Chapter 4:

The path of the procreator

Higher Lower

Kevin's heart skipped a beat. The strange man was behind him, whispering in his ear.Bookmark here

"H-how?"Bookmark here

"Are you done playing, Kevin Brown? Are you ready to play the game?"Bookmark here

"What is this game you keep talking about?"Bookmark here

"It's a simple card game called 'Higher-Lower'. I draw one card from this deck, then you will guess if the next card will have a lower value or a higher one."Bookmark here

"Is that all? If I play you will let me go?"Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"But you said th-" Bookmark here

" If you win you will be able to leave. And if you lose..."Bookmark here

The strange man grinned.Bookmark here

" die."Bookmark here

"Die? If I lose? But... how will I know that the game is fair? How will I know that you are not cheating then? That's not fair!" shouted KevinBookmark here

"Life is not fair, Kevin Brown. You should know that. Also it's funny how you talk about cheating. Do I have to remember you what you did to your wife, Kevin Brown?."Bookmark here

"Ahahahah, so that's it! I have to go through all this because what I did. Yes, I did cheat on my wife and took advantage of the fact that she loved me, even though she knew about my affair. I did make her crazy and after she finally wanted to get a divorce I used her mental problems that I created as a means to take the kids from her! Ahahahah. I said it! Happy now? Can I go now?"Bookmark here

"I didn't chose you because of what you did. I am not a god, nor I am a devil, I am not some sort of personification of fate or destiny. I am something much more simple. As for the cheating, all I can do is give you my word that the game is 100% fair."Bookmark here

"Draw the card already and shut up!" Bookmark here

The strange man shuffled the deck and draw the first card. He first looked at it then showed it to Kevin.Bookmark here

"It's a 12. You got lucky, Kevin Brown."Bookmark here

"A 12... that means that there are 2 more possible values that are higher: 13 and 14. In a classic deck of playing cards there are 4 symbols for each value that means that there are only 8 cards in that deck that will make me lose. The rest of the cards are lower."Bookmark here

"Have you decided?"Bookmark here

"What happens if you draw a card with the same value as the previous one?"Bookmark here

"You win regardless of your choice."Bookmark here

"Then I chose lower."Bookmark here

"Final answer?."Bookmark here

"Yeah whatever, just draw the card and let me leave this place."Bookmark here

The strange man proceeded to draw a card. It looked at it then turned it around to show it to Kevin.Bookmark here

"N-no!"Bookmark here

The newly drawn card was a 13, a higher value than the previous one. Kevin had lost the game.Bookmark here

Kevin tried to attack the tall man again, but the man waved his hand and Kevin dropped to the ground. His legs were gone. Bookmark here

"It hurts! Ahhh! Someone help me!" screamed Kevin, but nobody heard him.Bookmark here

"Thanks for playing the game, Kevin Brown." Bookmark here

"Wait please! I am sorry for what I did! I am sorry for attacking you! I am sorry for what I did to my wife! Inherited a huge debt from my parents the only option I had was to marry that rich woman and have kids. I found myself trapped by my own circumstances! I just wanted to be with the woman I love. I just wanted to be happy! Don't I deserve at least a little happiness? I feel so bad about what I did that I can't sleep at night. All I can do now to correct my mistakes is to make my daughters happy, they are waiting for me outside, please let me go!" Bookmark here

As Kevin was crying, his scream was less and less pronounced. The major blood loss made him lose all his power.Bookmark here

" You can't rewrite the past, nor you can deny it, Kevin Brown. Whatever you do now or in the future won't erase your mistakes. Humans think that if they learn from a mistake that they made in the past and make a better future with that knowledge then it's all good, but that is wrong. A better future won't help those whose lives were destroyed in the past, it will only help you feel better."Bookmark here

With his last powers Kevin said:Bookmark here

"What do you suggest then? That we should never get over a mistake that we-"Bookmark here

Kevin couldn't finish his sentence.Bookmark here

" I told you that I am no god, so I don't know the answer to that. I just stated the obvious. Anyway, even if I did know the answer it won't help you. You are dead after all."Bookmark here

Then the strange man vanished.Bookmark here

"Emily, dad has left an hour ago, why hasn't he returned yet? The show has already started!"Bookmark here

"Let's wait 5 more minutes, maybe he will come back. After that let's go search for him. Something might have happened."Bookmark here

" I am sure dad is fine! After all he is the strongest man!"Bookmark here

End.Bookmark here

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Author's noteBookmark here

Thanks for reading my story so far! I will ask you like always to leave a comment and tell me what you liked/disliked about my story so I can make better content in the future. Read the next week's chapters and you might discover new things about this strange man;)Bookmark here

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