Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 "Release"

The Last Angel

4 years later

“The situation on the outside has stabilized now and the remaining archangels are ready to retaliate” Methion paced, moving his hands throughout his black and golden hair, removing a few strands. Watching zaniel lean up out of bed sitting on its edge. He tosses 3 strands of hair transforming into golden daggers of light towards zaniel at blinding speeds.

“Ugh finally i was getting tired of waiting, so what's the situation like on the outside” he said while yawning quickly grabbing onto his bedsheets and wrapping it around the flying blades in a circular motion killing off all of their momentum “do we really have to do this today?”

“The 8 sins and 5 horseman have separated the heavens into 13 sectors they all rule individually as they deem fit” He grabbed a drink off of a ledge pouring an onyx colored glitter liquid into a chalice completely disregarding his last question.

“I thought some of the sins died during the war?” zaniel stood up out his bed in confusion

“Yes some did die but new ones were promoted in there steed”

“Ugh and you expect me to defeat them all?

“You and our other Angel of legend”

“And what will you be doing the whole time i’m out their reclaiming heaven… and the answer better not be waiting” Zaniel chuckled hitting Methion on the shoulder slightly before yawning one more time stretching his wings “also when will i be meeting this other angel of legend and how many archangels died”

“Only three of us remain all the others have perished or are no longer angels by our standards”

“What is that even supposed to mean”

“You’ll find out soon enough” the archangel of patients took one more squig of his drink “now let's get you ready for the outside world, the other angel of legend is already in greeds territory waiting to meet you” putting down his glass he summoned a box with tribal markings and grabbed a few items out of it.

“Get ready?”

“Yes ready; unless you are in combat no one must know you are an angel so you will hide the halo’s in your eyes with this contacts” Methion handed him two contacts which only covers the halos in his eyes “and pull your wings into your body”

“This sucks hiding in our own realm” he sneered, struggling to place the contacts in his eyes while his wings receded into his body

“Sometimes you must do what you have to, I'm pretty…”

“Yes you’ve thought it to me a thousand times already i got it, do what you have to” Zaniel grew irritated and excited to get to the outside world. “What does this other angel look like and how will i know when i find her”

“She has blackish blue hair and a slight temper and a nice side when you see someone fitting her description say Radiance and she will respond with Light; now when you go outside head north towards our angel of temperance sector and that is now greeds”

“Ok ok. Got it girl with dark blue hair, hide wings and eyes, act like a demon blah blah blah let me go already”

“After all this time you would've thought that you would have gained some patients”

“I did but the time for waiting is over is it not”

“Yes yes I’ll open the chambers, and meet up with you later I promise; i have some things of my own to take care of” Methion put his wings away and inserted his own contacts

The floors started to glow and ruins appeared all over the ceiling and floors. The roof above them split into two and Zaniel quickly jumped to the outside world and breathed in a breath of fresh air looking around as if nothing had changed in the four years he’s been locked up and training. Methion soon after jumped out the huge hole in the ground and then sealed it off permanently for now.

“By the way do you know which district my mother would be in or if she’s safe I never meet her before and I would love to know what kind of person she is”

“Honestly I don’t know much about your mother Zaniel your father never talked about her too much”

Before walking off on his own Methion threw a bracelet towards Zaniel and yelled “that’s how you pay for stuff in this new world, there's a couple million on it don’t spend it too quickly” he said while holding a hand up waving goodbye while walking in an opposite direction

“Now let's go to this district and see what's new,” Zaniel thought happily walking off towards greed’s territory steering at all the scenery along the way.

With almost thousand mile walk ahead Zaniel took time to enjoy a breath of fresh air

Walking with his hands behind his head looking up at the sky he could see a large dragon-like creature with bat wings and a serpent's body flying as his stomach growled.

“I guess I can eat an ormr” he dug his feet into the ground and pushed off. Rocketing his body instantly into the sky eye to eye with the dragon. Waving at it the dragon grew furious, opening its mouth to consume him.

Swallowing Zaniel whole, chomping its mouth down with all it’s might, but it’s mouth couldn’t close.

“Whoa there you're taking me too far from my destination” he stood on top of its fangs holding its mouth wide open. Before spiraling out its mouth and surrounding his feet in a torrent of energy Zaniel Slammed his foot in the creature’s head creating large shockwaves separating the clouds above him. The impact so great the creature’s eyes turned black as it was shot to the ground. “That’s for making me walk extra”

On his way down Zaniel wrapped his fist in gigantic blades of wind punching them into the monster’s corpse below him cutting up the meat into edible pieces.

Before he could stand upright he sent fire throughout the splits the wind created perfectly cooking the meat.

“Oh my god this is so good” Zaniel mumbled as he took bite after bite devouring the whole creature. Leaving behind nothing but the large creature’s bones in the middle of the forest before continuing his walk.

As Zaniel got close to the sector he saw two large demons picking on a younger demon boy.

“Who are you boy?” A demon with three horns and enormous wings stood in front of him looking down on him “i’ve never seen you around these parts”

“Since you're new here we’ll tell you the rules, anyone who wants to go past here must pay us our fee or else” the other large demon with massive fist followed up on his friend's statement.

“But i don’t have any money, why don’t you lend me some of yours” the smaller demon with silver hair answered while licking his lips

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are '' the demon with wings cocked his hand back and enveloped his fist in magma swinging towards the little boy. His fist connected with something and lava went crashing towards the sides of the ground spewing up out the floor before disappearing.

“Now leave this little demon alone!” Zaniel stood in front of the large demons holding his hand back with ease

“Who the hell are you?” the other demon asked while enclosing both his large fist together to hammer strike zaniel in the head

With a one fluent motion zaniel flipped over his enormous fist and appeared behind the larger demon grabbing onto his wings; lifting him off his feet and slamming his body into his friends, crashing both of them through dozens of trees litting their bodies ablaze at alarming speeds until nothing was left but ash.

“Are you ok?” zaniel asked while dusting off his hands “nobody liked them anyways”

The young boy looked zaniel deep in the eyes and responded with a grin “Thanks” before walking off into the city

As the boy passed by him he could feel immense danger and bloodlust and jumped a few feet backward. Causing the young boy to smile

“Welcome to the city of greed where everyone here wants everything, including me!” the young demon continued walking into the city with his hands in his pockets.

Zaniel eyes followed the boy into the city and his eyes immediately panned to the city. Seeing this once holy city with cracked buildings that had trees growing out of them like some angelic utopia. The scene itself was kind of breathtaking and depressing.