Chapter 1:



What is magic? Where is it come from? what is the purpose of this? "

Answers to such questions usher to a very beautiful and exciting place called the magical world. Where Magic comes from "Mana" dissolves in an environment like oxygen. Where six elements are responsible for magic manifestation into utilization, and to maintain the power balance of this world six beasts are appointed as a guardian whose purpose is to provide blessings and prosperity to living beings and also the annihilation of roots of evils.

Yamamoto the capital of Eastern Nation Honshu from here to one hundred and twenty kilometres far to the west there is a mountain called Oyama situated. Near this mountain, there is a small village called Tomari where a boy named Morikawa Tetsuya lives with his mother Morikawa Kaori. 

Tetsuya is a unique magician, he is specialized in three elements of magic from a total of six elements. This falls under the rarest category in the country but he can't control all the elements perfectly, that's why he wants to go to the Roku-bi magic association to learn the perfect use of his magic. 

He is the late village chief son but after his father's death, his mother became the chief of tomari village with the assistant cum escort called kasuwagi Rina, whose daughter kasuwagi Hikari is a childhood friend and assistant cum escort of Tetsuya. Due to the village long run tradition, from generation to generation obligation to serve the chief's family she is obliged to serve Tetsuya as her master to protect his life.

Morikawa Tetsuya (14 years old), son of village chief Morikawa Saori (36 years old), is sleeping under the tree with the lower part of his body exposed to the sun, where the wind is flowing gently over his body with tree leaves spreading all over the vicinity and having serene weather in the surroundings. Suddenly a scream coming towards him faintly sounding,

"Tetsuya! Tatsuya!" like someone is calling from far.

After hearing that three, four times, he wakes up yawning and looks in the direction where the sound came from, but he can't see anyone because the person who called hid behind him before he saw.

"Who called me? Am I dreaming or something else"? He mutters.

Then that person gently covers his eyes and softly asks him, "who I am?"

He immediately realizes and responds with a smiley face,

"I know who you are and why do you come."

The person, who always wakes him up like that is his childhood friend Kashuwagi Hikari(14 years old), who always joking around. But this time she comes to call him for the magic practice session, which is currently teaching by a traveller, who is an expert in mana(source of magic) control and short-ranged combat. Her name is Tachibana Sayaka(she loves to travel to different types of places to gain more knowledge related to magic and legendry beast).

Knowing that he(Tetsuya) is getting late for sensei's lesson, he runs fast using the wind magic spell "Flash Drive"(which is one of three elements he can use) to move swiftly to reach much faster. Behind him, she(Hikari) also joins to reach early by using the same magic. 

Both of them now have reached to training place where the sensei is waiting for them. Tachibana Sayaka(she came here one year ago to gain knowledge, history and mysteries around the village) an expert of mana control and short-ranged combat is waiting for both of them at the training ground.

Both of them arrived but a little bit late. Sayaka who is very punctual in time management now furious and shouted,

" Ag!..... Both of you dare to get late in my session now I will beat you two to the pulp get ready."

Seeing that aggression both shivering in fear but also excited because this is gonna be more nerve-wracking than a normal one.

"Sensei today you are going to teach short-ranged combat at a mid expert level that requires a lot of physical endurance and stamina, which we have been doing for two weeks. What's the meaning of this?" He (Tetsuya) asks.

Today's training is about short-ranged combat at mid expert level. For this lot of physical endurance and stamina required (Running loaded with 30 to 50kg weight on their foot and Climbing loaded with 25 to 55 kg weight on their back to progress better footwork, to harden lungs for longer breathing and to develop flexibility in muscles, meditation underwater to keep vigilant to their surroundings and keep their senses to experience better sensation).

She explains, "In short-ranged combat when you reach from low expert level to mid your body changes its structure and a high amount of pressure and strain leads a normal person to his/her demise. That's why your body requires you to adapt the experience you gained..............."