Chapter 3:

The missing pages

The Untold

Cindy was actually interested in this case for a long time now. How all the girls started to go missing all of sudden and all of them went missing in the same pattern. The case that blew the whole country yet the special team consisting of all the top officers couldn’t come up with any logical explanation. So by habit Cindy started to do some research on the case and also the special team members.

The leader of the team, Sakura Abe has been the top of her year and got really big achievements at a very short amount of time and is always very serious about every single case she gets. But surprisingly she seems a bit too lazy about such a big case. Which rose the red flags for Cindy. But everyone is insisting that she has been doing her best.

Adachi Yuta, the officer highly recommended by Miss Abe. He has been really good with strength but too much of a hot tempered guy. He basically doesn’t have much to offer to be recommended so highly.

And then lastly Akazawa Kento, the tech expert of the team. He can basically hack and get into any website he wishes. He worked in China and South Korea too. Basically the most competent member of the team yet the lowest position among the others.

“No matter what I can’t seem to loosen my suspicion for Miss Abe. The officer who always put the cases first and the family member of the victims naturally become her own family yet this time she doesn’t seem serious about neither the case nor the consequences. But there aren’t much known information about her own family. Why? She has a much younger sister going to high school but fell mentally ill and since then she has been living under the care of her older sister. But her mother suddenly went missing after that incident. She tried finding her mother but even after all the struggle she failed and has been living acknowledging this fact. And her father died almost after her younger sister was born. So it seems like she has had her fair share of unfortunate family events. But why does this whole family thing only rise suspicion?”

“That must mean that she must be the one to torn these pages from the report too right? You thought I wouldn’t notice?”

“What do you mean by torn pages? Ma’am what is she talking about? Could you please explain?”

“Sorry Miss Cindy I know you are very disappointed by the investigation so far. But aren’t you going a bit too far by framing me now?”

“Oh sorry to tell you but I’ve been a bit interested in this case for a while now. So I did some research and pulled some connections to get a hold of the case files. Though they pretty much had nothing but a novel like story, they did have a few information scattered around the files. And guess what? This very file doesn’t have of those information Miss Abe. And you are the one in charge of the case. So naturally…”

“But Miss Abe would never do such a horrible thing!”

“Miss Adachi I thought I heard your team leader tell you not to get emotional with stuff while solving cases. I guess this is the reason why you were never in the actual investigation team but on the traffic department. Only the body strength that you have which you traded with your brain is only good for a traffic officer and not for an actual investigator under such an important case.”

“Miss Cindy I think you are going a bit too far with your words. If you have any problems with me than please discuss it with me and I hope you wouldn’t further humiliate my team member. I chose him for his competence and he does deserve to be in the team. He can be hot tempered but is really good with his job. And for the missing pages, they were officially removed from the case after discussion a few days ago.”

“By a few days ago can you please specify the date by chance?”

“The 12th of last month as I recall.”

“But then why did I get the edited file on the 28th last month from the head of the police investigation department with the pages? I think we have some stuff to discuss about…”