Chapter 4:

Past 3 - Deadly bite

Last Man Alive

The situation tensed up. We were still handling the zombies which surrounded us. We could see the end of them. They stopped coming from the main entrance. Now it was only few of them left in the hall who were rushing up the stairs.Bookmark here

But i fired the gunshot to save Sheila which certainly attracted most of the zombies in this city to our base.Bookmark here

"So Raiden really did that." Toshi said it while cutting off the head of one zombie. "Can't blame him for doing that but now we are screwed." He slashed one more head. "Take out the goods, boys" he pointed pointed towards the main entrance with his sword, "A insanely huge horde of these suckers will be coming at us." Bookmark here

All the boys started going in and out from the rooms. Picking out the goods, killing the few zombies which came in their way.Bookmark here

"Prepare yourself everyone." Sheila said it as she moved forward from the door a little.Bookmark here

Darkness swept away as clouds shifted from the sky leaving the moon all open. It was directly above our heads and the hall of the chamber had no roof so the room became all bright all of a sudden.Bookmark here

We held big guns in our hands. Some were shotgun and hand gun but mostly M416 type gun. Bookmark here

Sheila had thrown away her machete and had taken a hold of a gun. She looked up to me then gave a grim look. "You just wait, as soon as we are out of this hell I'm gonna kick your butt and throw you in jail for next two week." She turned away.Bookmark here

I stood behind her holding a gun in right hand and machete in left. I felt responsible for whatever was going to happen now. But i was glad that Shelia was safe.Bookmark here

And then it began once again.Bookmark here

The awful sound of footsteps. So loud and clear. It almost reached our base. Ready to enter any second.Bookmark here

There were total 4 consecutive entrance in the wall ahead of us. No doors, it was just like a big window made into the wall. Each entrance having a distance of 10 feet with each other. Bookmark here

They finally showed up. Running through the entrance a big horde came. We took our aim towards them then fired. Every single bullet fired by our gun hit their head. They kept on getting in and we kept shooting at them. Corpses of zombies fell down, the ones behind them stumbled over but kept rushing. Bookmark here

The sound our gun made was even more louder than the gunshot i fired before but without these guns we wouldn't survive this attack.Bookmark here

Zombies, still running through the entrance. The front wall, where entrance was, cracked a little. Then a little more, then it bursted out. It was the sudden wave of zombies who clashed against the wall, breaking it to pieces. The 4 small entrances became a big and wide entrance from where the flood of zombies came. Bookmark here

It was really like a flood. Zombies sprinting, pushing, running over each other to get their prey first. They ran faster than any normal human. That view was frightening.Bookmark here

We fired, reloaded, again fired. This cycle kept going for a long amount of time. We also had a large amount of supplies. But in the time period when we reloaded they decreased the distance. The time period for reload was only 3 seconds but they covered a great distance in that short time.Bookmark here

Before we even knew they reached the staircase. We anticipated their rush only from the staircase but they climbed from the side, from the ceiling. The amount of zombies were insanely huge, so much large that they climbed over each other when they clashed against the wall attached to the staircase. Bookmark here

That was unexpected for us. We shifted our aim from the staircase to the ceiling then started shooting the incoming zombies. Every time we reloaded they closed the gap. Little by little they covered some distance. Bookmark here

A loud scream was heard behind me and Sheila. A high pitched scream probably of a child. Bookmark here

"Go" Toshi screamed from the other side. "We will take care of things here." We barely heard him in this noisy environment of gunfire but we would have done that even if Toshi wouldn't have screamed.Bookmark here

Sheila and me opened the left door then made a move inside completely shutting the door behind our back. All the gunshots distracted zombies from coming inside.Bookmark here

Inside the left door, there was a long and straight hallway but not very wide. It gave a opening to three different doors in the right side, all there of them were closed.Bookmark here

We directly moved towards the second door in which all the children were supposed to hide.Bookmark here

Upon opening the door we saw the most bizzare and heartbreaking view of our life. That view was just too cruel. This was the last thing we wanted not to happen. Bookmark here

All the children were dead. Zombies chewing on their dead body. Taking big bites of flesh from their small body. Each and every body was torn apart as multiple zombies feasted upon each body.Bookmark here

That room was full of blood. A broken window. And the most frightening thing among all was, a zombie standing right in front of us at some distance holding a girl's head by her big hairs, no sign of girl's body.Bookmark here

He threw the head towards our feet. I was completely shocked at that moment but another thing happened which made my mind go crazy. The zombie made a fist out of his hands. He stood in front of us like a wrestler, both fists in air, right one a little upwards.Bookmark here

I couldn't process my mind, it all looked so weird first that zombie second the other zombies which didn't even bother looking at us even we made some noise while opening the door. Bookmark here

Sheila was as shocked as I was but the anger of all children's death took over her. Bookmark here

She raised her hand firing the bullets towards that zombie.Bookmark here

He ran towards right, completely dodging all the bullets. He took a big push after hitting the right wall, moving straight towards us dodging all the bullets. Her magazine went empt and a punch came straight in her stomach. The force of the punch was so powerful that Sheila hit the wall behind her. Bookmark here

The mysterious zombie gave a look behind to all the other zombies. They all stood up leaving their juicy feast and ran towards us. Bookmark here

I snapped out from my surprised mind. Seeing Sheila on the ground, half unconscious and zombies coming at us. I moved back, away from the mysterious zombie, towards Sheila. I prepared my gun then started shooting the incoming zombies. In the meantime the mysterious zombie moved ahead, towards me, with his fist tightened up ready to punch me on my head. Bookmark here

He reached me, landed a punch right towards my face. I blocked it with my machete. The sharp edge of machete went a little inside the zombies fist. I applied force, pushing it more deeper and then a slash. His right arm, below elbow split into two. I had already pulled back the machete. Bookmark here

I shot the last three remaining zombies which were coming towards me. Bookmark here

I saw a kick coming at me. I again put my machete forward in the direction where his kick came from. Bookmark here

Slash Bookmark here

Because of his high speed, i cut his right leg so easily. Now he stood still on his left leg. Bookmark here

I put my gun right at his face. And it was inevitable for him to dodge the bullet at this close distance. Bookmark here

I saw a sudden moment behind him. It was Sheila, she was on her feet. My eyes shifted a little on her.Bookmark here

But that shift of eyes gave him a little opening. He made a dash backwards by pushing the floor. I pulled the trigger out of sudden reaction but bullets passed a few centimeters above him. My magazine went empt. I threw my gun right side and made a run towards Sheila with my machete. Bookmark here

Sheila, a little unconscious but ready to take action. She tried shifting to the left side, away from the chase of the zombie. But he was just too fast. Bookmark here

He reached behind her, slipping under her right arm and grabbed it.Bookmark here

My heart dropped a beat. I put every strength of my body in my legs, trying my best to push the floor with more force. Machete in my left hand pointing towards his skull.Bookmark here

Tip of my machete almost reached his skull.Bookmark here

But it all felt meaningless as i saw the splatters of blood running down from her right shoulder. Bookmark here

She had been bitten.Bookmark here

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