Chapter 1:

Chapter One

I Love You

Jake's POVBookmark here

"They signed the Unwind order just to spite each other, but laugh, laugh, laugh Hayden, because if you ever stop laughing, it might just tear you apart."Bookmark here

Jake thought of this, quietly brooding in his solitary white walled room, containing no more than his bed (with black and dark purple sheets of course) and his desk, with his meager set of possessions. "What a stupid boy," he thought. "When laughter is the only thing that he has to hold on to, does his life really even matter anymore?" He gave a quick huff of air out of his mouth, blowing a strand of his purple hair out of his face. He quickly scrolled past that thought in his mind. "Now isn't the time for that."Bookmark here

The dull sound of a slamming front door coming from downstairs jerked Jake out of his land of thought, the sound of his boyfriend's soft voice calming him into a sense of calmness and even... happiness?Bookmark here

"Jake, I'm home! Where are you?"Bookmark here

"I'm here."Bookmark here

"Where is 'here', Jake?"Bookmark here

Frustrated. He knew that tone.Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

"It's okay."Bookmark here

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. Jake felt slightly comforted by the familiar sound of Arthur's footsteps on the stairs. They had been together for 5 years, but even so, he wasn't used to communicating with even him - let alone anyone else. He used the safe phrase for tonight. "How was work?"Bookmark here

The upturning of the mouth. Crinkly eyes. Jake knew these signs - Arthur was feeling happy, and Jake knew that it was because he had talked this evening, which often didn't happen. He could also not comprehend how Arthur was so happy all the time, especially with the job that had traumatized Jake into this ... living ... monster, monster, monster, mon-Bookmark here

"Jake?"Bookmark here

He peered up through his soft mop of hair, scanning up past the scratchy blue 'hospital clinic' get up until he reached Arthur's face - possibly the only thing that Jake was able to hold onto, right at the moment. He stood up, and hugged his boyfriend, breathing the pine smell and happy scent. He felt so incredibly secure and calm, he would probably never le-Bookmark here

The clinic was so bright, and although there was a low murmuring and a high pitched low drone, the sound of his heartbeat pumping through his ears drowning out rational thought and needless background noise. Mistake. This is a mistake. It's not me, it's not supposed to be me...Bookmark here

It won't be me.Bookmark here

Frustration and overwhelming fear was powering, driving, controlling. The bonds around his ankles were the first to go, the sheer strength his fear steering the madness. There was a tingling of warm, sticky fluid running down his wrists, but he barely noticed - he was out, he was almost free. The next moments were a blur - spots of red, black and white, but Jake was blind to everything except the growing natural light, to the fresh air outside of this terrifying complex of pain and sadness.Bookmark here

He reached out his hand, running through bleached white walls and barred windows, bleached walls and barred windows, he couldn't run any faster ... and then the light swallowed him up and he was free, free, free, and he could breathe and he would live, and he, would live,Bookmark here

andBookmark here

HeBookmark here

WouldBookmark here

Live.Bookmark here

"ke? ake? Jake? JAKE?"Bookmark here

He was shaking, wrapped in the arms of a worried Arthur, and when he looked into the green eyes, he was swallowed up.Bookmark here

"It happened again?"Bookmark here

"Yeah..."Bookmark here

"I'm so sorry, Jake."Bookmark here

"I'm okay"Bookmark here

"No-"Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry about me."Bookmark here

"I love you."Bookmark here

"I know."Bookmark here

Rebby Sakamaki
Takahashi  Eien

I Love You

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