Chapter 5:

Wake up is the end of the world this is no joke.

The Last Light We Saw Before The Battle Begins

As soon as everyone entered my house I said:Bookmark here

"It's best to check out everything we have here to see how long we can hold on until help arrives."
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"We are six people so we better split up to look at the house." Hana suggested.
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"Alright" I agree with hana. "Saya and Keita go upstairs and see if there's water or electricity Rika and Hideki You two are going to do the same down here Hana and I are going to check the kitchen to see all the supplies we have okay?"Bookmark here

"Why do I have to be with this stupid blonde?" Rika complained.Bookmark here

"It hurt my feelings." Hideki suffered a critical blow.
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"Stop complaining and let's do it already." Hana said that while sighed
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Everyone agreed but Rika but she went with Hideki anyway, Hana and I went straight to my kitchen.
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"Hana, you take whatever food you can find and put it on the table."
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"Alright I look at the cabinets below." 
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Hana and I started to grab whatever food was in the cupboards and put it on the living room table i also checked the stove and there was still gas.
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"There weren't many things." I complained.Bookmark here

There were only a few packets of ramen some cereal bars and a few other things I ate daily, everyone gathered again in the living room:
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"Then?" i asked.
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"No electricity no power up there." Keita replied.
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"And you two?" i asked to Hideki and Rika.Bookmark here

"No electricity but there's still water down here." Hideki replied.
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"At least we still have water for now and we also have gas but the problem is the food we only have enough to eat tonight and tomorrow's breakfast then we'll just have cereal bars." I explained the situation.Bookmark here

"why is there only ramen here?" Keita asked.Bookmark here

"Because I don't know how to do anything else." i answered .Bookmark here

"Satori I remember telling you to eat something better the last time I came here." Hideki was pissed off but he continued with the smile he always does.
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"I bet you must have cancer from eating ramen so much." Saya whispered.Bookmark here

"Saya you never speak and when you decide to speak you are so cruel." I said this with a small tear.Bookmark here

"Sorry." She lowered her head even more.Bookmark here

"Forget about my health we have more important things to worry about we need food and there's only one thing we can do." I pissed myself offBookmark here

"What do you suggest Satori?" Hana askedBookmark here

"Let's rob the neighbor." I just said without thinking of an excuse.Bookmark here

"What?" Everyone spoke at the same time.Bookmark here

"We can't steal other people's houses like that." Hana claimed.Bookmark here

"What if they call the police?" Rika warned
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"No one is going to call the police, there is no one in the houses." I stated.Bookmark here

"And how can you know?" Hana questioned.Bookmark here

"Look after we woke up there was no one at school or on the streets we didn't even hear screams just silence i remember seeing people in the hallway of the school before entering the classroom and afterwards they didn't even have bodies." Everybody remains silent as i speak.Bookmark here

"I don't know what's going on but we're in a bad situation where we have to be careful even with monsters and we can't waver because the way things are we can be the only people in the whole town we don't know anything and it's better not to question or we'll go go crazy do you all understand?" I was serious I almost never talk like that but it was necessary.
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Everyone agreed with what I said.
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"Satori I am your friend you can count on me." Hideki was smiling sincerely this time.Bookmark here

"I will be the strong arm of the group don't worry." Keita said this holding his biceps.Bookmark here

"I don't think you leave me a choice, devil's eye." Rika agreed but had to curse me to relieve the effort.Bookmark here

"I'll try not to get in the way." I could see she struggled to say something.Bookmark here

"I will do what I can as a class leader." Hana seems very confident about what she's saying.Bookmark here

"You are no longer the class leader, in fact we don't even have college anymore." Rika caught Hana this time.Bookmark here

Hana's face is red with embarrassment for not having thought before speaking and everyone starts laughing at the situation.
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"Hey i forgot don't laugh like that" Hana scolded everyone with a red face.Bookmark here

While everyone was laughing I declared our next move:
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"Great let's get started on the 'I stole my neighbor while he was away' plan."
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