Chapter 3:

The interaction

Short and Romantic, right?

* Erina takes out a handkerchief and starts wiping the blood away, during which the adrenaline runs out and Saruko passes out.*

*Erina then carries saruko to the nurses office and lays him down on a bed*

*Saruko finally wakes up after a couple of hours!*

Saruko: What...what happened?

Erina: I don’t know you just came into the library covered in blood and next thing I know you’re passed out.

Saruko : who’s this beautiful girl next to me

Saruko: Her eyes are the color of ruby, her hair is so straight yet looks so natural , she smells so good too I can smell her from here and her aura is so honest I feel so safe around it.

Saruko: Where am I, how’d I get here?

Erina: I brought you here.

*Nurse walks in*

Nurse: Oh good you’re awake, do you know who I am?

Saruko: Um I’m guessing you’re the nurse of this place?

Nurse: Precisely, now do you know who you are?

Saruko: I ca...can’t remember.

The Nurse then checks everything else and asks some more questions.

Nurse: oh boy it looks that hit was harder than we would’ve thought he’s suffering from amnesia.

Erina: Amnesia? How’s that possible he just remembered who I was before he passed out.

Nurse: Well. I don’t know.

*Erina’s face gets irritated*

Erina: I guess I’ll take care of you until you get home.(said with very little enthusiasm)

Saruko: Really, Thanks? I guess.

Erina: Are you ready to go?

Saruko: yeah I think so.

*they both walk out and erina spots renji coming across*

Erina: Isn’t that your friend reji right there*

Oh yes of course I’d never forget reji says Saruko sarcastically.

Erina: I’m going to call him over here.

Erina: Hey Reji!

*Renji looks over and sees them together he then gives a thumbs up to saruko and runs off *

Saruko : He’s useless, I’m guessing he thinks we’re doing something together.

Erina: Your friend’s an idiot

Saruko: Hey don’t look at me, I know him as much as you do.

Erina: Whatever lets just walk to my house, I’m sure we can figure something out there.

~~~They’re now walking outside of school to erinas house~~

Saruko: So hey..thanks for helping me.

Erina: yeah, no problem I guess it’s kind of my fault for having us meet at the library instead of just in the classroom.

Saruko: Yeah, you’re right.

*Erina gets irritated at his response and adds distance between them.*

Saruko: I’m just playing, really thank you.

Erina: I didn’t do it for you I just wanted to make sure it didn’t come back to haunt me.

Saruko: Right..Anyways how far is your house?

Erina: We’re almost there, it's just around one street down.

Saruko: I wonder what kind of place she lives in.

Saruko: So you never told me how we’re going to figure out where I live?

Erina: Oh yeah I’ll just ask my father. I think him and your parents were friends in highschool.

Saruko: Her father? Does he know me or are we something, she was waiting for me to wake up longer then someone who’d just be a little worried.

Saruko: Now that I think of it I never got your name what was it?

Erina: Oh it’s Fubasaki. Fubasaki, Erina. Anyways we’re here.

Saruko looks at an old, worn down building, looks like it barely holds a family.

Two children then come out to hug erina!