Chapter 3:

The cult part two

District C

Waking up with a jump, Ciga saw his room, the sun did not enter through the window today, since the day was completely cloudy. Standing up, Ciga felt a great dizziness, staggering, he managed to lean his hand on the wall avoiding falling, taking his left hand to the neck where the intravenous line had been placed, he felt a twinge.

Perhaps it was all my imagination - Ciga asked herself, while looking at her neck with great regret -, it wouldn't be the first time.

It was all real this time," exclaimed Dante, coming out from behind the door, "we thought it would be better if you woke up in your room, instead of the sewers.

Here, you'll need this," said Dante, tossing her a new suit of clothes in a bag.

Why do I need this," asked Ciga, not understanding what was going on.

Maybe you lost your conscience before - said Dante, looking at him with joy -, you are the new mayor of the district.

This... this looks like a gift - said Ciga, with great enthusiasm - everything will change from now on.

Of course it will change - whispered softly Dante, showing some displeasure in his voice while he clenches his fist looking at the ground -, your life just got more complicated than you think.

Good luck on your first day - said Dante, as he left he gave her a handkerchief, showing as if he was carrying a great anguish - your power will awaken in a week maybe, look to cover your neck it's not easy to hide it at first.

Ciga, watched as Dante left his room. He walked to his bathroom taking a short shower and opened the bag with the suit, from it fell a circular watch, with four buttons forming a ring around the crystal. Without paying much attention to it, he dressed and put on the scarf accompanied by the new watch, while he left his room.

Ciga, slowly entered the newspaper without anyone noticing her presence, walked to her desk looking to take out her objects, suddenly from behind Themmet, jumped hugging him by the neck being hung in the air behind his back, he was surprised with surprise and joy, a prick in his neck made him give a little whimper, Themmet noticing this let go of Ciga's neck.

I have never seen you so formal," said Themmet, looking at him from the bottom up, "congratulations.

Breaking the moment, a multitude of applause flooded the offices, his colleagues applauded including his boss, who sees him with a big smile and a lot of enthusiasm.

I can't believe how fast time goes by - exclaimed the Chief, wiping away some tears of emotion -, you know this is your home. It seemed like yesterday when you started working, I am so proud - stretching out his hand looking for a cordial greeting.

I really appreciate this," replied Ciga, surprised by the words and applause, "I would like to stay a little longer, but I have to get my things together.

Themmet, who was lost in the crowd of applause, held in her hands a medium-sized box with the things that adorned Ciga's desk.

Ciga! - exclaimed Themmet, raising his voice a little, showing the box in his hands, "I've already gathered your things to save you some work.

Ciga, taking the box, brushed Themmet's hands, and the two held each other in an intense stare, their faces slightly flushed.

I will come to visit you whenever I can - Themmet whispered in her ear.

I'll be waiting for your visit - replied Ciga, showing a sincere smile, approaching Themmet's face, giving him an affectionate and slow kiss on his forehead, then she turns to leave.

Themmet touches her forehead with a blush.

Are you two a couple? - exclaimed the Chief, after seeing her goodbye.

I'm not sure, I don't think so - said Themmet, looking at Ciga's big back, as he walked away.

Ciga Prime
Ciga Prime