Chapter 0:


The Ethereal Scarlet

-- It was pitch-black everywhere --Bookmark here

He could not see a single thing. He navigated left and right, but it was only filled with darkness. To check if his eyes were open, he tried to move his right hand to reach
unto his eyes, only to realize his arm wouldn’t even so much as budge.
‘Something’s wrong’, he thought, but soon after, the answer came. He couldn’t move either of his hands. No, it wasn’t just his hands.
His arms, his legs and everything aside his head, couldn’t move.Bookmark here

Unable to stand the feeling of not knowing what’s going on, he forced himself to get up even if it felt like it was going to crush him, just to get his answers.
Soon enough, a weird sensation surfaced from above him. Something big and heavy was preventing him from moving.Bookmark here

Then, as if his thoughts were being heard by someone, that heavy feeling on top
of the back of his body was removed. It suddenly happened, and in that instant, light came to his eyes. Different colors, similar to that of a rainbow, were what he initially saw. Reacting to the sudden entrance of light in his eyes, he lifted up his head
that was somehow facing the ground, searching for the source of light. And there, he realized-
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???: "W-what’s going on?"
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He realized that he doesn’t understand a speck of what’s happening right now. He
wasn’t actually on the ground. With his chest facing downward, his body was on top of something that’s about three or more times his size, a piece of concrete. Forcing
himself to move by stretching every muscle he can use, he soon grasped the reason why he was denied any movement. It took him a few seconds to accept the
reasoning, but when he looked once again at the source of light, even when it
seemed absurd, he had no choice but to accept it.Bookmark here

He was sandwiched by two pieces of large concrete.

As he gasped for air, he was staggered by the fact that his body was still able to
survive despite being in this horrendous situation. Perhaps, it was just simple luck
that the two pieces of concrete were flat and smooth, most likely fragments of a
building. However, fragments as it may be, it was still a lot bigger than him. Due to
that, he's currently in this limp state.Bookmark here

With that large concrete that was crushing his back gone, he was back on his original agenda. However, rather than trying to find out how he ended up in this
situation, he was left stupefied when he got a larger picture of what's currently going on.Bookmark here

Without averting his eyes from the different colors of light above him, he realized
that the piece of concrete that was crushing him earlier was sucked up by the
swirling vortex on top of this world. Right now, he was on another piece of concrete
that was floating and being brought to the sky as well.Bookmark here

A conclusive analysis quickly ensued in his mind.Bookmark here

He was originally facing the ground, but it wasn't the 'ground' that common sense
dictated. He wasn't on the surface all along. Instead, he, along with that piece of
concrete he's still currently lying upon, were being pulled around by the swirling
vortex on top of the sky.Bookmark here

Along with rapid flashes of lightning, the swirling vortex had different colors
emanating inside of it. It was beautiful took at, but what it was causing is
something far graver than the product of its beauty.Bookmark here

Destructing, Disappearing, Dissolving, Dematerializing.Bookmark here

That is what's happening to this world this very moment. Aside from his own, lots of materials, furniture, or perhaps everything that exists in this world, were being
pulled towards the vortex. It was as if there's a large tornado that was meant to
destroy this very world.Bookmark here

Realizing that the end was drawing near, if this was truly the last moment of his life,
then he at least wanted to comprehend the whole situation. Without the piece of
concrete on top of him anymore, 'I could probably try to move even just a bit', was
what he thought. However, as he tried doing so, his hopes fell short.Bookmark here

He still couldn't.Bookmark here

Discerning this, he tried to take a glimpse at his body's situation again. He could
move his hands slightly, but his arms couldn't. He also couldn't feel anything on
the lower side of his body. Forcefully turning his head to get a sight of his lower
body's circumstance, another problem came to light.Bookmark here

He saw traces of red liquid matter near where his legs are, and that's when it came
to him. He didn't have his legs anymore. The reason why he couldn't feel anything
below there made sense now. To be specific, his legs were crushed to the point that
it had been separated from him.Bookmark here

The moment he knew of this, he couldn't stay calm. So, like what anyone would
do out of panic, he screamed. With an annoying screech on his throat, his agony
continued on.Bookmark here

In any case, right from where he was, he wouldn't even be able to see the ground
anymore. Not because he was at a high enough altitude for him not to perceive
it, but because it doesn't exist anymore. Slowly, but surely, this world was being
destroyed.Bookmark here

Yes, as if it was being-Bookmark here

-------------------------------Bookmark here

-----------------------------------------Deleted-----------------------------------------Bookmark here

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