Chapter 5:

What will happen to Aimi?

Dance Group of Idols (アイドルのダンスグループ)

Our group's name was Partilia. It was evening and everyone left the center. As Aimi was returning home, she felt as if someone was following her. When Aimi looked behind her, someone was indeed following her. (She realized this by hearing the sound another shoe behind her as she walked.) Aimi immediately started running, and the person behind her started running too. Aimi was starting to worry. Then the next time she looked back, she was still following Aimi. The person behind her started running very fast and caught Aimi. Aimi said

--Who are you? The person who caught Aimi:

--I'll explain later. Aimi said:

--OK. Aimi:

--Where are we going? The person who caught Aimi:

--We're going your home. Aimi was suprised:

--To my house? said Aimi. The person who caught Aimi:

--Yup. Come on take me home. Aimi:

--Why to my house? When Aimi asked, the person who caught Aimi shouted to Aimi and said:

--My house or your house, there is no diffrence between the two. So that doesn't matter either.

They finally arrived at Aimi's house. When Aimi arrived in front of her house, she saw her friends. Her friends were very happy to see Aimi. Mana said:

--Aimi, we've been waiting here for half an hour I've already texted you. Didn't you see the message?

Saying this, Mana and the others saw the person next to Aimi. Mana's mouth fell open when see saw the person next to Aimi also gaped when she saw Mana. The person next to Aimi immediately hugged Mana. Mana also hugged the person next to the Aimi. Then the person next to Aimi apologized profusely to Aimi and introduced herself. 

--I'm Aina. We used to be in the same group as Mana. Everyone says:


When she says, Mana:

--Yes, I had a group with Aina and my other friends. But there was a problem between us and I left the group.

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