Chapter 4:


Short and Romantic, right?

Two children came out to hug erina!

Saruko : they have bruises, bruises all over their arms. What’s happening here?

Saruko: Are these your little sisters?

Erina: Yes, introduce yourself, you two.

The two children hid away behind Erina

Saruko: Scared? Why are they so scared of me?

Saruko: Hey it’s okay if they don’t want to.

Erina: sorry, they’re just a little nervous

Erina: Is dad home?

Sister 1: no, he said he had to go get something he’ll be back.

Erina: okay, let’s go inside.

Saruko : we’re walking inside now but now that I think of it she’s wearing a sleeved uniform and has leggings that show nothing, is she hiding something?

Saruko: You want me to go?

Erina: Yeah just follow me.

Saruko: I wonder how it’s going to be on the inside.

~ They’re now entering her home ~

Saruko: it doesn’t seem dirty at all. In Fact it’s spotless. However, it seems rundown and mostly everything looks old and torn.

Erina: You can just meet me in my room. I'll be right there, I just got a quick call to make. It’s down the hall on the left.

Saruko: um..okay!

~ Saruko has now entered the room ~

Saruko : Compared to everything else it seems so modern here, just not as much stuff.

~ Minutes later erina has now entered ~

Erina: For now we can just wait here until my dad has come.

Saruko: oh okay.

Erina: So you remember anything yet? Like anything at all?

Saruko: no not really.

Erina: Oh okay, I’ll try telling you some things about school, maybe that’ll jog something.

Saruko: okay.

Erina: Your name is Saruko  Takahashi, you got to Yashio High school, hmm… uh that one guy was your best friend. You pay attention in school somewhat uh that’s all I can think of. Did it help?

Saruko: No, sorry. I still can’t remember anything.

Saruko : This girl really doesn’t know anything about me, why was I going to the library with her?

Erina: Don’t you have a phone you can try?

Saruko: Maybe, let me check. Oh yeah here it is!

Saruko: oh it’s not turning on.

Erina: It must’ve broken on the fall down.

Saruko: hey can I ask something.

Erina: sure.

Saruko: It doesn't seem like we really knew each other that well, so why are you helping me and why were we meeting up at the library?

~ Erina gets too embarrassed to say why ~

~ A loud bang comes from outside ~

Saruko: What was that??

Erina: father must be home, I hope he’s good!

Father *with a muffled voice*: Erina, kids. Where are you?

Erina: I’m going to go ask him about you. If you hear a scream, just run. Please, don’t ask any questions just go.

Erina: The windows cracked just go from there.

Saruko: um okay. but-

~ Erina leaves before he can say anything else~

Saruko: that was weird, something’s definitely not right.

~ Saruko then hears a scream, filled with so emotion, so much despair, he does what erina says in fear ~