Chapter 1:

Fear and Confusion

The Seventh Sense

“Hmm, interesting. I’ve never seen anyone wake up just after one day. Could it be that they made a mistake with the diagnosis? No, that’s not possible, there’s no record of someone being misdiagnosed before.”

“Hey old man, what are you standing there in silence for?! You’re creeping me out,” said Kurokiba.

“Ow, excuse me, I was somewhere else with my thoughts. Tell me, Genji-san, how are you feeling?”

“Uhm, fine, I guess, but I’m a little confused. Where am I and how do you know my name?” asked Kurokiba.

“You’re in a hospital and I know your name because it’s part of my job.”

“The hospital? What am I doing in the hospital? I can’t remember anything, also, who is this guy? He doesn’t look like a doctor with that suit on so what kind of job is he talking about?” thought Kurokiba to himself.

“Uhm, so who are you exactly?” he asked.

“My name is Akira Furukawa but-”

“Could you tell me why I’m in a hospital and why I don’t remember a goddamn thing?”

“Yes, I’m sure you must have a lot of questions right now but they’re gonna have to wait. Just rest for now. I’ll come by tomorrow to see how you are doing and I’ll explain everything then,” said Mr. Akira.

Mr. Akira left and after a few hours, it got dark. Kurokiba couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about all the unanswered questions.

“I wonder what happened to me that put me in a hospital. I checked my body and I didn’t find any scars or some kind of sign that would mean I’ve undergone surgery or anything like that. I haven’t broken anything and I don’t feel sick so-”

“Wait a minute, the last thing I remember is going back home with a massive headache. Could that headache be the reason I’m here?”

While Kurokiba was absorbed in his thoughts, the room started to get colder. There was this strange tension in the air. Kurokiba noticed it and stood up from his bed. His adrenaline started to rise and his heart started pounding like crazy. He stood next to his bed when out of nowhere, a human-like creature appeared through the wall in front of him. A jet black creature with muscular arms and legs but no actual body shape stood in front of Kurokiba. He couldn’t move a muscle due to the fear and confusion. He could feel the malicious aura coming from the creature and felt like screaming but he just couldn’t open his mouth. He just stood there in silence as a drop of sweat started running down the side of his face. As soon as the drop of sweat hit the floor, the dark creature slightly opened its mouth.

“Come on now, show me more of your fear,” said the creature with a vile smirk on its face.

“I can’t enjoy myself while I kill you if you don’t show me your fear properly. Come on, scream or run like the prey you are,” it said and then laughed maliciously.

“What the hell is that thing? This can’t be real. It has to be a dream right? No…, it’s real. Holy crap it’s real. I should run but I can’t move and inch. Is it even possible to outrun this monster? It just said it wants me to run so it can enjoy killing me right? There’s no way I can fight it either but I have to do something,” thought Kurokiba to himself while the creature laughed.

“W-what are you?!” asked Kurokiba with a loud quavering voice.

“Hmm? Let’s say that I’m a predator looking for prey and right now…, that prey is you,” said the evil creature and burst into laughter again.

“Now…, SCREAM IN AGONY!” it yelled and almost instantly closed the distance that separated them and swung its fist, aiming at Kurokiba’s head. As soon as Kurokiba saw the monster’s fist, he closed his eyes and thought:

“Well…, this is the end. I’m going to d-”

“Huh?” said Kurokiba confused when he opened his eyes and saw his hands in front of him, blocking the monster’s fist.

The moment he closed his eyes, he instinctively put his hands in front of him in a blocking stance without him even realizing. However, what was more impressive was how he didn’t move an inch after blocking the unknown creature’s punch.

“What the..., why is this insect not dead?” thought the dark creature.

“I said SCREAAM,” shouted the creature as it started throwing consecutive punches at Kurokiba.

As Kurokiba was blocking every single strike he thought: “What the hell is happening? I should have been dead right now, instead I’m blocking this thing’s punches as if I’m fighting an average person.”

“Maybe I can…, fight back,” thought Kurokiba, just a second before he got hit with tremendous force and got sent flying through the wall, out of the hospital and fell on the parking lot.

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The Seventh Sense