Chapter 0:

Lost childhood

The broken bond

In a forest rich with greenery and clear streams there lived a little girl where her life was filled with wonders and rainbow. Her father fueled those wonders with happiness and hope with the stories he read her every night in her little mind. The story made her question more about the world outside the forest they lived in.

Were there really pirates out there having adventures in the sea? Were there mages who cast spells to make people happy? Were are there warriors who save the princess from dragons? Are there really Demon who hunts small children in their sleep".

The father of the little girl would always answer “ As you get older you would know” with a kind smile.

Her life was as simple as it goes. Helping out her dad in the little garden they both build when she was 7 . Eating her mom delicious mouth-watering stew rich with vegetables from the little garden and fresh meat. Getting scold for messing with the clean floors, Staring at the stars with her dad waiting for dinner to get ready, and finally listening to stories before going to bed.

Her favorite time of the day is when she would explore the forest. It was her own little adventure. After her journey to the forest, she would write it down in the journal her father gave her as a gift. She would jot down each nook and crook of her journey of how she found herbs for her mom and the discovery of a new floral species as an addition to her garden. 

The family of 3 wasn't completely cut off from the outside world. A delivery man would always visit the family every week for supplies such as fresh meat new clothes, kitchenware, new books, and news of what's going on in the kingdom. The girl would always look forward to the delivery man's arrival as he always bought her new garden supplies and beautiful quills with various designs.

All was well. A blissful life. A beautiful place called home. Parents who love the girl unconditionally. The little girl although wanted to go on an adventure beyond the forest, she was content with the life she is living right now. She knew that one day she would go on an adventure with her own crewmates adventuring the world outside the forest. 

It was a normal day as usual at home. Dad was busy with his books, mom cooking something delicious and the little girl was getting ready to go out to the forest. Mom reminded the little girl to come back early today as she reminded her that she would be cooking the little girl's favorite food. The little girl hugged her mom warmly. Before heading out, dad called the little girl to his study and told her to find a red flower that bloomed like spiders for their garden. The girl kissed her father's cheek before heading back to the forest. Mom and dad waved their little goodbye with a warm smile. 

The girl searched the forest to find a red flower that bloomed like spiders. "How can a flower bloom like a spider, " the girl thought to herself. She finally spotted a meadow filled with red flowers which bloomed like spiders. The scenery was so beautiful as the sun was setting in the background while the sky was cloured in purple and orange. The cooling evening breeze made the scenery much more mesmerizing. "I need to bring mom and dad here for a picnic someday "the girl made a mental note for herself. The girl searched for buds of the flower to plant them back in the garden. She also took picked some of the flowers as a gift for her dear mom.

She went back home with a bouquet of flowers. Although it was late she knew her mom would be delighted to see the flowers but didn't know how her mom would feel when her clothes were muddy. As she got near to her home she felt slightly uncomfortable and a sense of uneasiness settling in but she brushed it off when she thought her mom's mouthwatering stew. As soon as she saw her home something felt off. 

There was no smoke coming out the chimney as usual when it is almost time for dinner and her dad was not waiting for her at the front to greet her back home. Things get weirder as she got nearer home. The front door was slightly open and the inside was pitch black. "Mom, Dad" she called out for her parents. No one answered. She put down the flowers, found a candle in her bag she brought to the forest, and lit it. When the candlelit up the room, it became clearer why none of them answered back when she called out for them.

The people whom she cherished.The people who nurtured her. The people who taught her love. The people she would call home were laying on a pool of blood with multiple slashes on their bodies. Who, How, What, When, Why. Noting made any sense. The little girl didn't know what to do except to cry her heart out. It broke her to see her parents lifeless.  

She called out their name,  hoping it was just another game they were playing and then they could eat their dinner. But her parent stayed still. No more delicious stew, No more scolding for being muddy, No more gardening, no star gazing, and no more stories filled with fun adventure, joy, hope. 

Two days passed by. The little girl just sat near her parent's rotting corpse. She felt weak and tired not knowing what to do. She heard someone coming to her doorstep. As soon as there was light she felt dizzy and the room began to spin. The last thing she saw was someone calling out her name before she passed out 

The little girl opens her eyes and her surrounding seemed different. The delivery guy was sitting beside her when she was laying in her bed. She had no energy to move . Everything seems hazy but she knew one thing things will never be the same as before. Tears raced down her cheek while the delivery man patted her head for comfort but the little girl felt nothing but pain realizing that the one she called mom and dad is no longer with her to make her feel better, to take the heart-wrenching pain away.

At the same time, the little prince was standing near the king's dead body within cold castle walls. "Whose there, take away the king's body. It's making me sick "coldly he said to his servant. The servant obey their master and did not question it. They knew if something goes out it will cause their head. "Don't worry my boy, now we will make those people suffer"the soon-to-be king his uncle said to the prince. The prince didn't tell anything back but just looked outside the window as the cloud grew darker and the rain began to pour.

Although they had different outcomes from their parents dead. The little girl Arna and Prince Rehan Cree Helio have a greater role to play in the far future.  Only time can tell what ending befalls them. 

Takahashi  Eien
Joe Gold