Chapter 8:

New mission

Spirit Guardians

Hajime- Sorry Ms. Sutarion can I borrow your students real quick?

Mīgan- Sure I guess

Hajime- S.E.I.D!! 

S.E.I.D- Yes sir?

Hajime- Mission Brief

S.E.I.D.- we have found the Spirit Thief he's located in Mawell in a Underground Water base in the middle of the Ocean.

Mīgan- You mean Tenki???

Mashù- TENKI!!!!( Mashù says angrily)

Hajime- Mashù I know how much you hate him, but you need to calm down.

Mashù- I am calm…..

Hajime- S.E.I.D. continue…

S.E.I.D- Yes, sir we will be conducting a capture mission with 3 people to get in and get out.

Who's all going? 

Hajime- We've selected the best stealth wise people we have for this mission…. Anjero!

Wait me? I haven't even perfected my powers yet.

Hajime- Yokudan and Jeremi Naeme from Spirit east High School


Hajime-He has the spirit of shadow…. You'll need him. You 3 will be trained for the next 3 days by the spirit ops grab all you need and meet me by the docs

Mashù- Mr.Aado why can't I go on this mission? I know that bastard!!!

Hajime- No!!! You'll let your emotions get the best of you and mess up the entire mission; maybe even get someone killed. Do you want that on your conscience???

Mashù- But….No

Hajime- Anjero, Yoku meet me at the docs in 2 hours. Be ready.

Yes, Sir….

*Hajime leaves the classroom.

Sorry Mashù I know how much you wanted to get revenge on him I'll punch him for you.

Mashù- that's ok Mr.Aado is right I'll only get someone killed.

*Yoku and Anjero meet Hajime at the docks with duffle bags.

Hajime- behold the wisp water jet. It'll get you to your destination in an hour; you'll meet jeremi at the base of operations there.....Good luck and come back alive.

Well that is reassuring but I'll do my best.

Yoku- No worries Chief I'll take care of this guy.