Chapter 4:

The cult part three

District C

A door with a large white glass is covered by a text "Mayor's Office - District C - Ciga". Inside the office, Ciga was arranging some papers inside his briefcase.

I've already taken the first step - said Ciga, while he put the briefcase on a cabinet built into the wall -, now I just have to climb up the ladder.

Noc, noc - the door rang -, a delicate hand slowly opened it.

I hope I am not disturbing you, Mr. Mayor," said Themmet, in a serious and mocking voice, as he closed the door behind him.

I didn't expect to see you here - said Ciga, with a gratifying smile -, although I appreciate it.

It's strange working without you - whispered Themmet sadly, giving Ciga a tight hug, without warning.

Feeling some sadness in her words, she wrapped both arms around her body and hugged Themmet tightly, leaving her breathless for a moment, both separated, facing each other without saying anything at all, staring into each other's eyes.

I'm the same as always - exclaimed Ciga, touching Themmet's chin, who looks at him surprised -, I'm here and I'm not going to change.

You know, someone has already taken your place in the paper - said Themmet, wiping away a tear accompanied by his sweet smile -, he doesn't relate much to the others, but he has that fashion of yours of wearing scarves, with a small scar on his eyebrow and spiky black hair.

Ciga, having heard about the bandana brings to his imagination the tattoo of the other cop and Dante, freezing, nervously his heart beats hard. His watch starts to beep softly which makes him come to his senses.

I'm sorry - Themmet said with surprise -, do you have a meeting now?

Sorry, I have an important meeting - lied Ciga, while looking at his watch that was tinted by a red veil, showing above it the name Equinox in a white shade -, it was nice of you to come and see me.

Ciga, grabbing her jacket and leaving the Themmet office, sees him with her back turned remembering when she left the paper, sadly looking down at the floor and letting out a slight sigh.

What happened now? - Ciga thought, as he turned into a dark alley, "I haven't heard from the cult for a week, but my power still hasn't awakened.

I don't know what happened," said Ciga, entering the sewers, "luckily Dante told me to be prepared.

As he walked through the sewers he thought quietly, taking out of his bag a white mask, with a crown of four golden spikes and on the right cheek a red splash, with a thin face shape and some small slits for the eyes.

Ciga Prime
Ciga Prime