Chapter 6:

Vol 2. Loner's monologue

Daily Life of a loner

People love beautiful things. For this reason, they like other beautiful people, but in my opinion, people cannot be beautiful. They can pretend to be beautiful, but I know that no one can truly be beautiful. That includes me too. People are driven by their desires, so every action they take is done for their selfish reasons. That makes them ugly. Whether the person knows these ugly desires of others or not, that makes the difference. If the person knows it, he can't see the other people as beautiful. If the person doesn't know it, even ugly things can look beautiful. In my case, I knew that everyone in this world, just act due to their desires. These desires can either be love, hate, revenge...etc. Whatever these desires are, it makes the person what he is. If he's kind, it's because he doesn't want to make the other person feel bad. If he's rude, he doesn't want others to use him or he wants himself to be superior to others. If someone talks to you, it's because he is interested in you. If someone ignores you, he either hates you or likes you very much. So in the end every action the person takes defines what he actually is and subconsciously we make a picture of that person. That's how our brain defines a person as beautiful or ugly. SOURCE:-me.Bookmark here

As a loner, I, Taruo Taichi, knew that Himari's eating lunch with me and giving her number to me was all a selfish act. Everyone considered Himari beautiful. That made girls envy her, as for boys, they speak to her because they all had feelings for her. She knew it, in short, she was also a loner of a kind. When she saw that, I am a loner too. That made her happy and she thought that she and I can befriend. That's why she did everything. As for other girls, when they saw that she is interested in me they tried to block her way and stop her to befriend anyone. Bookmark here

In this world, everything depends on the steps you take. Sometimes not taking a step is also a step. So steps that you take determines the kind of life you are going to live. In my case, walking on the path of a loner was a step. Some steps are very important that if you don't take that step you will regret it in future. What influence these steps? Everyone has ulterior motives and there's no exception. Your friend stays with you because he doesn't want to be alone. An employee in a company endures this boss's behaviour, so he doesn't get fired. Someone worries about you becaUse you are important in their life. It's their selfish desires that make everyone do something in their life. We all are making progress in our life due to these desires. So, there's no one without ulterior motives. It has become a part of your life that you are unaware of it, that you too have ulterior motives You haven't realised it yet, or you choose to not realize it. That's not your mistake. Our mind is made with this feature in it, so there's no helping it. But if you can control your motives you can determine the path you want to move on... As for me, I decided to stay alone because I too have ulterior motives. A person can't trust someone blindly. If we choose the wrong person as our friend. we will suffer from it later. To avoid that damage I choose to stay alone. It's better from suffering unnecessary damage........I guess.Bookmark here

In the end, no one is beautiful.......Bookmark here

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