Chapter 3:

Training and Practice

The broken bond

Arna was thrown towards the tree when she tried to dodge Omar and Alex join the attack. She got up as it was noting. Bookmark here

"Is that all you got? Seems like you guys are losing your touch when Diane is not around, " Arna taunted them and it works. Both of them struck Arna from each direction. Arna used her element to create a mist to cause distraction. Omar and Alex were confused and stood still but they were aware of their surrounding as they were ready to defend themself whenever Arna attacked them. Bookmark here

''You should use your spear so that you guys can be on equal footing," Luciana told Arna. "In a battle, the enemy won't be using the word fair when they are looking for a kill Luciana, "Arna huffed. She came out from her hiding spot and attacked both of them with water slashes. The attack grazed through them almost cutting their face off. "You missed sis," Omar smiled while striking her with his Axe. His movement was clumsy which made it easier to dodge. With the help of her spear, she knocked him out cold.  Bookmark here

When she was distracted, Alex kicked her Knee causing her to fall and he pointed his dagger towards her face. Alex felt so satisfied when he beat up Arna after she beat him up for years. Bookmark here

"Well you're getting better " Arna gestured for Alex to help her up. As he offered his hand, Arna pulled him to the ground with his face down. "But never offer your hand for a foe brat "Arna warned him when she stood up. Both of them got up and wanted to spar with her again but Arna told them she wanted to practice on her own and left the training ground. Bookmark here

"Man she's cool, " Alex's spirit Zoe awed when they return to their original form. Omar's spirit who took the form of a parrot nodded. Alex and Omar agreed. They headed back home so that Luna can heal them. One day they will be caught up to her and fight along her side. Bookmark here

Luciana and Arna were strengthing their bond. With the bond between the spirit and the user getting stronger, their mana will increase. How can the user strengthen their bond with the spirit? They need to share an intimate moment with the spirit such as sparring, spending time together, or like these two just sleeping. Luciana loves to sleep and as her user, Arna also begins to love sleep.  Bookmark here

As the evening breeze blew , both of them slept way laying on the grass with Lexdon barrier protecting them from the enemy attacks Bookmark here

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