Chapter 3:



.......Tetsuya running fastly towards that place where Haruka went but when he reaches there(Breathing heavily), he sees no one in the vicinity,

"What the hell? What's going on here? I thought Haruka would be wandering around here but where hell is she? Or isn't some nefarious thing happen to her? No no..... That's not possible, I m thinking way too ahead. I have to look for her properly before coming to any conclusion." He mutters.

Meanwhile, Kyoshi (Haruka's father) reaches Sayaka's hut and tells the details about the situation and begs(anxious and distressed) to find his daughter and bring her back safely. Seeing the desperate father Sayaka calms things down and makes a promise that she will bring her daughter back safely.

Hearing Sayaka's promise, he(Kyoshi) braces himself and says,

" Thank you very much Sayaka-sama now I am feeling much better. However, we can't stay idle we have to find her as soon as possible."

Sayaka tells Kyoshi to lead the way where Haruka went. Both Kyoshi and Sayaka run fast towards that place but unfortunately, after arriving at that place they see that Haruka is nowhere to be found.

Kyoshi gets anxious again and try to find her desperately in the peripheral area but couldn't find any clue about her. Suddenly Sayaka recalls a unique method and tells Kyoshi about it,

"Kyoshi calm down and listen to me, you don't have to worry about her(Haruka) because I have a way to find her if she would not have been gone too far. I have a special magic spell that will help me to trace her location and afterwards we can find her quickly."

"But this magic spell needs some time to show its effect so you have to be patient enough Okay!...."

"Don't worry it will help me to track down her location in no time, then we will reach there quickly and save her if she will be in any kind of danger."

Then, Sayaka uses the magic spell named "Mind Vision"(This Tire Three magic spell consumes a lot more mana and time than the same Tire of other magic spells) to feel her presence through the small amount of "Magical Aura"( Excess amount of mana oozing out form a particular) left by her in the vicinity during flower plucking.

Form the spell she gets the information about her(Haruka) and tells Kyoshi,

" Listen Kyoshi I have felt her "Magical Aura" that is oozing out in a very small amount nearby the flowers but luckily it's getting stronger towards the direction of the forest path and she may be not that far away from us as we think, it's a good sign that's why we must have to hurry up and depart as quickly as we can."

Afterwards, Kyoshi and Sayaka run towards the forest path by following the traces of her
"Magical Aura", which is getting stronger as soon as they get closer to the forest.

Meanwhile(Location of the village), Tetsuya is moving forward with quicker speed by using a wind magic spell named "Flash Drive"(Tire two magic spell) towards the forest. But After catching some distance, he hears a loud noise coming from the inside of the forest that frightens him altogether and a weird thought comes to his mind,

" Oh my god!.. A screech of a girl from the inside of the forest, whether I like it or not it's her(Haruka) yeah!... It's got to be her. Seems like something wrong is happening to her I must reach there immediately otherwise, what would I tell Kyoshi Oji-san that it was my fault that I had failed to protect her no-no-no... This can't happen and I will never let it to."

He(Tetsuya) then calms himself down and manages to track down the route of sound that came from the forest and moves with full speed by using the same spell but adding the boost version of it to that spell, to reach there quickly.

Meanwhile(Location of the forest), Haruka, who is running fastly towards villages from the forest, feels the presence of someone is moving towards her very fast and thinking of it might attack her, she begins to screech rapidly while running. After catching some distance she realises that the presence of someone, chasing her from behind, is gone. She feels safe and mumbles,

" Seems like the problem is gone, now I can take a sigh of relief but it occurs to me that tranquillity never lasts longer here, that's why I have to stay vigilant enough until I reach the village safely."

Haruka, carrying a positive set of thoughts, moves forward but after taking about 30 steps, she sees something that gives her chills from top to bottom.

Because this is not just something, it's a "White Wolf"(Tire-2 Magical Beast) but an unusual one exuding an intense "Magical Aura"(like Tire-4 Magical Beast) and sharp killing intent. Haruka, shivering in fear, gradually moves backwards and at the same time the beast(Growling) also takes steps forward to her slowly, suddenly she slips and falls on the surface.

Seeing her like that beast howls strongly (like it is going to rip her apart in no time) and hastens to pounce her but from its right, Tetsuya appears suddenly from nowhere and assaults its right side of the belly(in the vitals) with an enchanted wooden stick(using Enchantment magic spell). Since he was not perfect enough in the "Mana Control Technique", Even though the impact of the strike was powerful enough to kill any 'Tire-3 Magical Beast', not enough to cause any deep wound in its vitals. But due to Tetsuya's tremendous killing intent, it steps back for some reason.

Then Tetsuya goes near Haruka to solace her and asks,

" How is your condition? Tell me, Did it cause any harm to you? If it did then I am going to tear it down into small pieces."

Seeing Tetsuya in front of her she(Haruka) hugs him tightly and conveys her mixed feelings of happiness and fear to him and says(sobbing),

"I m glad you come on time Tatsuya nii-san otherwise today I was going to be killed. Thank you for coming to save me nii-san."

After seeing her harmless sight Tetsuya puts his emotions on the other side and concentrates on "Magical Aura" oozing out from it(Wolf). He finds something unusual in it like a deviation from its original mana path proximate to evil in nature.

Then he braces himself and gets ready to face off the "White Wolf" with all his strength.......

Note:- Don't get confused over Time and place scenario because I have written this chapter by using three perspectives( Haruka, Tetsuya and Kyoshi) and detail of the magic "Flash Drive" I am gonna tell in the next part.