Chapter 3:

Aimi's illness is very bad.

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

Lying on her bed, Aimi opened her eyes and saw her best friend Yuzuri and her idol friends. Then she was suprised to see her friends but she was even more suprised to see Yuzuri. Aimi said "Yuzuri, what are doing here?"  Yuzuri said  "Your friends ask me your house while I listening to music." she said and brought her friends to her house and Rikiya said "I hope we didn't bother you."  "Of course you didn't bother." 

Aimi said. Naota said "Well, how are you feeling?" And Aimi said "I am better now." And everyone said "Hurray." They chatted a lot and they forgot what time it was. "Guys, it's 8 o' clock and we talked a lot." Rikiya said and everyone was suprised. Yuzuri "Aimi, we are leaving then." Aimi said "Friends, you can stay here if you want, I feel good, I can cook for you and even chat together, after all, we need each other. Everyone agreed with Aimi.

 But first I need to call my family. I inform them about these issues. Because they love me and I love them so much. When she said that everyone called thir families and their families said " If you're home and safe, you can stay the night." And everyone was happy. Before everyone sat down to eat, Mei said "No matter how good Aimi feels, we have to help." 

Everyone said "Yes, Mei is right. We has yakisoba for dinner. However, Aimi's severity of Aimi's illness increased and Aimi struggled not to cry and Tsubaki said "Aimi, what do you think about this?" she said. "What?" Aimi burst into tears. Everyone looked at Aimi. Aimi was crying and they immediately asked Aimi. Mana was the first to ask.

 "Aimi, why are you crying?" Aimi, (still crying) the severity of my illness has increased." Everyone asks "Is this a disease?" When Aimi says "Yes" Yoshino said "What disease?" She asks. And when Aimi said " My heart was beating so fast these days, so I have a heart problem." Everyone said "Let's go to the hospital right away." They went to the hospital, everyone was upset because Aimi was at risk of dying.

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