Chapter 7:

First day of class

Spirit Guardians

Present day

Mashù- I swear I'll find him and eliminate him from existence!!!

Mashù calm down, we'll find him in no time. I'm pretty sure the police are looking for him 24/7.

Mashù-well it's been 3 years and still nothing I know he's still out there taking awakened spirits from kids. I swear I want him to beg for my forgiveness if I ever see him again. The only thing I have to show from that event is this lightning shaped scar I got on my back from one of the grunts with an electrical whip.

Kamira- wow I never knew that's what happened.

Romaji- So that's how Retaliare died he was one of my favorite guardians too. How can he die from such a weakling like the earth spirit. I would win easily.

Mashù- Shut your mouth you idiot!!! He saved my life with his dying breath after fighting almost 30 grunts by himself!!!

Romaji- ok I'm sorry Geez…

I'm sorry Mashù, it must've been scary for you.

Mashù- it was and still is…. But I'll be fine for now. Why don't someone else tell their story….. Yoku tell Anjero why you always wear those headphones

Yea now that I noticed that you do wear those everywhere.

Yoku-Ok amazing story. I wear them because it helps me focus and my guns are very loud….

That's it??? Ok then Kamira…


What about that tattoo on your neck?

Kamira- Oh's a rose that goes all the way to my hand. It symbolizes my sick sister. She's my inspiration to fight everyday.

Yoku- what about you Anro?

What about me???

Yoku- those blue streaks in your hair.

Oh.. this I don't know as long as i've been aware i've had it all my life

Yoku- Hm...weird but ok

*Everyone finishes their food and head off to their rooms and sleep.

*The next day

S.E.I.D.- good morning Anjero how'd you sleep?

I slept well enough S.E.I.D. Thank you.

S.E.I.D.- No problem today you'll be in the classroom today.

Classroom I thought we Trainees we're special???

S.E.I.D.- You are but you all have to become smart guardians as well. Learning is Fundamental Anjero sir.

Ok I get it, where's the classroom anyway???

S.E.I.D.- I already marked it on your Device just follow the directions….and don't be late!!

Thank you S.E.I.D. Huh… I'm tired but I can't complain now this is the life I chose…..

Ok… down this hallway and to the right. Oh wow this classroom is kinda….small

Romaji- I mean Duh…there's only a few of us don't need a big room for like… 6 students

You do have a point there ok so where do I sit???

Kamira- sit anywhere there's no assigned seating.

Ok I guess I'll sit here..

*School bell rings

*Mīgan Sutarion her spirit Siren, the spirit of sound, arrives with books in her hand.

Mīgan- ok class… oh I see we have a new recruit. You must be Anjero Sutanri, am I correct?

Yes ma'am

Mīgan- It's Ms. Sutarion, nothing else got it???

(Whispering) She's kinda tall don't you think Yoku???

Yoku- yea we've all noticed. Yo Teach you lookin kinda good today!! Like a full course Meal. Mhmm


*Mīgan uses her powers and blows Yoku all the way to the back of the room

Yoku- Owww…. Geez Teach I was just giving you a compliment.

Kamira- you'd think you learn by now Yoku...huh

Mīgan- ok Class we'll be learning spirit history today. Anjero were you able to get all your books yet?

No I haven't

Mīgan- Well just share with someone.


Kamira- Sorry I ripped mine…

*Anjero looks at Romaji

Romaji- Don't even think about it.

Huh…. What's his problem? Yo Mashù can I share with you?...Mashù

Mashù- Huh...Sorry it was spacing out, though.

You good man?

Mashù- yea I'm good

Mīgan- ok turn to page 64 we'll be learning about the spirit war.

*Hajime knocks on the door and walks in.