Chapter 5:

The circus of the people

Blue in the sky

When we got home, I just went to bed, a test was tiring and almost falling asleep in our returning for a cozy home, the next morning, I awoke with a thought: If I failed, if... if even I have studied, I was wrong enough to not even be on the approved list, fear of will be a phony just stay in alive, an uncomfortable sound dived my mind a gray fear pool of fear, an uncommon familiar feel that if not if it wasn't for the anchor that is my sister, that enters in the bedroom for checking if I was awake.Bookmark here

—I’m here, I know that you will pass with absolute certainty— Her hug brought me to reality, my monocolor view gained colors seeing around the room and I noticed alarm time. — WE ARE LATE!! — With my astonishment splurge, instantly taking of us of home with our breakfast in our mouths and on the way to the place of dissemination of the result, we met with the Junjoumaru’s family, at least his father because his mother was working in court near of local when his father saw a face of the Lauriceia made him drop a food basket that he taking for enriching the appreciation of the notes.Bookmark here

An agglomeration was blocking our arrival, so we waited until the heap would decrease — So it must be hard being the leader of the Holdfight, right? — Junjoumaru’s father tries to start a chat to break the ice, but his face shows apprehension for talking to a famous person. — Yeah, is don’t too hard, because we have with the help of the people, which is always very solicitous, every occurrence that happens, you answer correctly...— While she said this “predefined text” with a saltwater fish sandwich in hand and drinking a Citrus fruit juice that was in his basket.Bookmark here

— Hey, are you ok? You’re not gonna faint again, right, little brother?— Junjoumaru said it hugging my neck and kidding with my face, I pushed him away slightly with right arm, we are eating and seeing the agglomeration decrease, when the crowd has vanished we entered, the list was pretty destroyed, but we could see that we were approved, I and Junjoumaru celebrated, but Lauriceia looked in more detail and say: — Junjoumaru, you need to go for Colosseum, you don’t passed by excellence — Him face changed of happiness for despair, because there is a division between those approved close to the average, for those who got a maximum grade, these approved excellent, together with those who were recommended by the letters, do not need to take the "practical test", but when the quota of vacancies is limited for a practically non-real grade, then Junjoumaru will go to fireproof which is fight tournament. Bookmark here

—Why, I was studying 8 hours a day, I gave up all my weekend just to try to pass and failing this bastard test— He punched the column where the list was to debunk his disbelief in this result.Bookmark here

I tried to calm him, but his father quickly transpired your confidence from your son:Bookmark here

— Son, SHUTTING DOWN THIS INFANTILIZING, you know that a second part is hard, but not impossible, in fact, it's easier, because you can see your opponent in front and when you see your eyes reflecting your silhouette, instantly a feeling of fellowship for becoming a Holdfighter, because this feeling sparks the desire for this vacancy when to defeat your opponent, or your default will be understandable by both, so go there and get this vacancy— when Junjoumaru listened to line of his father, your facet radically calmed and when your father finished speaking, he burst into tears.Bookmark here

—Ok, ok, but he needs running for Colosseum, the selection of fights begins soon.— even insensitive, the notice of the Lauriceia was essential for us to go immediately for Colosseum, that is traditional local for fight tournament, because this event attracts a lot of people, so the only place capable of holding this crowd is precisely in the largest multi-use arena.Bookmark here

The route to the site took about 45 minutes, this time almost losing in the revelation of fights, but Junjoumaru would be one of the last to fight. — We are going into locker rooms, when you go for bleacher to cheer for him— Said his father while taking him to the preparation, but for the happiness of my sister, we are holding his basket that was still full of snacks. She took me to a privileged location in the coliseum, because of her influence, our watching the tournament in a gallery of honor with all possible comfort.Bookmark here

—Welcome, ladies and Gentlemans, welcome for the forty-fifth planetary selection for Holdfighter, Nilma Division — This is the opening speech of the arena presenter starting of games, this flaming phrase of presenter inflamed the audience, a deafening scream rose in the stadium, astounded me with the joy of the crowd that seems like a bunch of hungry animals when they see a full garden. The presenter explained the rules of the contest, when a group of challengers gets in-ground, the rules are simple: have 512 testers, dividing into 16 groups of 32, just one gains this vacancy, when you win a duel automatically you must join another until only one remains.Bookmark here

I noticed that the vast majority of challengers were Saber users, while a small number of challengers were Shield users and nobody wanted using randomness for your luck, when a battle started quickly, with a gong sound, having several casualties, many Saber users were quickly defeated while almost all Shield users had survived the first attack wave that lasted just 10 minutes, of 32 challengers only 10 survived of which 6 were only Shields, 2 Bows, one unique Saber users along with the single Random Thing user, his weapon looked like a shovel that seems bloody. Bookmark here

A 5-minute breath served as a break between the two battle horde, when those same gong sound as the introduction was played the group of Shield users attacked the remaining Saber user, while the Bows users shot at them, Random Thing user was waiting for any result these fight when this mess ended, he attacked a unique Bow that survives, everyone believed that Random Thing user would be the winner because of the fatigue of the Bow User, but by Bow User willpower overcame the greed of the Random Thing User and won the spot for the next stage.Bookmark here

This a fate for the other classification engulfments, whenever one Random Thing user would be the last survivor something happens to them; after ten battles I decided to visit Junjoumaru to see him, but when Lau received an important visit in the gallery. —Where is my favorite warrior?— said an old gentleman wearing a wine-colored suit with golden details reminiscent of old leaves, he was accompanied by two Holdfights, because they wore an outfit that was reminiscent of Lauriceia uniform, that looked like bodyguards to him.Bookmark here

—General officer Hostviner, what I owe the honor that your visit?—Her common sloppy manner was altered in the presence of her superior. —So, who is young boy?— he said that observing my clothes and repairing my right arm, I tried sought my right side behind of Lauriceia— He is my brother, his name is...— When she will say my name a loud cheering sound drowned out her voice, but apparently he understood her speech with a nod.— Well boy, you are proud of your sister, right?— He questions me when grabbing my left arm with his hand while looking straight into my eyes and looking directly into his eyes unmasked a mixer of madness and despair.Bookmark here

—So...., Lau, I'll see if Junjoumaru is fine, I'll be back soon — After this line, I exited the room quickly because of the frightening presence of it that seemed this watching me as a hunter observed his prey. — Why? the next wave is about to start, why don't we watch it together?— He said it with a hammy cynicism —Ok, we waiting here, but you will want to eat anything— Lauriceia “saved” me in her way, when I left the room, the tone of the discussion changed from relaxed to tense, but I couldn't hear the subject because I quickly went down the stairs. Bookmark here

Were twelve sets of stairs to reach the locker room, but not able to reach the site quickly because of the crowding near the door of the locker rooms sessions, were nurses, security guards, and relatives of the challengers who huddled at the main door, preventing me from entering the local area, I gather strength to face this sea of people, but as I was about to step into this crowd, someone took my left arm, preventing me from getting into that unbridled stream of people coming in and out of that gate.Bookmark here

—Get out of here or you’ll be in the middle of a rain of rubble and blood.— When would i see your face I would see myself alone in that crowd, but when this subject said it, my right arm started to resonate like a stained glass window was being shattered, I grabbed my arm so it wouldn’t detach from my body and I ran into the locker room, father of Junjoumaru intercepted me and when I looked into his eyes it made me feel something nostalgic, a feeling of fatherhood that I feel when I was younger.Bookmark here

— What happened to you, your face looks pale, did you see anything scary?— He nursed me quickly as if I were his son, while his own son approached us—What happens now?— I tried to answer him but my voice wouldn't come out in my vocal cords, but when he would help me, quickly I asked him to step back because. — I am here because of you, not the contrary.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, in the Wall, a pair of Holdfighters was observing the outside — I know this is important, but none of those things will attack today. — Said a skinny Holdfighter with binoculars, but with a tired face, spent the night awake on duty. — Recruit, you should remember what happened on the Bloodynight and the weight of that event for our corps.— Said the senior officer picking up the binoculars, wiping the lens on his worn uniform. — Sir, I know it, but we watch this quadrant for almost two days in a row and we only saw sand.— That recruit was pretty pissed off about the lost nights by a useless service, so he thought. — You should have known very well that it was this kind of work when wearing this uniform, but soon you will be relocated to the mechanic session. Recrute?— When he noticed that his rookie didn't respond, quickly looked to his side where his partner was and that feeling present in that Bloodynight, a feeling of loss of a partner in the middle of the fight— WE ARE ON THE ATTACK— A loud siren rang and that deafened the cry of the crowd in the coliseum, scaring everyone seeing tournament.Bookmark here

—What happens?— I questioned Junjoumaru about the meaning of that sound.— Oh no, not this nightmare again, why right now?— An expression of fear came over him, he was trying to cover his ears to hide in this reality. — You two, hurry up over here.— A father of Junjoumaru open a door of the locker room, but when we ran to where he was, but before we even got close to him my arm activated, and partially on the same shelf everything started to collapse.Bookmark here

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