Chapter 1:

Coming of age

The broken bond

Come on Miguel, Move it” Arna shouted to her brother. He was far behind and was too close to being caught by the Nerbon guards. Arna and Miguel ran as fast as their feet could carry them. Their surroundings began to blur when they picked up speed. It wasn’t like the usual, it seems that the House of Nerbon was on their trail and waiting for the right moment to trap them. Arna knew something was up when the treasury had fewer guards than normal. Bookmark here

They jumped over a cart filled with fruit, ducked a flying arrow from the guards behind .“I … you … It was weird” Miguel said between his breath. “Shut up!!!LUCIANA” Arna summoned her spirit to block off the guards. Luciana created an ice wall blocking the guard way. “Don’t call me during my nap time” told the guardian spirit while disappearing into Arna’s body and made her. Both of them thought they could slow down a bit like the gold they stole from the Nerbon was getting heavier. Although they felt exhausted and their back ached from carrying the treasures the thrill of getting chase made the pain bearable and exciting. Bookmark here

The ice wall broke down immediately and the guards were again behind their trail. “Damn it, they had an element user” annoyingly Arna thought to herself. They just need to reach Lexterdam forest. A bit more and Lexdon will take care of the stupid guard that was chasing them. As soon they entered the forest an invisible barrier began to block the guards' path from entering the forest. Both of them stopped running when they made sure the guards were not at eyesight.Bookmark here

Lexdon the spirit of the forest appeared in front of the tried runaways with a raging expression that did not bother them. “Good Job Lexdon,” Miguel praised the spirit while Arna patted his back at the same time they were trying to catch a breath. “You idiots, you know today is the coming-of-age ceremony. Can’t you even wait until Nano and Alex are back,” Lexdon scolded them.  Both of them knew their cute plead will turn to a blind eye as Lexdon was also afraid of Nano. The three of them head back to the camp to get ready for a big night. Bookmark here

Nano, Arna's adoptive father and the leader of the rebellion was a terrifying guy at the same time a loving guardian to his adoptive children. Most of them had already gone to the ritual of bonding with their spirits as soon they entered the age of 15. The only one left is now Miguel who was the youngest of the crew. Alex and Omar were was weapon users while Diane and Luna were element users. The crew was excited to see what user their youngest would be. Bookmark here

You guys are totally hopeless and Arna you know how much today is an important right. Miguel, you’re more mature than her what would happen if something happened to you guys or they caught you, ”Luna told them worrying while treating their wounds before their father and Alex comes back. Luna being the eldest gave their heads a wack for being so careless and hugged them telling them not to go out without her or Omar. Bookmark here

You worry too much Luna, I am stronger you know and you know I can use a weapon and elements at the same time,” Arna said proudly Bookmark here

Yeah and because of that, you’re more in danger. We don’t want the King to know what we are up to Arna ” luna responded. This made Arna really mad and she stomped off outside the camp. Bookmark here

Arna hates when you say that sis,” Miguel said while Luna looked apologetic. Miguel knew he was the only one that could calm Arna. He didn’t want his family to be angry at each other before his big day. He went to the uphill meadow filled with the spider lily flower. Arna was laying on the field while gazing at the sky. Bookmark here

I am not mad at her Miguel. She was right. I should have thought things through as the older one” Arna told her brother who was hiding behind the trees. It seems like Miguel didn’t need to calm her down, she seems too grown-up.Bookmark here

He was totally wrong. Arna didn’t grow up at all. As soon as Alex knew about their little adventure when they arrived home he knocked Arna and she punched him back. Bookmark here

Nano sat on the ground motionless while Lexdon tried to calm him down. Luna was trying to break the fight at the same time Omar who came out from his hut to see the commotion was laughing hysterically seeing the older siblings fighting over something childish. Miguel who was seeing the mess before him just smile knowing that his family is weird but a happy one. Bookmark here

The night came. Miguel wore a white robe with a sliver lining decorating the edges of the robe. As the guardian spirit of the family, Lexdon pour black white ashes on Miguel while reciting Bookmark here

“The child who is taking a step towards becoming a man pledges himself to the spirit for protecting his family and to uphold the ancient law of the old. He who becomes man shall not use the spirit for his own greed and use the spirit which may only bring fortune to his family. Now I the guardian spirit of this family shall call forward the spirit who seems he is worthy to be called as a companion”Bookmark here

As soon he finished reciting, a bright blue light began to appear around Miguel. His hand felt he was holding something The light fades away. In Miguel's hand, he holds a bow and an arrow. That bow and arrow vanishes and took a form of a fox. It curled around Miguel's neck looking really comfortable and cozy. Bookmark here

Another weapon user in the family,” Nano claimed excitedly. Miguel bows down to Lexdon showing him respect and gratitude. He hugged his siblings and his dad happily. They went to eat the food Lexdon made for them. Everyone cheered for Miguel ."How you guys have grown. It makes me really happy to see you guys have grown to be healthy, strong, and courageous, "Nano with tears in his eyes. Bookmark here

"Dad where is Diane, she said she will be here today, "Luna asked her dad. "She said she was meeting a Noble today so she won't be meeting us till the full moon ." The table went silent. They were worried for their sister. "Hey come on, know you know-how Diane is strong-willed and if someone messes with her she can just turn the person to her underling, She will be fine," Arna said with confidence. She knows that no one can mess with Diane and the training she put her through was enough to say that Diane will not back down easily. Bookmark here

Everyone agreed with her and came around. The atmosphere was happy once again. The familys' personal spirits play around with each other and they all welcomed the new spirit with open arms. Bookmark here

Nano smiled looking at his family and went outside the cottage. Arna followed her dad. Bookmark here

"Beautiful night isn't it," he said while gazing at the stars. "Yeah dad, Dad I have something to tell you, "Arna said. "Miguel told me, the nobles were sneaking foods which were meant for the villagers right ?" he asked firmly. She nodded.  "Those damn nobles, their heart is filled with darkness and greed. Stealing from the poor and still want more wealth " Nano angrily. "Dad, Let's raid the noble storage home when they are least expecting an attack. Noble won't be awaiting someone else that can steal from them, " Arna told her dad, Nano agreed. Luna called them in to eat dessert. Arna went back in Bookmark here

Nano looked content with how his little girl grown to be a strong woman. Bookmark here

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