Chapter 1:

A normal school life

Devil's Gate

I was an ordinary high school student.Bookmark here

One that had given up being the best of my class. The teachers always tried to tell me I was special, that the world cared about people like me, but as hard as they tried to convince me; I knew the world didn't give a shit about the 0.1 percent.
I never showed it directly to the other students since they would fall into the same hell I was experiencing then, not that it would matter too much anyways as they barely held on to their own grades, working just enough to graduate; but slacking the rest of the time.Bookmark here

There was one exception, the boy in the center of the front row.
He always looked like he was doing what was asked of him, barely complaining and always answering to the teacher's questions, if I recall correctly his name is 'Mochi' but it doesn't feel like it is his real name.Bookmark here

Right behind him was one of his friends, they met on the first day of school and both shared their passion in video-games, I'm having trouble remembering his name and he feels more like a very forgettable side character added in so the author could stretch the story a bit further.Bookmark here

I was writing in my textbook when I suddenly heard the bell ring. The rest of the class had already packed their stuff and were ready to go home.
Everyone walked out of the classroom while I hastily packed my stuff together.Bookmark here

Mochi and his friend were talking to the teacher, I heard their voices but didn't pay any attention to what they are saying, while they were talking I had finally packed my stuff and started walking out of the classroom.
While walking down the hallway I noticed those two weren't far behind and they passed me in no time.Bookmark here

I walked out of the school and started heading to the closest bus stop, there are two paths I could take from here.
I could follow the road and stay within the masses.
Or I could take a shortcut through the park, cross a small road and use a small alleyway.
The second one was shorter but every time I pass through the ally I feel like I could be attacked at any moment.Bookmark here

I decided to follow the road because the stress I get from passing through that ally is the last thing I needed then.Bookmark here

Actually, come to think of it I haven't introduced myself, I think that that would be a good thing to do while we skip past this boring part.
My name is 'Tsurugano Deguchi' but I and everyone else use the shorter 'Tsuru' instead.
I'm a 17 year old girl on my fifth year of high school, while my grades weren't outstanding I'm a pretty smart and capable person.Bookmark here

While walking along the road I saw a shop on the other side. 'A little snack for on the bus couldn't hurt' I thought, so I crossed the street and entered the shop.
I picked up a bag of chips, the bag felt like it was 60-70% air, but I already knew that that is the case with bags of chips.
I took the bag with me as I walked to the drinks section to see of there was something that would help fight off the salt contained inside this bag.Bookmark here

When I approached the coolers keeping the assortment of sweet and energizing drinks I saw Mochi and his friend, they each took a bottle of a dark liquid, I couldn't read the label but it certainly had a red color.
They both walked towards the cashier ready to leave.Bookmark here

I opened the cooler and I picked out this bottle of the same clear liquid but with a black label instead.
The label boasted about the liquid not containing any sugars and how it should be healthier, but I knew that the artificial sweetener used wasn't exactly healthier.
I bought the bottle anyways, while not healthier it definitely helped me keep my line, not that other people would see it through my sweater, but it was just to shut up the little voice in my head trying to tear me down at every turn.
I walked to the cashier, checked out, payed and left the store.Bookmark here

While I am smart and capable, I was more of an introvert, I didn't like showing my face or interacting with the rest of class.
And I never thought the world would care about someone like me.Bookmark here

As I arrived at the bus stop I sat down and waited for the bus to arrive.
It didn't take long for the bus to arrive, I hopped on and headed home.Bookmark here

Once I was home I immediately went to my room, and started doing my homework.
It wouldn't take long before I was interrupted by my mother to eat.
I went downstairs and ate. After that I went back to my room, finished my homework and went to sleep.Bookmark here

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