Chapter 11:

Turn my lies into Reality

who I am is not who I want to be

( Time before Karma and I came in connection )Bookmark here

Entangled in a world full of loneliness. A world that someone else is imaging for Karma. A world where Mister Manzo and Saho's father: Mister Hinata are joining their hands, and it is about to block her way out to the world she wants, a world where Akane is about to pay the price for her Father's lie.Bookmark here

A world where the pain is spreading endlessly, a world where a 12-year-old girl (Akane) is being forced to turn Mr.Manzo's lie into a reality.Bookmark here

Mr. Manzo and Mr. Hinata who's a businessman are about to do an investment in an organization named as Cyber Detectives. A well-known organization named “Cyber Detectives.” That organization also provides training for becoming an ethical hacker, Cyber Security Analyst, and cyber crime investigator.Bookmark here

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Cyber forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. ... The terms digital forensics and cyber forensics are often used as synonyms for computer forensics)Bookmark here

Mr.Manzo and Mr.Hinata are invited to a meeting by the owner of the organization.Bookmark here

Both of them are going to attend a meeting with the owner of the organization. The meeting begins with both of them having a discussion with the owner. After a while, they are going to have lunch. Mr. Hinata has brought his son Saho with him. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Hinata introduces his Son: Saho to the owner of the organization. While Saho is introducing himself, he says:Bookmark here

“I’m much into hacking and I have been practicing it for 1 year. I'm looking forward to becoming a Cybercrime Detective.”Bookmark here

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Cyberspace detectives are criminal investigators who sift through electronic environments such as computers to obtain specific information. ... Cyberspace detectives aid officials in determining the nature of computer and cyber-related crimes as well as data recovery and evaluation )Bookmark here

The eyebrows of the owner raised, he is amazed that at such a young age that boy has such bigger aims, and he has already started working on it. On the next meeting with the owner, Saho and the owner seem to be very frank with one another. Mister Manzo is not able to bear their relationship getting stronger, and cannot let his rival have a stronger relationship with the owner.Bookmark here

Mister Manzo interrupts the talk between Saho and the owner and says:Bookmark here

“ I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before or not but My 12-year-old daughter is also learning to hack. She isn't here if she was here in this city I would have brought her with me. You'll be impressed by her, she is an extraordinary kid. “Bookmark here

Saho feels pissed off and swallow excessively the rice balls in front of him, and says:Bookmark here

“ Uncle, please next time when you come bring her too. “Bookmark here

The owner also insists on bringing his daughter once she is back to the city.Bookmark here

The owner says:Bookmark here

“ It'll be great for the organization's future if both of these kids will gain some training under our organization experts and later they can be useful to this organization.”Bookmark here

Mister Manzo lies to the owner about her daughter. Akane is a normal kid who is not indulged in any activity related to hacking or cyber forensics. He lies because he cannot see his rival: Mister Hinata to become closer to the owner and have a better relationship regarding business with him. That's how she is dragged into this mess.Bookmark here

After attending the meeting, Mr.Manzo returns to Home. He starts forcing her daughter to quit all the activities that kids do and starts to become a copycat of Saho. A Cyber mentor he has hired to teach his daughter about hacking and cybersecurity visits Akane daily to turn Mr. Manzo's lies into a reality. 12 year old Akane has left all the activities that kids do.Bookmark here

From the upcoming meeting, Mr.Manzo starts to take Akane with her.Bookmark here

He introduced Akane to Saho. Akane does not realize that Saho is not good for her. She starts to share everything with Saho, and considers him a loyal friend. Deep down, she is tired of these formalities. She is not in love with the process of learning to hack.Bookmark here

(My only wish is to become your pride, but now Please do not lean on me to turn your lies into a reality, don’t you dare speak of it, or else I will run away from this house and never return. How dare you pretend to see the whole picture and become the writer of my life story? Please just don't forget about me. Just don't leave me for disobeying you. The oxygen which I am inhaling is causing an infection inside me.Bookmark here

Can't I escape from this? Nobody but me can keep me safe and sound from this mess. )Bookmark here

These are the unheard voices inside her head. From the beginning, she knew that One day the flames of becoming her parents' pride would die out, and she will have to disobey her parents. She thinks that she does not need anything from her parents. Akane has time to patch things up. She still has time to make it the way her parents wanted it. But she has decided to burn it up all.Bookmark here

Akane says to herself:Bookmark here

“It’s not that easy, but surely it is not that bad either. I am going to burn everything that my parents hold more dear than I am.“Bookmark here

Being Never appreciated for little achievements at a young age but being punished for small mistakes caused her to feel like a troublesome burden on her parents.Bookmark here

An “information disclosure bug” that she has found in a public bug-hunting program at the age of 13 is her very first achievement. On the next day of finding her first bug, her father brags in front of Mister Hinata and Saho by saying:Bookmark here

"Mister Hinata, Do you know my 13-year-old daughter found her first bug in a public bug-hunting program."Bookmark here

Saho replies to this with a pitiful look and says:Bookmark here

"Uncle, Can You tell me what is that bug she has found."Bookmark here

Mister Manzo says with pride:Bookmark here

It is an Information disclosure bug that she has found.Bookmark here

( IMPORTANT NOTE: A bug is an error, flaw, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. A bug can cause serious damage if a hacker exploits it. )Bookmark here

( IMPORTANT NOTE: Information disclosure, also known as information leakage, is when a website unintentionally reveals sensitive information to its users. Depending on the context, websites may leak all kinds of information to a potential attacker, including Data about other users, such as usernames or financial information )Bookmark here

Saho's eyebrow twitches upwards slightly, then adopts a pleasant smile and says:Bookmark here

"These bugs are the easiest to find. Anyone, even a non-technical person can hunt these bugs. It is not a big deal."Bookmark here

Akane’s father: Mister Manzo feels embarrassed about that.Bookmark here

Later He returns home, he became angry with Akane and said to her:Bookmark here

" You have never made me feel proud. I wish to have an intelligent Child just like Saho. You are just another useless creature like your mother. Both of you are only consuming my money and giving me no benefits in return."Bookmark here

Her mother has only married Mister Manzo due to family responsibility. Her parents are not in love with one another and have lots of fights. But because they are from higher authorities of the town, so they have to show the world a good example, so they pretend to be Nice.Bookmark here

Her mom is not interested in Akane at all. She just wants to get rid of both Akane: her daughter, and Mister Manzo: her husband. She calls Akane with a title of miscalculation often.Bookmark here

Often, when we humans try to hide our emotional vulnerabilities, we put upon a fake mask so the world can not see the pain behind our fake smiles. We put those masks on so the world can not see vulnerable emotions covered under the multiple masks. Uncover the first mask, and you will find a second and so on. We all wear some of these masks and look like a hypocrite. Personality beneath personality, mask beneath the mask, and we end up being hypocrites in one another eyes in order to protect ourselves.Bookmark here

The common understanding about being a hypocrite is that it means people pretending to be something they are not. Not all hypocrites are dangerous. It depends on what kind of a hypocrite they are. Being a hypocrite usually means that you talk a good talk, but you don’t do the walk. Akane did not pretend to be a good human, she always said:Bookmark here

" I am destruction on anything that comes in touch with me. If you want to stay safe you can leave. "Bookmark here

I never knew the reason behind this.Bookmark here

She has become a silent psychological patient. After she left me, I considered her a hypocrite without knowing that some people end up acting like a hypocrite just for the sake of their safety. She was a hypocrite who was pretending to be a strong and fearless person just to hide her vulnerable emotions, her past.Bookmark here

Sometimes I ask myself. Can we train ourselves to feel less (emotion)? Or Can a person train themselves to be completely emotionless? We humans can train our minds to do all these things. But I will say, it’s not worth it. Wearing a mask and pretending that you don't feel emotionally hurt will be better.Bookmark here

Akane tried to train herself to feel no emotions for anything, anyone. She was hoping that she will get rid of feeling sad, angry, anxious, or anything like that. But she also sacrificed her happiness, joy, excitement, etc. in the process of getting rid of vulnerable emotions. Certain circumstances give you many reasons to feel emotions in a certain way, but at the end of the day, you are powerful, unless you surrender that power to another person or become a victim circumstance.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The Time Period from 2012 to 2015:Bookmark here

Bookmark here

While nobody appreciates dismissal, a few people are more touchy to social rejection than others. People who are high in rejection affect-ability are aversive to rejection that it impacts their everyday lives. Rejection is something almost everybody will experience eventually throughout everyday life. Our danger of rejection is limited by the size of our nearby group of people and friends. That is exactly why Akane never tried to socialize much with people. Bookmark here

She was facing a constant fear of being rejected by her parents, friends, and close ones. Her father introduced her to Saho, and later they had many meetings. Karma started thinking of Saho as a friend, but Saho only considered her a hurdle in his way as she was also becoming the center of attention for the people in the organization.Bookmark here

Akane used to believe that her father is right for her and doing everything for her betterment. Back in the year 2012, when Akane was 14 and Saho was 18, a young hacker competition was announced for teenage hackers by the organization " Cyber Detectives." The organization gave a chance to young hackers to show their skills to the world. The organization announced that the prize for the 1st position is going to be free training under their experts for four years and small cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd position.Bookmark here

Mr. Manzo compelled his 14 years old daughter to participate and won the 1st prize. Akane was sure that she will not win the 1st prize, she didn't want to participate. She was afraid of losing the competition and then face her father's anger.Bookmark here

The only reliable person for Akane was Saho. She only considered him as a helper and believed that Saho can figure a way for her to escape from this trouble. She went to Saho and said:Bookmark here

" Saho, I can't participate. I don't want to. I still have a long way to learn, and I definitely won't be able to win. My dad will get angry if I do not win. Will you help me in winning this competition? "Bookmark here

Saho: who never consider Akane his friend, who wanted to win the prize himself and couldn't see Akane winning at any cost and said to Akane:Bookmark here

" I would love to help my most beloved friend, but there's no chance of cheating in the competition. "Bookmark here

Akane said:Bookmark here

" I can handle the first three stages ( Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access ) for hacking the target. I have checked the basic rules of the competition. Will you help me in the last two stages. (Maintaining Access and Clearing Tracks)Bookmark here

Please!!Bookmark here

Saho said:Bookmark here

" The competition will continue for one week. It's not possible. I won't be able to do it. And in case if someone saw us while doing cheating, then they will terminate both of us."Bookmark here

Saho never liked Akane as she was also becoming the center of attention in the organization. He wanted to become the only center of attention all along. For Saho, It was a nice chance to ruin her reputation, and get her off the track and become the only special kid in the organization.Bookmark here

He said to Akane:Bookmark here

" Akane, don't force yourself to do this. If someone saw you while cheating in the competition, then you'll be in a big mess. I can suggest you something better if you are willing to listen."Bookmark here

Akane said:Bookmark here

" Just say it, I just don't want to participate. I'm afraid. "Bookmark here

Saho said with a sympathetic look in his eyes:Bookmark here

" Akane, It will be better for you if you'll hide somewhere and when the competition is over. just come out and tell your father that someone tried to kidnap you, and you tried to escape and hide somewhere in a strange place and lost your way home while escaping from the Kidnappers. "Bookmark here

She agreed on this without thinking about the future consequences and planned to hide in her grandma's house. Her grandma promised her that she will not reveal it to anyone. Her grandma didn't have good relation with Akane's father. It has many reasons because Mr. Manzo did a lot of corruption to become rich and came into the authority of the town. Her grandma tried to tell Mr.Manzo that he is using her daughter: Akane like a tool.Bookmark here

On the 4th of June 2012, competition started, and Saho helped Akane in escaping just as decided. Akane escaped and took refuge in her grandma's home for a few days. Everything was going according to Saho's plan. The competition started without Akane. Everyone started asking about Akane from her dad: Mr.Manzo. He couldn't find Akane anywhere and decided to tell everyone that Akane has a severe fever that's why she isn't able to join. He grew aggressive in search of his daughter, and here Saho came to ruin Akane's repute. Mr. Manzo was going crazy with anger and tried to find her daughter everywhere, but he couldn't.Bookmark here

Saho came to Mr.Manzo to comfort him and said :Bookmark here

" Uncle, I know your daughter is missing. I'm very sorry for hiding the truth about your daughter from you, but I need to tell you something. "Bookmark here

Mr. Manzo was stunned and started staring at Saho.Bookmark here

And Saho said:Bookmark here

" Your daughter ran away from the house, I saw her running away from the house on the first day of the competition. I tried to reach her and asked where she is going but she refused to tell me and went in a Cab with a stranger. The only thing that she told me was that she wants freedom from this house and she'll not participate in the competition. "Bookmark here

Mr. Mazo was shocked. He grabbed Saho in anger and shouted at him, and said:Bookmark here

" Why didn't you tell me this before, and now five days have passed. you are here to tell me this. "Bookmark here

Saho cried and said:Bookmark here

" She is my most beloved friend. I can never imagine losing her. She made me promise her that I'll not tell anything regarding her or else she'll not consider me a loyal friend but now I have realized that she is not fair with herself, and I want to help her and want her to have a bright future just like you have imagined for her."Bookmark here

Just as planned, everything went according to his wish. Saho won the competition. "Cyber Detectives" offered him to train under their expertise for the next three years. He became a center of attention.Bookmark here

Akane appeared on the doorstep of the house. Her dad: Mr.Manzo dragged her into the house without giving her a chance to speak. He knocked her to the floor, kicked her in the face, and gave her a bloody nose. She almost fainted. She was dragged into her room and locked there for the next whole week. After 7 days her father appeared in her room and said:Bookmark here

" I felt embarrassed when Saho told me that you ran away from the house because you don't want to participate in the competition. I faced lots of embarrassment because of you. A daughter like that does not belong to me. I deny to consider you my daughter. I deny calling a coward girl like you, my daughter. "Bookmark here

Akane was stunned by this realization that Saho ticked her and lied to her. She felt numb. She wasn't in a condition to justify herself. She did not quit learning with the hope that one day her dad will be impressed with her but her dad cut all the ties with her. They were living in the same house like strangers.Bookmark here

In 2013 Akane started attending training classes in the organization "Cyber Detective." with the hope that her father will forgive her for that mistake. Saho became her worst enemy. Shao wanted to knock her out of the training camp. Akane was performing well once again. She started gaining the attention of people. Expertise was training them.Bookmark here

In the year 2015, a data breach took place in the organization "Cyber Detectives." Breaches happen because corporations are not doing enough to protect our data (and often aren't terribly interested in doing so) but the data breach that happened in 2015 in cyber detectives was because of Saho. With the help of his dad: Mr. Hinata and Saho made information like Account and user information, name, email, IP, user ID, encrypted password, user account settings, personalized data of users and payment information of many employees publicly available. Financial information like credit card numbers was exposed, and it caused a lot of damage. Bookmark here

A vulnerability got discovered by Saho on the website of Cyber detectives, and he did not patch the vulnerability nor reported it. He had access to Akane's system, and he exploited the vulnerability through her system with the help of his father: Mr.Hinata. He left such evidence that could lead investigators to suspect Akane. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

During the investigation of the data breach, it was found that 17-year-old Akane was responsible for this incident. But in reality, It was a pre-planned breach by Saho and his father to remove Akane and her father from the organization and ruin their reputation. Her father had to pay a handsome amount of money for the loss of the organization. Akane was removed from the training camp as a punishment for her. Akane found out that Mr.Hinata and Saho were behind it. She heard them talking about it. There was nothing to be done at that time. She was powerless, and her own dad did not give her a chance for explaining herself. Bookmark here

( NOTE: Data breaches are security incidents where information is accessed, stolen, and used by a cybercriminal without authorization. )Bookmark here

Mister Manzo faced a remarkable loss because of this incident. His relationship with her daughter went colder. He couldn't control his temper and almost tried to kill her daughter. He grabbed a bottle of wine and threw it at Akane. He grabbed her long hair, and smack her head with a table until she started bleeding. Her jaw got damaged. Her mother stopped her father by saying: "If she dies, then you'll go to jail, and all your money will be wasted."Bookmark here

His father became someone she used to know. After recovering from the injuries, Akane left the house at the age of 17 and started living with her grandma. Bookmark here

She never told me the real story behind why and how she became a hacker. The only reason for becoming a hacker that she told me was that "she wants freedom. She thinks hackers are the freest humans on earth."Bookmark here

(Features of Zack Erwin:Bookmark here

Height: 5'9''Bookmark here

Skin Tone: BeigeBookmark here

Characteristics of skin tone: Light or fair skin, can freckle and can become light tan after repeated sun exposure (but the risk of getting a sunburn or skin peeling is high)Bookmark here

Hair: He had Auburn (reddish) hair and was a little bit Electrified. Bookmark here

Hair Texture: Soft and lushBookmark here

Descriptive Hair Color: Auburn (reddish)Bookmark here

Eye: Earthy/ brown: The word “earthy” is associated with accessibility, being down to earth, and most importantly, the color brown. If you are also describing a person whose eyes seem kind, this can also be the most appropriate word to use.Bookmark here

Cheeks: delicately timid cheeksBookmark here

Chin: Pointy ChinBookmark here

Jaw: Triangular jawlineBookmark here

Nose: Turned-Up Nose )Bookmark here

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