Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Heaven Fall

The Last Angel

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“Roland, your status report,” A pair of golden eyes glowed in the center of heaven's royal throne room. As these words left his mouth the other two angels bowed on one wing each.Bookmark here

“The sins are planning something, my majesty… it--” Bookmark here

“Stop wasting my time with the formalities, Roland!” The head angel interrupted his sentence, lifting a single finger signaling for one of them to stand, forcing direct eye contact. Bookmark here

“Speak.”Bookmark here

“I apologize, war is among us… the sins are planning an all out attack on heaven in a few days, according to our informant in their ranks.” Roland’s voice trembled in his presence, keeping his pearl white wings backwards.Bookmark here

The head angel rose from his seat, stabbing his sword into the ground next to his throne, cracking the floors.Bookmark here

“Notify the Principalities now and take your leave at once.” the king sat back down waiting for Roland to exit.Bookmark here

“Ugh, being the king of heaven is not all it’s cut out to be sometimes.” The towering angel with 10 wings places his hand under his chin while on his throne. “Pharoh, notify the home of all the archangels and let them know a war is on the way with the demons and this time we are going to take the war to them.” Bookmark here

“Yes, Nathaniel! I will notify them right away.” Pharoh bowed, spreading his 4 golden wings upwards showing a sign of obedience, before turning around and exiting the giant heavenly cathedral.Bookmark here

The large crescent doors closed behind him and everything went silent.Bookmark here

“This time we end this war before it even begins, I will not be like our forefathers, the demons must go.” Nathaniel crossed his feet and tilted his head back, moving into a more relaxed position.Bookmark here

As his eyes closed a spire of darkness came spewing out the ground flooding the floors. Within moments the room was cloaked in obsidian ooze.Bookmark here

“You’re right about one thing, this war will end before it begins; but you are the one that must go!” A sharp voice rang in Nathaniel’s ears sending him immediately into combat mode.Bookmark here

He swiftly reached out for the celestial blade sitting next to his throne. But before he could grab his sword, four sets of hands came up out of the darkness holding him down to his throne like shackles.Bookmark here

“Do you really feel that this can hold me? Liltia.” He chuckled and flexed all his wings staring deep into her boundless purple eyes.Bookmark here

“No! I don’t!” she smirked and 5 great swords came piercing through the back of his chair protruding out his chest. Bookmark here

“I think that will.” She turned her back and started to walk away. Bookmark here

The ground started to shake and light overflowed the room and Nathaniel destroyed the chair with all his might and stood.Bookmark here

“Banish.” The moment he spoke the heavens trembled and beams of light shot at the shadows holding onto his body. Reaching outwards he grabbed onto his blade and broke all the swords in his body off. As the blades broke off, they reappeared piercing him from different directions. Bookmark here

But this time they broke instantaneously. The figures in the shadows vanished and it was now just Nathaniel and LiltiaBookmark here

With a firm grip on his sword it radiated light and with one full swing a blinding beam of light shot forward towards Liltia’s back.Bookmark here

“You dare turn your back towards me?” his voice grew loud “time crush.” her body froze in the midst of his attack. Bookmark here

Unable to move, she started to sweat and worry. But before the beam could connect with her body, darkness emerged out the floor behind her and a man tilted his head biting into the beam of light and crushed it as if it were glass.Bookmark here

“Tasty!” a demon said in a childish tone while placing his hands on her body absorbing the energy keeping her in place.Bookmark here

“Thanks Alabaster.. I won't…” before she finished her sentence, Alabaster's body was slashed in half by a ray of light.Bookmark here

“You dare speak casually during our battle. Do you have no respect towards the heavens?” Nathaniel grew furious sending out star energy balls the shape of stars, collapsing the reality behind anything they touched, banishing it out of existence.Bookmark here

Liltia struggled to dodge each ball of light, still stuck in the thoughts of her loss.Bookmark here

“This is the second thing you have taken from me and it will be the last!” As she somersaulted over a star, she pulled a chaotic blade cloaked in onyx from out of the darkness. And started to cut the balls of energy away instead of dodging them. As she walked closer and closer towards him, the stars he threw became more and more powerful, pushing her backwards and started chipping away at her sword. Bookmark here

“I have no time for this, I am the head of heaven and I will show you why, right now.” Bookmark here

All the light of heaven disappeared and engulfed his blade sending heaven into a brief dark age. As the heavens grew dark his blade became so blinding lilith could no longer see. It was as if the only light that was allowed to exist was in his sword.Bookmark here

She mustered up a brimming purple ray to attack him but the essence of that attack was stolen right from in front of her eyes.Bookmark here

Nathaniel slashed downwards towards her location eradicating all in sight. You could see the throne room start to vanish and everything around it. As light returned to everything in front of him, Liltia was no longer present.Bookmark here

“You’re right.” Liltia had vanished in the darkness behind him and took off his head; turning it around to look her in the eyes “you must’ve forgotten in the absence of light, I can move freely. Against any other Devil you would've won.”Bookmark here

As she held his head in her hands it grew hot and his eyes shot out glorious rays of light towards her retinas. But due to her quick thinking the light pierced her wings instead.Bookmark here

“Nathaniel Phoenix, you truly are the head of heaven aren’t you… But I’m here to take back what's mine.” She tossed his head far away from his body, which never fell to the ground. His body stood standing the entire time.Bookmark here

“Glutton, seal his head and body in separate parts of the eternal darkness in hell.”Bookmark here

His head and body sank into the darkness on the ground.Bookmark here

“No one free him; for Nathaniel is not someone you can kill nor can his existence be wiped. He always comes back.”Bookmark here

As the last bits of his head was covered, they made eye contact one last time and Liltia waved at him, taunting his departure.Bookmark here

12 mysterious figures appeared to listen to Liltia after her battle.Bookmark here

“The gates of heaven are no longer closed off to demons, and the angels are not expecting us… Kill all the archangels and anyone who opposes us. The heavens belong to us now.”Bookmark here

The 12 shadows disappeared instantly and heaven immediately fell into chaos. You could hear the angels being slaughtered and see the archangels being caught off guard in the distance. Bookmark here

Off in one of the lost sectors of heaven resided An Archangel and a boy training in a forest with golden leaves and metallic blue grass.Bookmark here

A large sword clashed with a pair of fists.Bookmark here

“Come on now Zaniel, your father has surely thought you better than this hasn’t he?” The archangel of patients, Methion, taunted the boy while effortlessly parrying the boy’s fist away from his blade. “Always wait for your chance then take it.” unknowingly too Zaniel; Methion had left openings in each one of his blocks hoping the boy would be able to see an opportunity and seize it.Bookmark here

“I’m trying!” He yelled, while driving his fist straight forward. Pivoting his leg slightly he flapped his four wings and glided his fist along Methions blade. Grabbing it with his other hand to keep him in place.Bookmark here

Zaniel thought he would land this blow indefinitely but the archangel let go of the blade to increase his distance from him, flying backward and chuckling. Bookmark here

“I waited for this moment! I see you’re learning.” Bookmark here

“You say I’m learning but I have yet to hit you.” Zaniel pulled his leg all the way back and winded up a shocking force around his leg to kick up some grass in frustration. The metal grass then went spiraling forward towards Methion in mid-flight. Forcing him to dodge.Bookmark here

“Such a clever one you must think you are,” he thought while casually dodging all the blades of blue grass. Bookmark here

The second he evaded the last blade he looked down on Zaniel and saw nothing. Bookmark here

“You think a mere sneak attack from behind will be good enough…” His trainer closed his eyes focusing on his position and on that of his enemies. Feeling the presence of Zaniels foot about to connect with his back he whispered.Bookmark here

“Switch,” altering both of their placements with one another. After which he grabbed onto Zaniels head and threw him into the ground, cratering a small part of the forest. “You did good for today lets pick it up later.”Bookmark here

Laying on the ground he looked up at him and yelled, “Good!!! I got destroyed.`` They both laughed.Bookmark here

“Be patient my boy, you and one other will one day be the strongest archangel in history; so have faith in yourself.” Methion said, while slowly levitating downwards towards him to help give the teenager a hand up.Bookmark here

Amidst his stretching his hand outwards the lights in the heavens faded and all things turned pitch black for a moment before light resided. Bookmark here

“This isn’t good.”Bookmark here

“What’s happening?” Bookmark here

“That was the attack of our king and that could only mean one thing, the demons and devils are here and invading now.”Bookmark here

“How did they get in?” The boy was quite curious.Bookmark here

“I don’t know but if he had to use his strongest attack we must make haste and send you into hiding now.” Methion flexed his Giant palish green sets of wings, “Follow me now we have no time to wait!” Bookmark here

Looking back they saw a spire of different color lights trickling towards the skies. Bookmark here

“What is that?” Zaniel asked while they retreatedBookmark here

“Every time an archangel is killed their essence is sent back into the cosmos and eventually distributed to another angel.” he explained while escorting him to a section of grass. “We are here.” Bookmark here

“Where are you going? We must go help them, we must fight, my father needs you!” the young boy pulled his hand away from Methion. Bookmark here

“Zaniel, until we know what happened and the situation of everything, we must be patient.” Bookmark here

“Patient this and patient that, that's all you ever think about, we must go help them.” Bookmark here

“And what do you think you could go out there and do right now? Huh, tell me!!!, other archangels are dying and my job is to keep you safe and ensure we can have a heaven in the future. If we go out there and die now heaven is done for. For now we wait and hide, if our king has fallen we must become stronger, then fight back!” Methion yelled. Bookmark here

Seeing him this out of character for the first time left him speechless and to continue to follow him.Bookmark here

Methion and Zaniel both looked back to see if any more lights had sparked the skies. But so far there was only a total of 3 lighting up. A green, purple, and pink spire was in the heavens followed by now a fourth beam of blue energy.Bookmark here

“Which color is my father Methion?” Zaniel worried. Bookmark here

Methions face grew pale and eyes widened as he slowly said his next words.Bookmark here

“The blue one.”Bookmark here

“You’re lying right, Methion, tell me you're lying! My father would never lose...” his eyes welled up with water while he was beating on Methions chest. Zaniel broke down into tears falling to his knees and became unable to move.Bookmark here

“You must stay strong!” Methion said while holding his hand out activating some weird invisible symbol in the sky. Ancient ruins displayed themselves around their current location and the grounds split open revealing an old cavern underground unknown to anyone but a few archangels.Bookmark here

Methion placed his hands around Zaniels chest picking him up and throwing him over his shoulders while slowly descending into the caverns.Bookmark here

“We will live here from now on until the time is right. My boy, I will train you to not exact revenge but to reclaim the heavens.” he slowly floated down the hole and the caverns lit up. Bookmark here

“Lets just hope the other 3 archangels made it for today the heavens have fallen.”Bookmark here

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