Chapter 10:

Best Friends or Fake Friends?

who I am is not who I want to be

They did not have any blood relations, but they were treating each other like siblings. When Saho and Akane were friends, they used to invite each other to go shopping and do various things together. At such times, they were in the seventh Heaven of oneness-delight.Bookmark here

Saho had an amiable personality who got along with everyone. Karma offered heartfelt gratitude to Saho, who helped her every time.Bookmark here

Saho was a popular boy in his school. Friendly and bubbly, all loved him. Athletic and in any sports team who would let him join, he was sweet and often watched Akane while her parents were at work.Bookmark here

But his father and mother hated him doing it.Bookmark here

"Not like that Akane!" Bookmark here

Saho slapped Akane's arm hard and she groaned as she was leaving the class from the back door. She was so annoyed. Saho could be a bit extreme whenever he gave her these lessons. Saho was a great actor but definitely not that great as a friend.Bookmark here

Saho:Bookmark here

"Lower your shoulders a little, relax and concentrate on your class. Do not try to escape from your responsibilities. Focus on your class."Bookmark here

She did as she was told by Saho. She breathed in deep and went inside the class exactly where she was supposed to go. She sat on her chair and saw behind the glass door, Saho was keeping an eye on her. Akane smiled at Saho while shaking her head.Bookmark here

She met Shao at the age of 12 after her father started to force her to become like Saho. Whenever She had nowhere to go then she often sneaked into Saho's home. Her father did not give her attention or any time, so she went to Saho whenever she needed attention.Bookmark here

Akane silently opened the door and sneaked into Saho's room. The room seemed messy.Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

“I want you to take me to the ice cream parlor,” she said in the tone she used when she wanted to be stubborn. Bookmark here

“If you don’t want to come, okay. I will go alone.”Bookmark here

Saho:Bookmark here

“No!” he said that louder than he wanted to, and he flinched.Bookmark here

More softly Akane said: “I know that parlor sells the most delicious ice cream. I saw a commercial yesterday. The coffee flavor they sell, I cannot resist it.”Bookmark here

“But I want somebody to take me to the ice cream parlor! I don’t want me to be the most unlucky person on earth! Who never gets a chance to taste it. ”Bookmark here

Saho: “No!”Bookmark here

“I am not done with my work yet, so we are not going anywhere.”Bookmark here

She began to cry again.Bookmark here

She was starving for ice cream.Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

“ I am your friend, and you have to come with me. You are like my brother now.”Bookmark here

Saho tried to resist, but he agreed somehow.Bookmark here

Saho: “Okay, Wait for an hour, then we will go to the ice cream parlor.”Bookmark here

They were supposed to go to the entrances of the ice cream parlor, but Saho took Akane to the entrance of a cafe. When she asked him about it, he said we must have been at the wrong place. Although he did it on purpose.Bookmark here

Over time Saho stopped walking for no reason really. A few minutes later,Bookmark here

Mr.Manzo appeared in that cafe. Mr.Manzo saw her daughter: Akane with Saho. He came to them and askedBookmark here

"What are you two doing here?"Bookmark here

Saho: "We both completed our tasks for today, so I brought her here to have some fun here."Bookmark here

Saho actually knew that Akane's father will come here. He did not care about Akane, the thing was that he wanted to show Akane and Mr.Manzo that he is a reliable friend.Bookmark here

After eating the ice cream, Saho dropped her at her home.Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

"Mom, I'm home!"Bookmark here

Akane gleefully kicked off her snow boots and dropped her bag onto the side table by the door.Bookmark here

No answer.Bookmark here

"Mom?" Akane sigh as she entered the living room, "What the heck?"Bookmark here

Please!! Mom does not be too busy, Akane said to herself.Bookmark here

There was no one in the living room, She searched the whole house she did not find her mother.Bookmark here

One of the servants named: Eiji came and told her that her mom went with her friend for doing shopping.Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

"I am not going to fight her for attention who doesn't want me around anymore and who doesn't consider me alive. I have done good enough. I know I am a great daughter and good at what I do, and I will find something that is going to make her love me. Someday she is going to appreciate my passion and effort. I know, I'll see a day when my mom will be waiting for me. I just have to work hard."Bookmark here

Eiji:Bookmark here

"Hello?"Bookmark here

He sounds like he just heard what Akane said. Akane slightly laughed.Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

"Hey Uncle Eiji, I was wondering if I could show you my drawing?"Bookmark here

Eiji:Bookmark here

"Yeah, everyone would love to see your work. Show me!!Bookmark here

Aren't you suppose to be eating something before showing me anything?"Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

"What? What do you mean?" she sounds really confused but excited at the same time.Bookmark here

"I just ate ice cream." she interrupts Eiji before he can continue.Bookmark here

Eiji:Bookmark here

"That's great! I am glad, I mean you love to eat ice cream. That is good for you!"Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

"What? You're happy I ate ice cream only!!! I worked for 4 hours to complete the drawing. I have put so much time and effort into this drawing, and then I ate ice cream. I am still hungry. How can you be so sure that after all that work, I am not hungry?"Bookmark here

Her face just showed boredom. Obviously, She was not getting anywhere in that conversation. She was looking at him with the best fake smile she could come up with and walk away.Bookmark here

She went to sleep in her room.Bookmark here

After being woken up by Eiji, she wanted her breakfast, she went for a short walk around the neighborhood and came back to shower and got ready for Sunday. Sunday's were her favorite days of the week because Saho and she meet up with friends to play softball. Since Saho was so busy most of the time and it was hard for him to find time for playing, but he always prioritized playing with her on Sunday to spend time together.Bookmark here

Since Akane had a half hour before Saho picked her up, She sat on the couch to listen to the music. She was vibing with music.Bookmark here

Without realizing it, it was already 10:00 AM, and Saho texted her to tell her that he was there. She hurried up and put her shoes on. She grabbed her sweater and scarf. She jumped into the front passenger seat, and Saho smirked at her.Bookmark here

Saho:Bookmark here

"I told you that you're always late."Bookmark here

She looked at him with her mouth opened, "I am 5 minutes late! Last time you were late, so I assumed you must be late today as well, so it's not my fault."Bookmark here

They reached the softball fields and found Saho's team. Akane did not have many friends only Saho was her friend. After the team huddled, they prayed for the game to go well and to have fun without being too competitive. Who likes it when there is a lot of drama and too much seriousness? Then people just get grumpy and annoying. They headed out onto the field, and the other team lined up for their turn to hit.Bookmark here

Their first hitter got out quickly with one of Saho's guys catching the ball. You hear me, and Saho said "Nice!" and his friends were cheering and clapping.Bookmark here

The next person grabbed his bat and walked over to the home plate to get ready to hit. Akane heard Saho saying that he is the designated.Bookmark here

Great, hope he doesn't hit the ball past the fence so our guys can try to get at least one of them out.Bookmark here

From here, Akane could tell that the guy coming to hit the ball is extremely overpowered. Just looking at that person, she felt terrified. It was warm out here. She took her scarf off to try and cool down a bit.Bookmark here

That guy had this perfect 5 o'clock shadow along his face. He had wide shoulders. It seemed like he works out but was not obsessed. Not like a gym rat but someone who just wanted to take care of his body. Bookmark here

Hot damn...Bookmark here

Akane: "No shit."Bookmark here

She looked down and saw Saho was looking at her with a slight laugh. He caught her glaring at that tall guy.Bookmark here

Suddenly the rain started and everyone waited for the rain to stop, but it lasted for 2 hours. Everyone returned home.Bookmark here

Akane was staring at her wristwatch, her eyes occasionally flicking upwards to check if the rain has stopped. A slightly weary smile appeared on her face when she saw Saho coming towards her with a book and some snacks.Bookmark here

"Hey Akane!" he said. "What were you sketching yesterday?" She pushes a new sketchbook towards him.Bookmark here

Saho: "I don't need to look at empty sketchbooks anymore", and Saho took out the drawing of a girl who was holding a marker between her fingers. Akane made that drawing of a girl a day before that day. Saho appreciated her drawing.Bookmark here

"That's so precious. Please!! Can I have your drawing?"Bookmark here

She shook her head in approval when she heard Saho appreciating her drawing. Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

"What? Do you really like it that much?"Bookmark here

"Uh-uh.!! You can have it."Bookmark here

Saho: "of course I loved it."Bookmark here

" by the way, how is your Mom?"Bookmark here

He placed some snacks in front of Akane, gave her the apple juice.Bookmark here

"Weird."Bookmark here

She answered while she lifted her face by pushing up her chin.Bookmark here

Saho: 'Why so Akane?'Bookmark here

Akane: "I'm not telling you, you," She whispered, casting her eyes down to not have to look at him. "My mom is strange even worse than I imagine and I can't deal with her. It is best if left ignored."Bookmark here

Saho knew why she hates her mother. He just wants to stay up to date with Akane's life.Bookmark here

Saho: "Your mother loves you. It's just she has business issues to deal with that's why she sometimes ignores you."Bookmark here

Akane:Bookmark here

'She does not. She only loves money.' Akane sighs, sitting down opposite from Saho, as Eiji comes to pick her.Bookmark here

Saho: 'Never spill out anyone's secrets.' Saho rolled his eyes and looked toward Eiji.Bookmark here

Saho: 'Eiji!'Bookmark here

Saho stared at him with wide eyes before he started laughing a bit. 'Okay, I suppose Eiji is here to pick you, and I hope he will not tell your father about it.' He pads Akane's back, smiling at her with some happiness, but pride too.Bookmark here

Saho: "Take care!! Akane, I'll see you soon."Bookmark here

Saho was giving his attention and time attention to Akane as if she was a freaking four-year-old.Bookmark here

Eiji: 'Akane, let's go.'Bookmark here

Eiji sighs deeply, sounding exhausted, and suddenly looked exhausted.Bookmark here

Eiji: " I have to pick your mother too. Hurry up!!"Bookmark here

Akane: 'Yes, let me wash my hands and I'm good to go.' She got up and moved towards the sink, After washing her hands she moved toward the car.Bookmark here

Akane: 'Oh no, Uncle Eiji..' She pushed herself up from her seat. I'm so sorry, I totally forgot the scarf. Just... Let me bring my scarf...'Bookmark here

Eiji: 'Hurry up, Your mom...' She walked further from the car and ran toward the stairs where her scarf was. She picked her scarf and came back in the car.Bookmark here

Akane wanted to stay with Saho and spend some more time with him. For Akane, Saho was her Best friend. Later she received so many scars from Saho and Mr.Manzo: her father.Bookmark here

Those scars were a gift from her parents and her childhood closest friend Saho. She believed in the wrong person at the wrong time and that wrong person and wrong belief made her Karma. She had a rough childhood.Bookmark here

Almost everybody tends to have a special friend with whom they share a very close and warm bond. We often call them our besties. Having a best friend is a beautiful feeling. Karma always felt happy when she was with Saho: her best friend, no matter what it is that she was doing together with Saho. She knew that he will be there for her through good times as well as bad times. They were always sympathetic to each other’s problems and tried to give positive advice to each other if the need ever arises. Saho always made her feel good. Karma thought it is love that is unconditional.Bookmark here

When she thought about what makes someone a good friend, SheBookmark here

thought about all the characteristics of her own as a friend. HerBookmark here

personal definition of a friend was someone who is always looking out for her and will help her if she is in trouble. A friend has to be someone she trusts and who trusts her in return. Another important characteristic in a friend is someone who she can talk to, and make her laugh.Bookmark here

One of the most important traits of a friend is someone who will help her if she needs it? One personal experience She had with this was when her friends, Saho, and she were like best friends. Just like Karma helped me. Saho helped karma in learning to hack. A strong friendship also depends upon mutual trust.Bookmark here

A friend does not necessarily have to be someone from our peer group. True, she hesitated a bit at first when she met Saho but there were great advantages to her of having a 4-year elder friend. He gave her great advice about many things. She forged friendships with Saho who was always helpful, just like a teacher who is warm-hearted and generous. The important thing she saw in Saho was the attention he gave her and sincerity and honesty in their friendship.Bookmark here

(Features of Akane Toru:Bookmark here

Height: 5'2'' (Year 2015 )Bookmark here

Hair: She had long, black hair cascaded down her back. Her hair was resting on the top of the ears, come to both sides, split over the right eye with some lonely straws pinching his nose.Bookmark here

Hair Texture: Soft and SilkyBookmark here

Descriptive Hair Color: Ebony/black.Bookmark here

Skin Tone: IvoryBookmark here

Characteristics of skin tone: Porcelain to light skin color, without or with minor imperfections, sensitive, and could easily burn under the sunBookmark here

Nose: SharpBookmark here

Eyes: She had Icy blue eyes that are a bit whitish or a glassy shade of blue.Bookmark here

Cheeks: Chubby cheeks with Hallow dimple on cheeksBookmark here

Chin: Cleft chinBookmark here

Jaw: Jaw narrowed )Bookmark here

(Features of Saho:Bookmark here

Height: 6'1''Bookmark here

Skin Tone: Light brownBookmark here

Characteristics of skin tone: Light to pale brown skin color with a more golden undertone, might freckle, tans occasionally (but nowhere near dark bronze), and burns easily under the sunBookmark here

Hair: He had Warm blond hair -- Blond with a touch of gold and red; whiskey, wheat, honey, strawberry, brassy, golden, etc.Bookmark here

Hair Texture: Soft curls and wavesBookmark here

Descriptive Hair Color: Warm blondBookmark here

Eye: Lustrous/ green: At its most basic, the word “lustrous” suggests that you are describing someone who has an aura of beauty and sexiness that is also intense and magical. Green eyes can look enticing enough to warrant this sort of description, whether the eyes are light green or dark green.Bookmark here

Cheeks: hot oval cheekBookmark here

Chin: Cleft ChinBookmark here

Jaw: square jawlineBookmark here

Nose: Roman Nose )Bookmark here

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