Chapter 75:

Escaping The Mountain

Wolf Bloodline

The area we were in began to collapse, and Hurk managed to escape with a few of his soldiers by taking water. I couldn't stop him, and I didn't have time to go after him. So Hiroshi and I went to help the others.Bookmark here

At that time, we noticed that they were running towards us too, we stopped. Then Babu started talking loudly,Bookmark here

"This place is about to collapse! We got to get out of here now!"Bookmark here

Hiroshi ripped more pieces out of his jacket and handed them to us. He said,Bookmark here

"Use them as masks for now. The poison gas at the bottom will be here soon, so we don't have much time."Bookmark here

Mila said,Bookmark here

"Do you think these masks will protect us?"Bookmark here

"It will give us the time to escape here. But it will only last for a little while."Bookmark here

Mila then turned around and said,Bookmark here

"Maybe we can get out of where we came from."Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked around and said,Bookmark here

"We can't go back the way we came. We don't have enough time. And by the time we get up, the mountain will already be falling on us."Bookmark here

Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"If the elite soldiers have found a way out of here, maybe we can follow that path."Bookmark here

I said,Bookmark here

"We can't, the road we came from is already covered with ice."Bookmark here

Babu looked at us with a fussy expression and said,Bookmark here

"Well, what do we do now?"Bookmark here

At that time, the poison gas had already reached our area. It was like a heavy fog, and if we stayed here more, it would have an effect on us in a short time. I know had to do something.Bookmark here

That's when I saw a big chunk of ice in front of me that looked like a cylinder. And the tip was pretty sharp. After a brief look around me, I saw a thin layer of ice on the wall, and I had an idea. I turned my head to the others and said,Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-san! Babu! I need your help."Bookmark here

When they approached me, Babu said,Bookmark here

"What do you have in mind, Ryuu-Kun?"Bookmark here

"We will use all of our power and push the ice mass. Then we will break the wall of thin ice behind us."Bookmark here

"Even if your idea is useful, the ice mass is pretty heavy, Kid. We may not be able to apply enough force to break the wall."Bookmark here

"If Mila-San and Lezlie-San can get on top of the ice floe and wet the platform below us with their power and make it slippery, we can gain speed."Bookmark here

Babu said, "Whatever we're going to do, we have to do it as soon as possible, Ryuu-Kun!"Bookmark here

When Lezlie and Mila got top of the ice floe, they used their power to wet the floor. So we got behind the ice mass and started pushing the ice mass. Because it being too heavy, we were moving slower than usual.Bookmark here

We were pushing it with all of our power, but despite it, we couldn't reach enough speed. It was getting less and less in our time. I turned to the others and said,Bookmark here

"Keep pushing! But when I give the signal, get on top of the ice."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said, "Whatever you're going to do, do it quickly, Kid."Bookmark here

I stopped pushing the ice floe and started running back. I had to build up my strength quickly and hit it hard. So we could have an escape route.Bookmark here

When I ran enough, I turned around again and started running towards the ice. As I approached the piece of ice, my speed was increasing. And as I looked back, I realized that the mountain was falling apart and ice floes were falling behind me. I needed to go faster.Bookmark here

When I get close to the ice floe, I shouted,Bookmark here

"Get on top of it! Now!"Bookmark here

When they got on top of the ice, I kicked the ice floe and made it gain speed. As I hit, the piece of ice picked up speed and smashed the wall. When it broke the wall, I jumped after it.Bookmark here

Just as I was about to fall, Hiroshi grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up. We were all sliding fast and uncontrollably down a big mountain on a piece of ice.Bookmark here

When we were sliding, A big rock appeared before us. Hiroshi looked towards us and said,Bookmark here

"Lean left!"Bookmark here

We all leaned to the left. As we reclined, the ice slipped to the left and we survived hitting the big rock. But we kept going down pretty quickly. If we hit the ground at this rate, we could get serious injuries or even die.Bookmark here

Mila looked at the ground and said,Bookmark here

"Hey! We're going down too fast! We have to do something!"Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked at us and said,Bookmark here

"Kid, find a way to slow us down. Mila, use your power to ease our fall."Bookmark here

I did what Hiroshi said and tried to slow down the ice by putting my hands on the mountain. On the other hand, Mila was trying to cover the area where we landed with water. She was trying to make a small lake. And Lezlie was using her magic to extract vines from the mountain and tried to slow down the piece of ice.Bookmark here

We slowed down a lot, but when it hit a path in front of us, we all jumped into the air. We survived by falling into the lake Mila created and I didn't get any injuries, but Lezlie and Mila were knocked unconscious by the impact of our crash. While Hiroshi saved Lezlie, I jumped into the lake and saved Mila.Bookmark here

We were able to save them and they were fine, but they were still unconscious. Now we were all lying safely on the ground, breathing deeply. Babu smiled and said while gasping for air,Bookmark here

"I think it wasn't bad for our first time."Bookmark here

Hiroshi lit his cigar and said,Bookmark here

"Don't get your hopes too high. This was the first and last time."Bookmark here

After a brief respite, dozens of soldiers appeared in front of us. At first, I thought it was the enemy, but what was surprising was that they were soldiers of the kingdom. They pointed their guns at us. Babu said in a confused way,Bookmark here

"Hey! hey! hey! Guys, we're not the enemy, calm down!"Bookmark here

One of the soldiers came forward, shouted, and said,Bookmark here

"You are under arrest with the king's order! For kidnapping the princess! And causing decisiveness between the kingdoms!"Bookmark here

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