Chapter 2:


The Real You

Yesterday night... was totally different from what I could ever imagine to ever see. The body I saw last night disappeared. The other men from the scene were gone but the the biggest question for me is... where did that girl get that gun and from she the aiming style she seemed to ne used to it. But sure wasn't someone bad... 

"Risa!" I snapped from my thoughts. I looked at the direction of the owner of the voice it was my class teacher. 

"Y-YES!?" I replied.

"I called your name 5 times" she said raising her eyebrows.

"Sorry" I said ashamed.

"It's alright just don't daydream in class" she said walled to her table. "Ok so now class, we have a transfer student, Sarah Kristen, she is half American treat her well" she said and called the new student.

Everyone paid attention to entrance of the new student. I looked at the Sarah Kristen. And... that was the same tall girl. Short black hair. She walked in the class with a small confident smile. She bowed. I looked at her with wide eyes. It was unexpected to see her again especially at a place like my own school...

"Hey everyone I am Sarah Kristen. Call me Sarah I hope we all get together" she bowed and looked around. She spotted my presence. Our eyes met each other's. I gulped. She looked surprised. I gained courage 'my ancestors give me the power!!!'  I struggled and gave a soft yet awkward smile. She gave back a smile.

"Sarah, you may take your seat" the teacher said. Sarah nodded and walked to me... she walked closer and closer in my direction.

"H-hi" I said but she passed me and sat in the seat which was exactly behind me. 

"Did you say something?" she asked.

"Aa.. i just wanted to say hi" I said shyly.

"Oh I see." She said.

"Do you remember last night at Nelson's party"

"Of course I do" she said with a smile. I blushed.

"You are really cool" I said.

"Thanks" she grinned. 

"I didn't expect you to see here." I said.

"Same for me, it just happened and I found you as a classmate" she said.

"What a coincidence" I said.

"A good coincidence" she said raising an eyebrow with a small smirk.

I chuckled "Yeah"

"You two may talk in the recess but not now!" It was teacher. Me and Sarah straightened up and focused on our book. 

Later during lunch I had lunch with Sarah. I didn't really have any friends so it was good for starting my high-school life. 

"Sarah..." I said taking a whole bite from my rice.


"Thank you for saving me last night" I said. Looking down at my feet.

"Your welcome" she said and patted my head. I blushed at the touch. I smiled at her. "But what were you doing there last night?" she asked.

"The party was boring and annoying" I said.

"Well I kinda guessed that" she said looking at me "you are a type of person who wants to do what you like" 

"Well you are not wrong" I said.

"I understand acting to be someone you are not is both stressing and tiring" she said bluntly.

"Yeah! It is such a pain in ass that I just can't stand these weird responsibilities of family business thing!" I said. "I mean like you told again and again to have a good reputation, be formal, be neat, be polite blah blah blah" I said grumpily.

"That's the attitude of yours towards family business I see" she said.

"Sort of, people say I a spoiled rich brat and also bad at taking responsibilities. They say I am weak"

"There is nothing wrong to be weak. We are all different you have different views from your family that doesn’t maje you spoiled at all. You are just you. Love who you are. You don't need be perfect you are awesome the way you are. It may feel like you are trapped but everything will be fine." Sarah said with a soft calm smile.

As expected Sarah is considerate and of deep thoughts. Her words of self love brought warmth to my heart. Could it be that Sarah is the one who can change my life and bring light to my life. But we have just known each other but if it is her then it is not surprising. 

I smiled at her. "Thank you"

3rd person's point of view.

Sarah and Risa parted ways to their way home. Sarah on her way received a call on her phone she picked it up. 

"Yeah I found her" she said on the call

"Good. Keep giving me record of your progress. That girl can be very useful to us in our mission"  said the person who called her.

"I am aware don't worry about it. Don't forget who I am" she said with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah yeah I know who are...All the best with your job and remember to take the details about the mafia's son"

"Yeah but it may take time"p

"It fine. I will hang up now" 

"Bye..." the call ended.

Sarah yawned and looked at sky "Hah I got a lot of work till summer break I gotta complete them before I deal with this daughter of Nelson's president. What a pain in ass" 

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