Chapter 10:

Confronting the Past

The Struggles from the Happy Girl Next Door

When the both of us finished putting in the report to the authorities, sure enough, we were told it would take either one or two days in order for them to do something about the whole thing, but they did assure us that something would be done if such a thing were true.

Knowing this, the both of us made our way back to the university all the while we talked a bit about what could possibly happen once her parents found out that fact that she had reported them.

Once we arrived at the university, the both of us went our separate ways and simply took our classes just like we should, but all the while I did so, the sole thought about what could happen to her lingered in the back of my mind.

"The police will most likely not be able to do anything immediately... They'll first need to question the people involved in the whole ordeal... I can probably put in a word of my own since I was the one who accompany her, but that's still something that I'm not completely sure about..."

Once the final class ended, I let out a sigh, picked up all my belongings and started making my way out of the classroom and walking towards the school's gates. 

As I did so, a noticed a figure running towards me "I guess she was waiting for me" 

"What took you so long, Kiyota?"

"Sorry about that, Natsumi" "I was spacing out a bit in when class ended"

"You really need to be mindful of your surroundings, you do know that, right?"

"Yeah... I know"

I let out a sigh and just when I was going to tell her that I was going to wait for Yukari, yet another voice started calling out my name "Kiyota~!"

I glanced over and let out a sigh as I watched Yukari waving her hands at us with a smile on her face. Natsumi waved back at her all the while I could only sigh at how different she looked in public to how she was back at her own home.

As we were making our way through the street, Yukari let out a sigh and started cursing at her last class "That professor really likes to drive us like slaves..."

"You get used to it, Yukari-chan" "Just make sure to pay attention and do everything"

"I know that... But it's just difficult to keep up with him, you know?"

"I guess you do have a point there..." Natsumi let out a sigh since she too had her fair share of professors who acted more like slave merchants from back in the day then actual teachers.

"Don't you have anyone like that, Kiyota?"


"Don't even ask him about that, Yukari-chan" "He doesn't care. He simply focuses on the classes that he's taking"

"You're telling me that he likes being driven like a slave?"

"Sad to say... But I think so..."

"Would the both of you please not say indirectly that I'm a masochist?!"

The both of them giggled at my words and I simply let out a sigh "The both of them are getting along a bit too well if you ask me..."

Once we ha arrived at one of the roads that headed off towards a separate part of the housing district, Natsumi walked on ahead of us and turned back to us with a smile.

"I'll see the both of you tomorrow, take care~"

"Bye, Natsumi~"

"Be careful, Natsumi"

"Don't worry about me, Kiyota~"

She gave me a thumbs up and started making her way down the street. Once she did so, the both of us made our way towards our own apartments.

As we did so, Yukari tugged at my sleeve and when I looked over at her, I could feel her gaze piercing my very soul "W-What's wrong?" Seeing how serious she was, I couldn't help but start stuttering on my own.

"Y-You won't back out once everything is solved... Right?"

"Yukari..." She was worried. She was worried about what was going to come once everything was solved. Once her parents were no longer going to be able to abuse her anymore.

"I promised you that I would be there for you and I promised you a place to stay in... I won't back out now that I've started helping you"


"Yeah, I wouldn't be a man of my word if I didn't do so"

She stared into my eyes for a bit and suddenly tears started going down her face "T-Thank you... Kiyota"

"Don't go crying on me now..."

She giggled a bit at those words and smiled at me with tears still rolling down her eyes "H-How can I not cry... When I hear you say all of that to me?"

Hearing her speak like that, I could feel my face start blushing a bit. I looked away from her and scratched my cheek somewhat awkwardly "You really put me on the spot..."

She smiled at me and suddenly grabbed my hand all the while wiping away the remnant tears on her face "Let's go, Kiyota~!"


Yukari ignored my words completely and simply started dragging me towards the apartment complex without a care in the world.

Once we arrived there, I noticed that the postal had just finished putting in letters in our respective mailboxes. The both of us bowed at him to which he bowed back and continued making his rounds.

We both proceeded to open up our mail and sure enough, I had a few pieces of mail inside. As I glanced through them, I noticed that there was one for Matsubara-san.

"I need to hand this over to her..."

"See you later, Kiyota"

I glanced over at Yukari and waved at her "See you"

With a single smile, she made her way to the inside of her apartment all the while I stared at the letter in my hands "I'll give it to her once I change..."

I quickly headed on over to my room and proceeded to change into some of my more comfortable clothes. Once I had done so, I grabbed Matsubara-san's letter and made my way downstairs. 

Just when I was about to ring the doorbell, a sudden noise stopped me from doing so.

"Is someone... Crying?"

The sound of someone sniffling and crying could be lightly heard behind the door "Is she alright?"

That was the first thing that came to mind, since I didn't see anyone else but her inside the apartment, I could only guess that she lived alone.

"What do I do? Do I come by later or do I do something..."

I shook my head and prepared myself for what was going to come "I can't stand by and do nothing... I can't be like him"

I rang the doorbell and immediately after that, I could hear the light sound of footsteps making their way towards the door and they suddenly stopped.

After a few seconds, she opened the door with a smile on her face "Is there something I can do for you, Tokugawa-san?"

"The mailman put this in my mailbox by accident"

I handed her the letter to which she proceeded to stare at it and smile at me once more "Thank you for bringing this to me, Tokugawa-san"

"There's no need for thanks..." I stared at her for a bit and even though she was putting up a more then eye-catching smile, the subtlety of her being in pain still showed.


"Yes, dear?"

"Are you all right?"

"..." She stared into my eyes for a few seconds. Her gaze not wavering at all.

"I'm sorry... But I could hear you crying and I wanted to know if there was anything I could for you" "If you need to talk with someone, I would be more then glad to hear you out"

"... Are you sure?"

"Of course, I'd be glad to help you out" "Consider it my way of saying thanks for the delicious food that you provided me"

She stared at me for a bit and sighed to herself "Thank you... Tokugawa-san" She smiled at me and let me come inside.

She locked the door behind her and proceeded to take a seat on the couch. But before actually doing so, she walked over to the picture that I had seen the first time, picked it up and handed it over to me.

"I noticed that you saw it... Right?"

"Yes, I did"

"You didn't ask about it because you were mindful of it, correct?"

"It was more because it wasn't my place to say anything about it and I didn't want to say something that could prove bothersome"

"I see..." She let out a sigh and more tears started falling down her face "I was betrayed... I was used and made fun off by my husband..."


"Will you still hear me out... Kiyota?"