Chapter 4:

Someone new joins idol center

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

Aimi was smiling when she came out of the examination. Everyone was suprised. " Guys, it's nothing serious" Aimi said to her friends. When she said this, everyone wept with happiness. Everyone said "Aimi, we are so glad nothing happened to you" and they went to Aimi's house. It was 10 o'clock when they got home. Yuzuri was the first to speak. "Guys, it's sudden, but do you mind if I join you?" Everyone asked, "To be an idol?" Yuzuri said "Yes."

 Yuzuri was happy when Aimi said "Of course you can join, we're already missing one. Aimi also added , " I'm also happy that you're my best friend." said. " I'm happy too." Yuzuri said. Mana said, "Friends, we need to sleep so that we can wake up better tomorrow." When she said it, everyone said "You're right." and they fell asleep. But Aimi and Yuzuri could not sleep. It was as if they had both opened their eyes. When Aimi opened her eyes, she saw that everyone was asleep. But she only saw that Yuzuri was not sleeping.

 Then she called out to Yuzuri in a whisper. "Yuzuri, couldn't you sleep?" "Yeah, I couldn't sleep either." Yuzuri said. Aimi "Why?" when Yuzuri said "I'm with you now and that made me happy, but if I memorize the moves by the show time and forget it when it's show" when Aimi said "You don't have to worry, I believe we will all do our best." Yuzuri said "Really?" and Aimi said "Yes." In the morning, sleep was flowing from Aimi and Yuzuri's eyes. Others had taken their sleep. "Aimi and Yuzuri sleep is flowing your eyes." Mana said.

 "Yuzuri and I couldn't sleep last night." Aimi said. When Tsubaki asked "Why?", Aimi said " Last night Yuzuri told me that she was very worried." Everyone asks "WHY?" "Guys, I was worried that I would memorize the moves until show time and forget it when it wa show time." Yuzuri said. When Aiko said "You don't have to worry, I believe we will all do our best." As Yuzuri said "Aimi said the same thing last night." Everyone came to the center and did their work. After their work was over, everyone took a break and Fuyumi said "Guys, we never thought about the name of our group.

" When Aimi said "I have an idea." she said and everyone ask "WHAT?" Aimi said "First of all, does everyone here like roses?" Everyone said "YES." When she said "Partilia" (The combination of party and rose flower.) and everyone said "It makes a lot of sense."