Chapter 2:



......After the explanation, she(Sayaka) asks Tetsuya and Hikari to fight head-on with her to estimate how much they have grown in these past two weeks.

After the fight, she grasps the condition of both and says,

"I have taught everything that I have under my pocket (in combat training) and also today you both have shown me something, that is beyond my expectations."

Now it's your turn to explore, what have you learnt from this past six months and one important thing, in any situation don't let your emotions get the best out of you."

" All the preparations for the second round are now ready." 

"This training built necessary foundation (control over our senses to stay vigilant at any situation and physical sustainability to endure intense pressure) for mana control, which is next step to sense the flow of mana throughout your bodies and slowly take utterly control over shape, size, structure, range and density of magical energy."

But she(Sayaka) can only teach the basics of mana control, for advanced learning they have to apply for magic association and learn the perfection of it.

Sayaka now explains the technique to learn mana control, 

" Both of you listen to me carefully if you will cause any disruption in your focus during the process of learning this technique, then perhaps you have to suffer unprecedented damage to your mana flowing path and consequence of this may lead to "Mana Dispersion"(instability of cognizance)."

Then she tells the technique (Absorption of mana dissolves in the environment with complete focus on Meridians to see the steady mana flow after this use of energy centre or Dantian to gather this mana at a specific point, but both once at a time, Then the mana will manifest into the magical energy of specific size, shape, structure, and density) of mana control to both and how to utilize it properly for two to four week regularly.

Sometime later Kasuwagi Himari( Hikari's sister) comes to the training ground (nearby from Oyama mountain "Asato River" is flowing via this village) to call three of them for lunch at Hikari's home. They depart from the training ground to Hikari's home, where Rina(Hikari's mother) is waiting for them.

After sitting for lunch Rina asks,
" How is your practice session going on you both got any better results or not. Should I help in something?"

Both look at each other making a laughing face and say, "Yeah! .... we are doing better you don't have to worry about it with Sayaka sensei around we can't stay idle for too much longer".

Sakya hits Testuya's head softly and says, "It's okay that you both are doing well till now but comfort never longs. For your punishment now I am going to show you what real sensei is......(Grinning inside)."

After that Tetsuya went home and Sakya went to a hut made by villagers nearby the river.

Haruka (Daughter of Tachibana Kyoshi and Hina, 12 years old, lives in the village) goes to pick some flowers for her mother(Killed by wild beast two years ago) nearby "Zetsubou no Mori"(Hopeless Forest), which is close to the village and the river.

After picking some flowers she sees a radiant matter's light coming to form the forest, which is shining too much so she has got attracted by the light, dazzling in the small vicinity of the forest and goes there. After reaching the point she sees a "Blue Crystal" is glowing she picks it up and thought,

" What is this ravishing crystal doing here? Perhaps someone forgets here or this could be a crystal drop of magical beast." (She sounds suspicious).

Thinking about a variety of possibilities her thoughts lead to one, that this could be a crystal drop of the magical beast(Her father told her before that any magical beast drops a crystal after getting defeated), killed by someone or something, suddenly some noise come from nearby bushes, hearing this noise she is got scared and sweat drops coming out on her forehead,

" Seems like I am in great danger, gradually someone's presence around me getting stronger I have to leave the forest as soon as possible." She thinks

So she runs fast towards the village.

Meanwhile, her father(Kyoshi) is a bit worried thinking,

" Ag!...... So much time has passed since Hina left to visit her mother's grave and she hasn't come back yet."

"Now it's getting darker and near that place "Zetsubou no Mori" is situated, where wild beasts have become more active as time passes towards dusk."

"What should I do,

Should I ask the village chief for this no-no...I can't do that it will be rude to ask her help for such a small thing like that."

"Hmmm!....... Yes!..... one thing I can do,

I can ask Sayaka-sama to find her(Haruka),

Yes!.... she is strong enough to handle any situation, I need to go there right now."

He(Kyoshi) runs fast towards Sakya's hut at the same time Tetsuya, playing with village children, sees Kyoshi running fast like something bad is going to happen, so he runs towards him to ask about the situation,

" Oji-san, Kyoshi Oji-san,....he(Tetsuya) calls loudly."

Hearing a voice behind him, he(Kyoshi) turns back and sees that Tetsuya coming towards him.

He stops abruptly, Tetsuya just got there and asked,

" Kyoshi Oji-san what happened? Why are you running fast towards Sayaka sensei's hut and freaking out so much."

He(Kyoshi) tells the details about the situation and asks Tetsuya to inform her if she comes back home before he found

Reading the situation completely he(Tetsuya) informs all of his friends to propagate the information around the village that Haruka hasn't come back home yet and he is going to the forest to find her and to bring her back safely if she will be facing in any kind of danger.

His friends are stopping him desperately to do anything reckless, but he doesn't fickle and goes out in search of Haruka........

Note:- Although, there is nothing to confuse about anything, as the time segment(Dawn to Dusk session) in the story is based completely on your imagination.