Chapter 2:

The day it all changed (part 1)

Devil's Gate

I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off."Just like every other day I wake up early", I thought to myself as I prepared myself to get out of bed.
I go through my usual morning routine and after breakfast I leave for school.Bookmark here

When I jump of the bus I look at the clock at the bus stop and notice that if I want to arrive at school on time I would have to hurry.
In order to cut down on time I decide to take the shortcut through the alley.Bookmark here

When I approach I sense some strange feeling coming from within the alley, I can't really describe it; but it feels like bad news.
I look at my phone to check the time.
The clock reads 8:45 AM, if I want to make it in time there is no other choice.Bookmark here

I get inside the alley with a quick pace so I wouldn't have to bee here for too long, as I get around quarter way through I hear strange sounds.
"There is no time to go back and take the other route" I thought trying to reassure myself I made the right decision. "There is no way I'm putting up with the principal again".Bookmark here

I continue down the alley until I see two mysterious figures fighting with some type of weapon that couldn't be explained by any way of physics.
I approach the battleground while trying to stay hidden from the figures, I look closely at one of their hands, some bright shape appears from his hand.
"This looks almost like magic from a videogame" I think to myself, trying to get a closer look at what is going on.Bookmark here

Then I notice one of the figures looking at me, I couldn't see his face but I was certain he saw mine.
He starts creating another one of those weirdly shaped bright weapons, this one looking more like a spear.
Once the spear-like shape had fully formed he launched it in my direction, I make an attempt to dodge it, but before I knew I was already impaled.Bookmark here

The spear had gone through me and stopped after it hit the wall right behind me, if it wasn't for that wall the spear would not have stopped sealing the hole it created in my body.
Even though the spear had sealed the hole, multiple of my organs were either pierced or completely destroyed.
I look up from the spear and at the figure that created it, he suddenly fell on the floor dead.
His falling corpse revealed the other figure, likely he was the cause of the other's sudden death.Bookmark here

I look back at my body and notice the spear slowly fading away revealing the hole it created in my body.
Suddenly I start to lose all my strength.
My heart was destroyed and blood started flowing out my body.
I didn't have long before I would be gone forever, I knew that.Bookmark here

"man this is sad." I thought to myself. "Going out without having achieved anything."
With the last bit of strength I have left I try to get another gaze at the scene.
Then I notice the other figure had approached my dying body and started to create a glowing ball of the same stuff the spear was made of.Bookmark here

'You will be safe' echoed through the alley.
The immense pain I had from being impaled was fading away together with the colorful shades the world had.
Not only that but my consciousness also started fading away from the loss of blood.
I knew this was the end of me, yet somehow it didn't feel like dying, it feels more like taking.. a ... deep ..... nap.Bookmark here

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