Chapter 76:


Wolf Bloodline

Babu slowly approached the soldier and said,

"Come On, Mila-San came here of her own free will! We didn't miss him!"

The soldier pointed his gun at Babu and said,

"Put your hands up and get down on your knees."

"It's just a big misunderstanding-"

Hiroshi turned to Babu and said,

"Panda. You're wasting your breath. They're here to follow orders. They won't listen to you or me."

I said, "Hiroshi-San is right. Let's just go with them for now."

I got down on my knees, raising my hands as the soldiers asked. When Babu and Hiroshi got down on their knees and raised their hands, the soldiers searched our bodies and took all the weapons, knives, and everything. After that, they handcuffed us.

They put Babu, Hiroshi, and Lezlie in the other caged carriage. Even though Lezlie was unconscious, they put a handcuff on her and put her next to Hiroshi and Babu. Health magicians gathered around Mila and looked at her condition, after which she was put on a fairly high-quality horse-drawn carriage. They didn't put handcuffs on her though. She was just taken away from us as she was put on a horse-drawn carriage.

After a short time, the horse-drawn carriages began to move slowly. I turned my head towards Hiroshi and Babu, and they seemed to sit quietly like me, thinking about what was waiting for us in the future. I could easily tell from the looks on their faces that they were thinking about it.

After waiting for a while, Lezlie woke up. When she opened her eyes, she looked around, bewildered, and said,

"What happened? Where are we?"

Hiroshi said,

"In short, we are captured by sea people. And the king is probably thinking about punishing us. But we still don't know anything at the moment."

"But why? Mila-San came here of her own free will. And she also didn't pose any danger to us."

I said,

"It seems that the situation is more complicated than we thought."

After a half-hour's drive, we came back to the kingdom of the sea people. When I looked out from the window, almost all the sea people in the kingdom were looking at the carriage we were in. Their gaze was like there was a killer or a criminal in the car.

When the horse-drawn carriages stopped and the cages opened, we slowly got out. When we got out, people started booing us and started throwing things at us. They were also shouting,

"Hang them!"
"They're serial killers!"
"They've kidnapped our princess!"
"They're thieves!
"The Epic sent them!"

People kept booing us and shouting at us until we entered the castle. And when we entered, the king and his two men greeted us. The King signaled his soldiers and ordered them to stop. He then began to speak,

"You just deceived me with your lies and kidnapped my daughter. I can't say I wouldn't have expected this from you, but I still won't forget your betrayal."

Lezlie said,

"Mila-San wanted to come and infiltrated the vehicle in secret from us. I don't think it's logically right for us to take responsibility for this. Please reconsider your choice once more."

"And do you have any evidence? You may not have kidnapped her, but you have no evidence to prove otherwise. Even if Mila even opposes this situation, she may have been subjected to your mind washes. You probably just tried to hide so much for tears. But I must say, you will never reach my daughter again."

Hiroshi said,

"If our goal was to get the water, we would have achieved it by now."


"The water was already on the mountain from the very beginning and it was there for people to take it. But what we didn't plan was that the elite soldiers would be there. If we had betrayed Mila, we would have already done so."

"I'm sorry, but as I said, I can't believe you. If you have one last request from me, tell me, other than that, I will no longer listen to you."

"As they say, it's harder to dissuade people from what they believe in than to believe in something."

"Lock them in the dungeon. And spread the word to everyone. After my daughter's wedding in two days, they will all be executed."

The soldier nodded and said,

"Yes, sir!"

Even I didn't know what to do. We didn't do anything, but still, the king was so sure about us being the criminals.

By holding me by my chains, they began to push me away from the King. If I had made any wrong moves, It would have been quite distressing for me and for my friends. So I calmly walked into the dungeon without doing anything. They tied each of us to the wall by our wrists and locked us in dungeons.

They tied the chains in the middle of the dungeon to my arms and neck, putting me in a position where I couldn't move. I was down on my knees, unable to use force in any way. I was struggling but I couldn't do anything. As I tried to get rid of the chains, someone called out to me from the shadows,

"Don't bother, you're bound by high-end Titanium chains. This place can even hold an epic."

"I don't care, I need to get out of here as fast as I can!"

"Why you are in such a rush?"

"For a crime, we did not commit, they will execute my friends. I can't allow them."

"Even if you get out of here, what do you think you can do? He'll have you killed the first time you get out or run."

"Even if I have no choice, I have no choice but to try! I can still convince him...."

"Convince? Even if you fight him and win, you can't convince him."

"How can you be so sure?"

An old man got out of the shadows and said,

"Because I've tried that too, Kid."