Chapter 2:

Past 1 - Chamber

Last Man Alive

Yes you heard me right, i was the reason they all died, he still talked to himself while sitting right next to the dead girl. Let me tell you what happened that night. I know i have told you this infinite times but hear it once more. Then he continued telling the incident of five years ago.Bookmark here

---------------×-----------×-----------×-----------------Bookmark here

5 years ago Bookmark here

3 months after the virus broke outBookmark here

That was the time when i was still in Japan. That was one of the most dark and deadliest night of my entire life. I still can't forget that terrible incident when those zombies surrounded our base.Bookmark here

We changed many bases but that was our last base because after that no one was alive to make a base. Bookmark here

Our final base, a big chamber type building with several entrances. A vast hall which allowed only one way to go up, a short staircase surrounded by walls which lead to the second floor. Second floor, which covered one-fourth portion of the hall from upside. Second floor had several rooms.Bookmark here

At that time the zombies broke through all the entrances swarming the entire hall. They were caged outside the staircase which was blocked by several rods embedded horizontally in the wall surrounding the staircase, not allowing a zombie to break through.Bookmark here

Our group was at the second floor witnessing zombie's moment from the ceiling. Terrified, as this could be the end of us. Bookmark here

We had spears and swords in our hands. Guns too but some certain members only. Bookmark here

"Do not fear now!! Move accordingly to plan" a sound came from the crowd. It was someone right at the front of crowd. Left leg on the ceiling, holding a spear with right hand. Bookmark here

It was Sheila our group leader. A girl with blonde hair with a pony tail. Skinny but strong. Her left hand was missing but she stood tall against the terrifying horde of zombies.Bookmark here

Upon hearing her words everyone started moving. Elder man and woman moved to a room at the right side of staircase while all the children moved to the left side inside a room.Bookmark here

Two men moved down the stairs with their spears. Stood right in front of zombies. Those rods were the only medium which protected those man from zombies. Bookmark here

Zombies hands reached towards them from the space between the bars but they took their distance and stood on the third stair from the ground.Bookmark here

Sheila from up the stairs leaned down just to say "begin". They tightened their grip on the spears and pierced the skull of the zombie which stood at the front. They kept moving their spears back and forth, in and out, again and again doing the same thing. The zombies kept dropping dead after getting pierced through. One fell down the next one came ahead. Just like a big line of women waiting for their turn in supermarket sale. Bookmark here

A big crowd of dead bodies was made on the entrance of staircase. We all remaining boys and some girls stood upside and watched those two man do all the labor. Those two were big man with muscles. Moving a big spear continuously like that wasn't a big task for them.Bookmark here

Sheila ordered one of us to do the next thing. Several boys nodded then went to the right side and brought lots of bottles full of petrol. Bookmark here

The two men downstairs were asked to stand back. Boys standing by the ceiling opened bottle's cap then sprinkled petrol on those zombies. They jerked the bottle so that petrol's drop could reach far away. When they emptied the bottles a burning piece of wood was brought there. Bookmark here

Sheila held it with her right hand. Flames so close to her face you could see her beauty easily. She raised the wood then without any hesitation she threw it on the zombies.Bookmark here

The big horde of zombies caught fire as soon as the flames came in contact with the petrol. They were burning but they didn't feel pain. None of them even screamed a little. It was like watching a heap of trash getting burned. Bookmark here

They all ended up dead, burned to ashes. Bookmark here

We all thought that was it no more zombies for tonight everyone must have thought that. But we were wrong, it wasn't over yet.Bookmark here

A zombie came running through the main entrance. It ran so fast and finally clashed his head against the rod at the entrance of staircase. His skull opened up due to the the big impact with the metal rod. He dropped dead.Bookmark here

Everyone was shocked, no one could comprehend what just happened. But they became more afraid then getting shocked as they saw a big dent on the upper rod. That zombie did that. Bookmark here

One more zombie entered the hall, running, he too clashed against the rod giving it another dent. Then came another one, one more, again, once again, another again. They kept coming and clashing again the rod. One by one they clashed and dropped dead. After ninth or tenth impact the upper most rod bursted out. That zombie who gave the final blow didn't die and tried to enter through the gap but it wasn't still big enough to fit him. That zombie stopped trying to get in, he turned his back then ran out of the chamber.Bookmark here

That scene was the most terrifying scene we had ever seen in our life. The action taken by that zombie had us frozen. Bookmark here

But sheila snapped out of it. "What are you doing Smith? Don't let them break the rods that easily." She shouted. One of the man standing downstairs replied "yeah. Willson we have to stop them from breaking any more rods". The other guy nodded as he tightened his grip.Bookmark here

Few minutes passed, the chamber was so silent, not a single person moved and not a single zombie appeared. Bookmark here

But that was the end of the silence. Loud noise came from the entrance, Sound of sprinting, and in a snap zombies entered through all the entrances, running. Total 10 of them came right towards the bars. Bookmark here

Smith and Willson were ready to stab them as soon as possible. "Let's do it" Smith shouted. They both moved the head of their spears outside the bars. Bookmark here

10 zombies clashed all together at the bars. Two of them were killed by the spears. The upper most bar was saved but the bottom bar, they were all destroyed. Bookmark here

The terror rose again in everyone. Smith and Willson expected zombies to attack the upper most bar but they were shocked by the fact that those zombies targeted every single bar. Bookmark here

A passage big enough for a person to fit in was made. Smith and Willson rushed upward. They failed to protect the staircase entrance. Bookmark here

Everyone started going in and out of the room, bringing together a weapon, a machete, knife, axe anything sharp they all picked up.Bookmark here

Sheila moved towards me and quietly said "Raiden, bring up my machete." I nodded then brought her machete from the room at the most left side. Bookmark here

An old but sharp machete which she held in her right hand. I also grabbed one which was very much similar to her's in my right hand.Bookmark here

And then we waited there for those zombies as they had done quite a work in making that passage. We know it wasn't just for the show but a huge horde of zombie will be coming here to feast on us.Bookmark here

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