I couldn't see who it was but from the voice he was the most applied kid in the class, the only thing I could see now was his hair so outrageous Jimmy Neutron style, in a way he was a great kid even if he didn't pass the answers in the exams, his name was Carlos.

- Yes student ...... Carlos.

- Do you know what action the university will take regarding the new virus?

His words had a slight vibrato when referring to the virus something very strange in a very assertive person.

Right I forgot, what an oversight, that's what happened this morning and I was thinking of coming back tomorrow, but man, if you have seen that there is going to be a quarantine, the uni is supposed to follow that order for a while.

- The most logical thing is that the uni will abide by this morning's order, so this will be our last class for now, I think.

- But what about the virus, what do you think it is? - he continued to ask,

That's a good point for the engineer to think about, I think he has a major in biochemistry, he'll have something to say about it.

- Well .... if it is a virus or not the truth is that it is an unknown subject although it has been catalogued as such and I think it is the most accurate with the situation, now, to know what it is, we would have to do a thorough investigation but the level of contagion is so high that it can even pass the security measures and we don't have samples to do so.

- But some say it is extraterrestrial and others say it is created by the government, various things like that you know conspiracies.

Seriously Carlos a person like you who always says it is based to results and facts believing this is a conspiracy the truth you disappoint me .

- If it is or not , I think there are many possibilities that it is a mutation of some virus or modification , maybe they are prehistoric bacteria frozen in Antarctica that by global warming have spread or are extraterrestrials , the truth is that there are many possibilities .

He answered her question while preparing his leather briefcase with light marks accompanied by an enthusiastic and sarcastic tone .

- Satisfied with my answer - he tilted his head with a glance .

- Yes," Carlos nodded.

The engineer is right, there are many possibilities, nothing can be ruled out, so Carlos is right to believe everything they say.

11.40 a.m.

Everyone started to leave the classroom, I'm still sleepy, the night before I stayed up late playing dead so I'm still tired.

- Adam you are going to the dining room - he was a classmate I got along better with, he wears a black jean and a white polo shirt, thick build, overall he is a cool guy, plus his long hairstyle doesn't make a difference if he looks like a witch or not, that's funny. his name is Raul.

- to the dining room .... I'll be there in a while, I'll finish the homework I didn't do and then I'll go, they'll save me a space in the queue -.

I took out the exercise guides I had to solve, although I had planned to do the homework at another time, it served as an excuse so they wouldn't think I had come just to sleep.

- This man, is he such an asshole that he comes to do homework at uni? Okay, we'll save you a space but don't sleep too much.

Raising his hand he walked out of the classroom with a backpack on his back and his lab bag while I was still sitting in the hard chair with the guides on the table and an intense desire to sleep.

- Ahhhh! - sigh - what a laziness, it's like a pincho if I sleep for a while if a quick nap.

( skewer in my country is used to say that it is of a large amount)

I got up towards the back corner of the classroom where no one would notice if I was sleeping as there was very little vision there, I put my backpack on the table and rested my head on the rough surface of my backpack which was better than hardwood.

I look at my watch again and it is 11.40 I have about 50 minutes before the other cycle arrives.

The irritating creak of the metal door opening woke me up, I raised my head a little to see who it was, but there was only the small line of light caused by the opening, between which the slim silhouette peeked in to see if there was no one in the room.

- There is no one - he observed, looked at me and asked - excuse me, in this classroom there will be classes - with a soft voice and with a hoarse and respectful touch.

I know her by sight although it was the first time we talked, she is a cycle behind but we have a course together because I pulled it, in general she is a girl that attracts me, slim, brunette with good body, brown hair and classic glasses, she wears a midnight blue skirt and a black blouse. not to mention that she is even more applied in her studies than I would be a fantasy if she teaches me.

- No... the classroom is free.

Her friend enters, another girl, who I also know by sight, from the same cycle as her, a light tes girl, with wavy black hair, she also wears glasses. She is wearing cream-colored pants and a coat.

I see that everyone wears glasses, is it fashionable or what, the truth is that my eyesight fails me, I was thinking of buying some, but I'm too lazy to go to the eye doctor.

They stood next to the blackboard, both stood in front with their lab coats, the girl with the clear tes began to record with her cell phone the girl that attracts me, without saying that she had good buttocks, she began to expose about the reactions that can occur to synthesize an acetone.

I remember when I was left that job, if I also made a big mistake in the reactions.

- I'm sorry, could you avoid looking at me, you make me nervous - exclaimed the brunette girl with an air of discomfort.

- I'm sorry, I'll concentrate on my homework.

I'll leave you for now, exposing that subject is complicated and if it's the same engineer even more, besides, it would make me nervous if someone looked at me so intensely, who am I kidding, no one would look at me with so much attention.

I turned my attention back to the exercise guides, the bad thing is that after a while they made me more sleepy until I fell asleep.


Pushing on my back.

- Hey, wake up, wake up!

The desperate nudging and pleas for me to wake up interrupted my pleasant nap, but when I opened my sleepy eyes I saw the girl with the clear tes asking for my help.

Her gaze was directed towards me and towards the door between brief pauses, the desperate voice still insisting that I wake up.

- a....  yes yes tell me what's wrong.

I got up with a heavy body and started rubbing my neck massaging it a little subtly.

- Why are you so agitated?

- Please help me !- she said with her voice one step away from bursting into tears.

- Of course, tell me what your problem is. .... What time is it? I have to go to the dining room.

I got up from the chair and started walking towards the exit.

- Wait - he stopped me by the arm - please help me my friend.

- I told you I would help you no... but tell me why are you in this state, and what's wrong with your friend, did she forget something or is she having problems with her boyfriend?

Look at her clear tes face, her cheeks blushed and her eyes crystallized,

I guess something very serious must have happened for her to be in that state and to show herself in that way in front of a stranger, besides she is about to cry and she treats me with a lot of confidence, because I understand that people act in different ways in front of a problem.

- She has been kidnapped -with those words her eyes let a tear escape and her voice avoided bursting into tears.

- Kidnapped?

- Yes," she answered instantly, letting go of my arm, the atmosphere became tense as if something evil was enveloping us, giving me a shiver because of the way she was acting.

- Are you sure, we are at the university and that can't be possible - I headed for the door.

When I was close to the metal door I noticed that the lower part had big dents, this generated another shiver, I grabbed the doorknob with the intention of opening it but something inside me told me not to do it, this girl's attitude and the atmosphere surrounding her had taken effect on me.

- This is just a joke - is the idea I put in my head.

When I opened the door the scene that awaited me outside was somewhat creepy, the stench of blood beginning to coagulate entered through my nose.

The scene that greeted me outside, was that of a body lying on the ground, head smashed in, leaving a pool of blood all over the floor, no hand and as if someone had stabbed it in the back.

- w-w-w-what is this?

I exclaimed terrified falling backwards to the ground, I felt a viscous liquid between my hands, I didn't want to raise my hands but I had to, it was his blood.

- What do you mean - she came out behind me very upset, to which I was only accompanied by a scream - ahhhhh ! - I wanted to vomit but I didn't want to let it out, I used all my strength to hold back the vomit.

- You know what happened - I was still motionless on the cold slimy floor, my voice was full of fear and dread but despite having these feelings. I need to know what happened.

Come on Adam, don't be like this, come on, come on, pull yourself together, this must be just an accident, you have to stay calm, she asked you for help and now you are nothing but a scared rabbit.

I hit my face again and again until I calmed down, the blows had an effect but I don't know what was worse, having my cheeks covered in blood or seeing her vomit near me.

I got up, the blows were a momentary help, the effect only lasted a couple of seconds so I took deep breaths over and over again.

I felt the ambient oxygen enter my whole being aged with a touch of blood, after several attempts I managed to take control of my emotions.

- Umg wuaaa- umg wua !

- you're done, please don't stain my shoes you know they'll stink if you stain them.

- seriously... umg wua! - he wiped his mouth with the white sleeve of his robe- you make a comment like that at a time like this-.

- I'm sorry... I'm sorry I get a little stupid in tense moments, but tell me what you know about what happened.

The truth is I'm really stupid, how can I make such a cold comment, surely a friend would say freeze my cause.

But what has happened here, I fall asleep for a while and this happens, please I need an explanation, but this girl is not going to give it to me, she is more terrified than me and I don't think I will get anything out of her.

I stared at her, and approached the body, luckily I had a lab coat, I bent down and checked the name on the chest, her name was stamped, it was mandatory I guess to have the lab coat like that, but mine doesn't even have that, minimum I think I should put the faculty insignia or my last name because if I end up in this state no one will recognize me .

.- Roberto - I exclaimed the name

- you said roberto, roberto no no no it can't be - this person's name seemed to have made her shudder on her knees on the floor, an immediate state of shock accompanied by a silent sobbing.

Now if it's not going to do me any good, damn it I want information.

- Do you know him?

- Yes, he's a classmate.

- Well, I guess there is a murderer at the university, by the way, don't you find it curious that there are only two of us in the faculty?

- No, no wonder - he said with a blank stare - I asked you for help because I told you that my friend was kidnapped, didn't I?

- Yes - I affirmed to his question

- I think the guy who took her was the one who did it.

- I guess so, but the question now is why there is no one at the university - I emphasized again.

- Maybe it's because of that over there - she pointed with his hand.

Instinctively I turned in the direction he pointed, on the other side of the faculty the scene was brutal and strange.

It was a guy from the faculty who was piling up bodies and crushing them with his feet as if they were cockroaches.

What the fuck is wrong with that guy, isn't he the 6th cycle delegate, what is he doing?

- Hey, what are you doing," I said.

The delegate looked at me, his face was not that of a normal person, his eyes looked like those of an animal, completely darkened, wounds in his mouth as if they were split in half, two large lumps sticking out between his forehead.

He made a strange motion with his head from left to right, similar to the way one thunders one's neck to release tension, did it a couple of times, squatted down and stayed like that for a moment.

- What the hell is wrong with his eyes, why this attitude?

- Shu shu!

Strange noises were coming from the classroom next door, I turned to them and realized that there were some students there who were warning me from the small window of the metal doors.


- What's going on? - I exclaimed in surprise - Can you tell me something - I tried to talk to them with the only intention of getting information about what had happened, but their faces, unhinged, fearful and tearful, showed that they were not going to give me any information.

- Run, run!

That was all they said to me.

- Run? - I responded in surprise until a loud shout caught my attention from downstairs, it was the delegate, who jumped up to the second floor.

- What the fuck!

He got into the position you take for a run.

- Hey man, tell me how did you do that, you take steroids, it hurts, you know they say the penis shrinks with that.

He went back to making those weird movements with his body.

What's wrong with this guy, this is going to get ugly I think, no this is already a bad situation and that girl who is still there is not moving, and these guys are hiding on the other side, what do I do?

Sas the delegate jumped towards me, missing me by centimeters, managing to hit a strong cut with his nails in my ribs tearing my jacket.

What speed, I didn't even have time to think of anything, something is burning my ribs, what is it?

I turned to the ground

A little blood spurted to the ground as the wound began to burn from the impact of a simple breeze .

- B-but how - I placed my hand over the wound .

The deputy returned to the same position , directing his gaze at me , it was as disturbing as if a stalker was watching you all the time .

His bulging eyes , black all over , the marks on his face give him an even more frightening look that reminds me of a bad mix of human and insect .

It turns its head twice to the left , letting me hear a snapping sound .

- Trutru- trutru

He turned his attention back to the girl with the white tes, letting a slimy tentacle come out from between his mouth and flutter across his cheeks.

- Hey, move, do something, damn it, don't you realize you're going to die if you just stand there and do nothing.