Chapter 3:

Past 2 - Gunshot

Last Man Alive

Everyone stood silently holding a weapon in their hand. Waiting for a head on fight against zombies. We all were ready to take them on.Bookmark here

Along with Smith and Willson, several boys stood around the stairs with long spears in their hands, surrounding it from left and right. The staircase was open from the top, so they had a big advantage with the long spears to fight against the zombies without much risk involved.Bookmark here

I and Sheila stood against the big door at the far left side, the door in which all the children evacuated a few moments ago. Several young men stood between us and the staircase.Bookmark here

At the far right side stood a guy with silver Bookmark here

hair, protecting the door through which all the elders evacuated. He was the only one having an actual katana, his name was Toshi.Bookmark here

Our eyes were fixed on the entrance, waiting patiently for our guests.Bookmark here

Then it began.Bookmark here

A big horde of zombies, charging through the gate, but they weren't as quick as the zombies who broke the bars. Bookmark here

They reached the staircase and started crawling upwards. The boys, wielding spears, were in their positions, ready to impale any zombies that came inside their field of vision. As soon as the zombies crawled their way up to the spear's attacking range, the boys started their anticipated counterattack, piercing the zombie's skulls. Pulling their spears back from the impaled skulls, then attacking the ones behind the zombies who just dropped dead. They kept on going with their spears back and forth, killing every single zombie who made their way through the staircase. Bookmark here

The horde struggled to get through the small entrance filled with all the corpses under their feet. They pushed their way in, throwing corpses out of their way. Bookmark here

It was getting a lot harder for them to hold those monsters down on the very bottom as the amount of them kept on increasing and they were losing their stamina. At this point the horde reached halfway through the stairs, making their way up slowly.Bookmark here

A zombie, after covering more than half of the stairs, jumped towards a guy.Bookmark here

The guy, ready to attack the incoming zombie, plunged his spear ahead with a great force to stop the zombie, however.Bookmark here

The zombie was able to dodge it, coincidentally, slipping right past it. That guy tried to pull back his spear but it's momentum didn't let him do so. He was then left completely defenseless against the incoming zombies. Bookmark here

That zombie managed to get a hold of the boy's hand and pulled him downwards.Bookmark here

The zombie's strength was exponentially more than the tired boy. As a result, the zombie pulled him along to the staircase filled with zombies. Everything happened so quickly that the other boys couldn't notice a single thing until the boy fell down in the pit of zombies.Bookmark here

They all tried to attack the zombies behind the boy. But it was already too late. Bookmark here

The boy had been bitten by the pack of zombies behind him. They pulled him towards them, biting and feasting on his entire body. He felt the utter pain running throughout his body. He wanted to scream but held it inside. Enduring the pain, he wanted it all to end. He looked up to his fellow comrades. Bookmark here

Endless tears were flowing out from his eyes. With his body covered in blood.Bookmark here

"Kill me" he cried in despair while coughing up blood and said his final words.Bookmark here

All the other boys stood there speechless, feeling sad and terrible for not being able to save their friend. They turned their sadness into anger and attacked those zombies with their spears. Bookmark here

STABBookmark here

They impaled a spear through the boy's chest to give him salvation.Bookmark here

Before they could pull back their spears, zombies rushed from the back and climbed up on their spears which were still inside the dead zombies.Bookmark here

As a result, few of them climbed over the spear and rushed upwards. Bookmark here

The boys couldn't keep up with the zombies. They lost their balance which made them lose their spears.Bookmark here

The zombies fell down along with spears but the horde kept moving upwards, reaching the top of the stairs. Smith and Willson, waiting there with an axe, went berserk and started piercing the skull of every single zombie which came in their way. But the amount of zombies kept on increasing and those two couldn't hold all of them all by themselves. They backed off a little, away from the stairs. Bookmark here

The zombies reached the second floor. Bookmark here

Boys who wielded spears, backed off. Bookmark here

They all rushed inside the room containing weapons and grabbed whatever was available, mainly machete, axe and knife.Bookmark here

Zombies rushed from both sides, and the boys prepared themselves for the incoming attack.Bookmark here

Sheila gave me a quick look, we both nodded at each other to tell that we are ready.Bookmark here

Then the battle started!Bookmark here

Splattering of blood.Bookmark here

The never ending horde of zombies.Bookmark here

The awful atmosphere, filled with the scent of rotten flesh and blood.Bookmark here

Everyone did their best, we kept killing them with every ounce of strength we had. Some got bitten, but still didn't give up, we kept killing them to no end.Bookmark here

I, alongwith Sheila, kept killing the zombies who managed to slip past the boys standing ahead of us. Bookmark here

Gradually, more of our people got bitten and more zombies started making their way through our frontlines.Bookmark here

We two got cornered against the far left door. Zombies kept coming and we kept killing them side by side, together. Bookmark here

Killing these gruesome monsters so efficiently, that too with just one hand, Sheila must be really talented. But, as time passed by, our strength started going down while the enemy numbers kept on increasing, so we started struggling to keep up.Bookmark here

Two zombies pounced on Sheila. Bookmark here

She attacked one of them, opening its skull with her machete. Bookmark here

She tried pulling back the machete but it was stuck in the zombie's head. She didn't panic and used all of her strength to pull out the machete and finally she was successful. Bookmark here

But. The other zombie already reached her flesh and was ready to bite her. Sheila wouldn't be able to make it in time, she was definitely going to get bitten, while I watched the whole thing right beside her, killing other zombies.Bookmark here

Thump ThumpBookmark here

Adrenaline rushed through my body.
Bookmark here

My heart started beating quickly. Bookmark here

Thump ThumpBookmark here

My mind got blank and all I could think about was to somehow save her. Bookmark here

I didn't want to lose her. I wanted to protect her. I wanted her to live.Bookmark here

So i did that. Bookmark here

I broke the taboo.Bookmark here

The number one rule of our group, I broke that. I took out a handgun from my back, aimed it at the zombie and shot.Bookmark here

The zombie dropped dead.Bookmark here

Everyone looked at me, freaking out. Bookmark here

Even Sheila shouted at me "What the hell did you just do!?" Bookmark here

I came back to my senses realizing what I just did.Bookmark here

This whole city was empty at that moment, it was just our group and the zombies. Bookmark here

And in that empty city, sound traveled much further. Bookmark here

The sound of gunshot which i fired traveled miles away. It was heard by most of the zombies in the city.Bookmark here

We knew what was going to happen now. Bookmark here

We could already hear them. Bookmark here

The sound of rumbling, coming closer every second. Bookmark here

They were coming, not hundred or two hundred, but thousands came running towards our little base.Bookmark here

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