Chapter 2:

Rehan the rising sun

The broken bond

Rehan was buried under his paperwork which was piling up on his desk with his sectary passing him important messages for the day. This was tiring work. Looking after the people of the Zenaad kingdom. Bookmark here

Zenaad Kingdom is the land that received the blessing of the spirits. Everyone in the kingdom can bond with the spirits after they reach the age of 15.  Some of the spirits can turn manifest into weapons or items at the same time some spirits allow the users to use elements. Weapon users are common while element users are rare which makes them more dangerous to the kingdom. To make them less of a threat to the safety of the Kingdom Rehan the crown prince was arranging a meeting with the council of mages that can give him aid during these times. Bookmark here

"Your highness the council messager is here informing us that they will be here in two days for the meeting " Arnold Rehan's sectary informs him. Bookmark here

"Finally some news I thought they won't be responding at all. These old geezers make us work more than usual," Rehan sigs. "Your majesty, they know what we are the problems we are facing right now and they have already pledge themself to the throne which forces them to answer your order. If they refuse they are also betraying the throne and their oath to protect the kingdom "Arnold told Rehan Bookmark here

"Wow Arnold you do know everything," Rehan smiled delightedly praising his secretary. "Thank you, my lord. Another important message from the nobles Our Highness, the rebels have raided the storehouse belonging to Skynight house. Stealing all their food supplies for the winter and stealing more food from other noble houses " Arnold told Rehan in a serious tone. Bookmark here

"Those damn rebels, messing around causing troubling is beginning to cause real trouble for the kingdom, I will look into it myself. Anything else Arnold,"Bookmark here

"Prince Tadashi's bonding ceremony is coming up your highness and the festival of fire is also around the corner. The king asked you personally to look into it and prepare," Bookmark here

"Well seems like my hand will be full for the time being," the prince chuckled. He stood up and got ready to greet the king with the ministers. Suddenly a guard comes bursting into the prince's studies which angered Arnold but Rehan signals him to calm down. The guard informs him that the King went missing. It didn't make them panic. They knew he would return before sunset . Where he goes no one knows but Rehan knew his uncle is safe.Bookmark here

 Rehan dismissed the guard telling him that the king had important issues to attend to outside the castle.
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As he made his way to the entrance of the throne room to greet his ministers the guards announce his name and it echoed through the hallway. It made all of the ministers kneel before.Bookmark here

" All hail Prince Rehan, the rising sun," the ministers saluted him with their heads bowed down at the same time Rehan sat on the throne. Bookmark here

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