Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 "District of Greed"

The Last Angel

Zaniel entered the once grand city and looked around, seeing demons everywhere fighting, shopping, stealing, and gambling; some walking around with angels carrying their belongings.

“How could they ruin our home?” he thought, trying his best not to show any signs of dis-pleasement on his face.

Buildings tainted from their once pearl white color to a tarnished tan with trees growing out of every crevice. It made him sad but he also remembered he couldn’t show any emotions about his environment. For this was a natural setting for demons.

Walking throughout the sector he realized he had no idea what the sin of greed looked like, his name or how things operated. Pacing deeper and deeper throughout the city he searched for his fellow comrade. Hoping they would be able to help him find some information.

Someone brushed into him along a wide yet busy pathway

“Watch where you're going before i take everything your worth” a diesel demon said pushing him out of his way “trust me you don’t want to die today”

Not looking to make a scene, zaniel turned a blind eye and continued to walk. Catching the eye of some locals by not being overly aggressive

“Hey!, boy” A local merchant looked at him and called him over. “Come here ya look lost” the lightly armored demon with 4 horns and metal canine teeth signaled for him to come over

“I’m not lost just new to the city” Curious zaniel walked towards his location with caution

“New to the city, so… what your telling me is your lost” the older demon chuckled

“Whatever old man” zaniel smirked hoping to insult his age slightly

“Call me old one more time and i promise you, this whole block will disappear” a strong aura of wind came blowing off his body blowing back some of the wanderers. “Now what brings you to the Sector of greed”

Thinking really hard on how to answer this question zaniel froze. “I’d like to know where everything is” he said with confidence thinking that would be a fitting answer for this city

“Everything you say”

“Yes! Everything”

“What you trying to get into boy” the shopkeeper's eyes fixated on his position “the only people who want to know where everything is are those looking to purchase… I'll tell you what… I will tell you where to go to get what you need but it’s going to cost you”

“How much,” he asked as if he knew how currency was broken down in this new world

“2 YOLS” the demon said while holding out his bracelet waiting for zaniel to re-act

Not knowing what to do he did what felt natural and placed his bracelet over the demons and the screen illuminated showing minus 2 and adding it onto the demons.

“Thanks” the demon grinned in an evil fashion “head about 5 miles down this road and go into an alley on the left. There will be a door with some wings on it, you want to go in there” after pointing out the directions to zaniel the demon handed him a golden ring to add onto his bracelet.

“This is on the house, it’s an item only available in the city of greed”

“What is it”

“A map piece for your bracelet, attach it onto your bracelet and it’ll display a map of where ever your at and if you think hard enough it’ll give you guidance to your destination.”

Snapping it onto his wrist, zaniel touched the screen and it gave him a brief overview of the city along with locations and places close by. Zaniel immediately headed off towards the location he needed to go towards. Turning into an alleyway and entering the building that he was guided to.

“Welcome” a shady woman in a cloak greeted him “have a seat anywhere you see fit beyond these gates”

Zaniel went through the gates and arrived at an auditorium, and took a seat by himself off towards the left. Moments after he was seated a demon appeared on the stage.

“Welcome to the city of greed's annual angel auction, and tonight we have quite the selection. And remember these angels are yours to do with as you please; so remember always be greedy”

The curtains unfolded and 5 angels were there chained together with collars around their necks.

Scanning through the selection he noticed a childhood friend in the selection and It was at that moment zaniel snapped, standing up out of his seat forming a crimson ball of light in his hand ready to incinerate everyone in the crowd.

In that instance, a girl with blue hair grabbed onto his hand and pulled him towards the back

“What do you think you're doing zaniel?” she questions squeezing his wrist

“Who the hell are you?” looking closer at her hair he realized she fit the description of the angel Methion had mentioned.

“The person that’s stopping you from making a bad choice”

“You don’t know nothing of me”

“I know enough to know you were lost when you entered this city and so far you’ve spent an absurd amount of your soul on a purchase.”

“Soul” zaniel looked deep into her lavender eyes

“God Methion told you nothing did he,... YOL what do you think that means?”

“I don’t know it’s just money isn’t it”

“No it’s short for years of life and most things cost Mols or Hols, hours of life and months of life and here you are spending 2 years on a dam map piece and information to an angel auction” she let go of his hand moving her hair back into place. She moved closer towards his ears and whispered “this is how they catch angels in hiding. If they are unsure about you they send you here hoping you lose it and then the whole city will chase you down until you become exhausted and enslaved. The last thing you want is your face on a wanted poster, first things first we kill greed and reclaim this city then we worry about saving our kind”

“Where is he?” zaniel asked

“He is at the tallest point in this sector sitting atop of a mountain, guarded by creatures of myths and legends, we can destroy everything starting tomorrow.”

As those last words trickled out of her mouth a person stood up in the crowd and threw a lance at the announcer yelling “I can’t take this anymore” green wings sprouted out his back and his angelic presence put the crowd in awe as the announcer sidestepped his lance.

“Everyone it seems we will be auctioning 6 angels tonight” The announcer’s grin sent chills down the room “get him” he pointed a finger forward and fluorescent shackles came flying from out the corners of the room heading towards the angel hovering above everyone creating a cube of dark matter in his hand.

“I’ll destroy this room long before I’m ever held captive” the strange angel with blond hair darted around in the air dodging the shackles as the cube in his hand grew larger and larger.

Zaniel pulled his hand away from her after watching one of his fellow angels fighting to free the others single-handedly

“I won’t just sit here” he got ready to join the fray but his hands were pulled back and her eyes glowed steering him deep in his face

“Just don’t let them find out we’re angels, leave no demon alive! If anyone ask, we are just demons that hate the current system” she said in a low tone to him “now go crazy!”

They both jumped into the crowd blasting away at demons in the auction.

Zaniel jumped in the air and grabbed two of the shackles out the sky chucking them towards the demon on stage so fast he couldn’t dodge. The shackle wrapped around the demon’s neck shocking him unconscious. Using his feet he kicked the other two shackles towards other oncoming demons to protect the fighting angel.

A huge demon showed up behind zaniel with his hands wide open ready to crush him. And within that instant The blue-haired angel uppercutting the demon into the ceiling.

“I’m not here to babysit you.”

Zaniel swung his fist past her face creating a gust of wind blowing back 6 demons oncoming behind her

“Same to you” he grinned

She slightly smiled jumping past zaniel and crushed the dark matter orb sitting in the blond hair angel’s hand.

“Not all demons hate angels, no need to try and fight us. Now let’s work together to free your kind”

The angel looked at her strangely, lost as to why a demon would help him and who she was really

“Who are you?” he asked in doubt

“A demon that doesn’t hate angels” she smirked at him while grabbing his wrist and tossing him behind her to generate enough force to send a massive blade of wind throughout the room cutting down all the demons in the room.

“Now free your people and hide” she yelled at the blond hair angel while grabbing onto zaniel “we must go right now!! And the names Kala”